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«Rebirth of the Nameless Immortal God (Web Novel) - Chapter 2064 Really?

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Chapter 2064 Really?

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Clara giggled. "This is why I told you to seriously study science, Ri. If you had, you would have had this breakthrough a long time ago."

Ri blinked, feeling slightly aggrieved. She didn't want to touch that science stuff with a ten foot pole.

"Really?" She said doubtfully.

"Really." Clara nodded, trying to convince her. "In terms of materials, water is among the best in terms of specific heat. Well… 'best' is subjective, but the short of it is that compared to other materials, water has a very high threshold for both accepting and retaining heat.

"In terms of the scientific theory, for every joule of energy you spend, water will, on average, raise less in temperature than another material. At the same time, more energy has to be extracted from water, on average, for it to drop in temperature."

Ri's eyes glowed. Though she hated science, she was still intelligent. This explanation alone was enough for her to understand.

"So you mean that water of the martial world can exaggerate this property to its limits."

Dyon nodded. "This is why ice will is so powerful. It's very difficult to melt ice in the first place, especially when it comes in large blocks. For every output of fire will, it takes less ice will to counter it. Water will always suppress fire, no matter what form it's in. Even water vapor stifles fire by starving it of oxygen it needs.

"In fact, ice's specific heat is actually much smaller than water's in the first place. So in a lot of ways, water will is the superior form. It's just that it's difficult to understand and apply its uses."

Ri became more and more engrossed in their words.

But, suddenly realizing she was falling for their trap, she shook her head and snapped out of it.

"You two won't trick me like this. Science is the devil's literature."

Seeing her being so defiant, the four of them couldn't help but laugh.

"Their knowledge isn't so bad, Little Sister Ri. Their music theory was very eye opening to me and Big Sister Amphorae."

"Hmph, no matter what you say, I refuse."

Dyon smiled. He remembered trying to get Ri to read a textbook, but she said it gave her PTSD about her days learning royal etiquette. She always liked the dresses, but stuff like curtsy technique and dining etiquette made her head spin.

Dyon's smile froze, his progression down suddenly grinding to a halt. Seeing this, his wives immediately put up their guard, but Dyon said nothing for a long time as though trying to sense something.

"It seems this is more serious than I thought…" He said lightly. "… It's extremely faint, but my immortal sense just felt an even stronger suppression down below. And… I think it's rapidly approaching suppression similar to what I faced in the Realm…"

Dyon didn't want to think one of his guesses was actually correct, but it seemed that below these waters… There was a world no different from the Immortal Plane below…

"Is it really the immortal plane?" Madeleine asked.

"…" Dyon's eyes narrowed. "No, I don't think so. But, I think it's very possible that this environment cultivated a place that's maybe no different from the immortal plane in action, but is lacking in substance."

Dyon found even his own words to be hard to understand. But what he was trying to say was that something created an environment below that seemingly gave off similar pressure to the immortal plane below, but it was lacking in several factors.

For example, it was lacking in the most important 'Laws'.

The reason Dyon could only cultivate [One Above All] in his Realm wasn't because of qi, but rather because of the special laws that created it. The mortal plane's highest wills were only of the 9th Dao Realm. Anyone who comprehended something beyond this could only rely on their own extrapolations or their special bloodlines and abilities.

In fact, Dyon's Realm didn't even have immortal qi within it. In his own ignorance, he had misjudged there to be qi. But this wasn't the case. What caused his injuries hadn't been immortal qi, but rather the suppressive effects of the Realm's Laws when fused with mortal qi.

The combination of the two was too much for a normal mortal body to withstand. It was only recently that Dyon began to have the ability to withstand this pressure better than most others.

However, this also meant that the suppressive effects of these Laws in combination with Immortal Qi would be even more devastating.

"Whatever is below is lacking in Laws and even in Immortal Qi, however it's suppressed and concentrated mortal qi to such a level that it's becoming infinitesimally similar to immortal qi… As though it's become a new category of qi entirely.

"At the same time, some extremely weak Laws exist. They can't compare to the full Laws of the Immortal Plane, but I suspect that some comprehension facet Overlords passed down their knowledge here…"

Dyon's visage was incomparably stern. He could already sense the barrier to this place and wasn't entirely certain what to expect once he crossed over.

Though he described this place as a knockoff of the immortal plane, his deeper thoughts realized that things weren't so simple as this. If this was only a knock off of the immortal plane… Why was his Immortal Sense so restricted?

World Seers were specifically classified by their ability to see entire realms within the immortal plane. Essentially, even the immortal plane shouldn't restrict him so much. So why was this place doing so?

Dyon looked toward his wives and bitterly smiled. He obviously wanted to tell them to enter his Inner World, but they were purposely ignoring him before he had even said anything.

"In that case… Let's go."

Into seemingly empty space, Dyon stretched out his hand through the blackened waters.

A moment later, his hand met resistance. It was as though a glass plate was hidden well beneath the ocean currents. However, Dyon didn't seem very surprised.

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