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«Rebirth of the Nameless Immortal God (Web Novel) - Chapter 2306 Where it all Started

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Chapter 2306 Where it all Started

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"Hmph." Abraxus snorted and looked away, but it was obvious he wasn't planning on making it anymore difficult on her. That said… that didn't mean Dyon wouldn't. "Even if I agree, I'm not the one you need to convince."

"You may think I'm being unreasonable, but this isn't the case." Elsie smiled brightly, seemingly having gotten her way. "The fact that you have the power to eliminate us but don't is enough to prove your innocence. However, if you didn't have the power to do so, there would be no reason for us to believe you that this was all planned by someone else, right? So, aren't I being reasonable?"

Abraxus' expression twisted. Though this somewhat made sense, it was still somewhat unsatisfactory.

"No matter what you say, I'm not the one you need to convince. I can guarantee you that unlike you two who need to focus on just one battle to bring out your full strength, my disciple has no need to do so. This means that he's aware of everything that's happening here. Yet, he's still walking toward those Ysabell and Godefray brats. Clearly, he doesn't care to compromise with you so easily.

"So, instead of trying to seduce me, you should be trying to figure out exactly how to satiate his anger, or else you can forget about leaving here alive."

Elsie and Haven's expressions twisted.

"If this was really all planned by someone else, then we have a common enemy! Is there a need to be so unreasonable?!"

Abraxus swept a glance over them.

"That's a bit funny. Even if it might be true, do you think my disciple would ever believe that he needed your help?"

The two Ancestors froze.

That was right. This was the type of man he had always been. Did they really believe that he would think he needed anyone but himself to come out victorious? Wasn't the simple act of them even thinking this wishful?

"Nameless! Please, we're willing to compromise!"

Dyon continued walking as though he hadn't heard anything. He lazily watched as his corpse puppets forced Ysabell and Godefray into a corner. Though the two seemed to be in a sorry state, Dyon could tell that they would break through the encirclement if they were given enough time. The issue was that… would he allow them that time?

It could be said that everything within this world was in his control. In fact, everything within the several bubble worlds in this area was in the palm of his hands, let alone an Origin Source treasure he had refined by his own hand.

He had been monitoring the situation the whole time.

His hand casually stretched out from his pocket, drawing a circle in the air with his finger. Along with it, countless complex runes concentrated into a small form no larger than the palm of a hand.

"Alright, alright!" Elsie called out. "I'll agree to any conditions you have! We were in the wrong!"

To an outside observer who knew nothing about the situation, this would seem too odd. Logically, the deaths of an Ancestor the angels or elves shouldn't have anything to do with the Phoenix Ancestor. In fact, it should be a good thing for her. After these two hegemons lost their backbone, conquering more territory and claiming more resources would be as easy as flipping over a palm.

Yet, this very same Elsie who was usually known for her indifferent temperament, was all but begging for mercy. Unfortunately… Dyon's footsteps still didn't stop. His soul qi surged, showing no signs of halting.

"Dammit. Haven, say something!"

Elsie began to panic.

The reason she was so afraid was because if Dyon really killed those two, then those who would be next would be obvious. Who would keep an enemy they don't trust by their sides when they didn't need to? Even though they could technically be said to be on the same side now, which of them didn't still have reservations?

Though Elsie had said all those honeyed words about trusting Abraxus and Dyon now that their strength surpassed theirs, did she really feel this way? It was highly unlikely. She simply knew that she had no choice.

In the same way, if Dyon could uproot them completely, was there even a need to risk it?

Therefore, if she wanted to live, if Haven wanted to live, they had to put their best foot forward or else they'd be screwed.

Haven grit their teeth before finally coming to a resolution.

"Nameless! My Sprite Hegemon is willing to concede a bottle of Weightless Dew to you."

The moment these words came out, Haven flipped their palm and threw over a bottle, their heart aching all the while.

Haven knew that it was necessary to show this much sincerity. Directly handing the treasure over to Dyon without delving into the nitty gritty details of their deal was the best choice. If they allowed Dyon to deal a killing blow, it would already be too late. At that point, he could just take whatever it is he wanted from them from their corpses.

Seeing Haven's resolution, Elsie's beautiful eyes flickered with a hint of unwillingness despite the fact she was the one who had prodded him into action. After sending a glance toward Abraxus for help and seeing that he was ignoring her, she could only grit her teeth and steel her heart as well.

"My Phoenix Hegemon is willing to contribute three drops of Purified Phoenix Essence!"

After saying these words, she too flipped over a palm and sent a bottle flying forward.

Dyon's actions finally stopped, his finger pausing the arc it was drawing in the air. He threw a curious glance toward the two bottles and chuckled lightly.

"Not bad, not bad."

Hearing Dyon's words, Haven and Elsie's expression grew grim. If this was only not bad, then there weren't any treasures worth looking at in the whole of existence.

"Don't you think you two should show some sincerity too? Or do you want those two to take on all the burden for you?"

Dyon smiled lightly toward Godefray and Ysabell. But, to them, it was no different than a demon looking toward them with hungry eyes.

At that moment, the two were struggling on the boundary of life and death and simply wanted to rip Dyon apart with their eyes. But in the end, they too could only sigh helplessly.

"My Angel Hegemon will contribute some Tears of Blessings…"

"My Elven Hegemon will contribute a World Tree Seed…"

Dyon's smile grew brighter and brighter.

As though he had planned all of this beforehand, the moment the four bottles entered his hands, he opened them up and swallowed them all whole.

At this point, not to mention the four Ancestors, even his master's expression flickered. They could have never imagined that Dyon would do such a thing. Was he trying to die?

Though they admitted that Dyon was still, somehow, stronger than them - albeit by relying on a treasure he refined - it was impossible for his body to be as strong as theirs in his current state. Swallowing four such treasures as once was like asking for death to come quicker.

Yet… Absolutely nothing happened to Dyon. Let alone die, it felt for a moment that the treasures they had given him weren't worth anything, as though he had just popped a few snacks into his mouth. The lack of change left them astonished.

"Let's get down to business, then." Dyon continued as though nothing had happened. "Each of you return to your Hegemons and prepare a large scale army. I know that even though you attack my home, you're all selfish creatures. I don't believe for a second that you've brought out your full strength. But, I can promise you that if you still keep trying to hold onto your 'trump cards', we'll all be dead soon enough."

The heaviness of Dyon's words caused them to be shocked silent.

Had they brought their full strength here? The obvious answer was no. How could they? They couldn't be certain of just what was happening to the Immortal Plane. How could they guarantee more spies weren't waiting for them to leave their Hegemons unattended to strike another blow?

"Don't worry about the stupid stuff. I really can't believe just how incompetent you all are. It's really easy to tell the spies from everyone else. They all have black hair and golden eyes."

Hearing these words, the Ancestors once more had weird expressions. They were absolutely certain that this wasn't true. If this was really so simple, could they have fallen into such a sorry state?

This was definitely another example of the Nameless Immortal God downplaying the complexity of a situation just so that he could liberally call them stupid.

"Forget it. Gather your armies and bring them here if you don't want to die. It's as simple as that. I will give you three day's time. Then we will depart."

"… Depart to where…?" Ysabell asked in a sheepish voice.

"Where?" Dyon looked off into the distance somewhat absentmindedly. "Where it all started. The Mortal Plane."

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