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«Rebirth of the Nameless Immortal God (Web Novel) - Chapter 2063 Last Time

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Chapter 2063 Last Time

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"Not a thing."

"Nothing here."

Too bad Dyon's evil grin only deepened. "Oh, it seems I've been too magnanimous as a husband."

He dove toward Ri.

Laughter erupted in the room before fading to moans of passion.


Days later, the group of five found themselves in very familiar surroundings.

Every so often, a new expert would fly overhead, looking down at the river of black with curious gazes. But, not sensing anything different, they could only leave.

"It seems you caused quite the commotion." Dyon said with a grin.

With his soul strength and Immortal Sense, if he didn't want to be sensed, it was impossible for these buzzing flies to do so. So, he and his wives didn't have to hide under any cover, they stood directly by the river's edge, getting ready to step forward.

Ri pouted. "I still feel a bit uncomfortable about being a full beast now…"

Her words were soft, but Dyon could tell that this really bothered her. His gaze suddenly fell with some guilt.

"I'm sorry. I really didn't think about it because I'll love you no matter what you are."

Seeing Dyon look at her so seriously and say such cheesy words, Ri's heart couldn't help but feel warm. Her smile bloomed, all of her worries seemingly flying away.

Clara, Madeleine and Amphorae smiled lightly. Of course they had already said these words to Ri as well, but it seemed she really placed Dyon's opinion above theirs. It was both jealousy inducing and adorable.

"Was the World Tree really so bad, though?" Ri asked curiously. "He was never anything but good to me."

Dyon sighed. "I don't doubt that, but I am certain that he had an ulterior motive.

"Considering the beauty of his world, he seems like a good ruler. However, he crossed a line trying to use you in his schemes. Maybe from his point of view, he wasn't wrong. What he was doing was for the benefit of his own world. Objectively, there's nothing wrong with that. But he should have used someone else."

Seeing Dyon's stubborn attitude, his wives giggled. He really was too overprotective.

He always spoke about Alauna finding a good husband in recent years as well, but didn't he know that no one dared to approach her because of him?

Who were they kidding, Dyon definitely knew this. However, in his eyes, if you didn't have the courage to stand up to him, what right did you have to marry his daughter?

"Alright, let's go…" Dyon's gaze turned serious. "… I really want to see what it is the Mist Clan is hiding under there."

Dyon brought his wives over a familiar scene. The waters beneath his feet directly became calm, looking no different from the surface of a black mirror.

Soon, he dove downward. But, his wives weren't surprised to see that this location was far different than his last attempt. It seemed he entered the wrong region on purpose back then… In fact, Dyon had purposely chosen the most volatile region for the sake of helping Ri comprehend her water will to a new stage.

Like this, they entered the familiar underwater world, devastation lying in every direction.

"It really does look much more beautiful than it did the last time." Ri said faintly.

Ri's connection with water was much deeper than it had been in the past. Not only was her snow kitsune bloodline much stronger, but her celestial fox as well as celestial kun peng blood strengthened this even further.

However, if others heard her words, they would think her to be crazy. This environment was anything but beautiful.

Though this segment of the river was much calmer, for those with sharp enough eyes or senses to see through the dark waters, there was still a violent storm in every direction.

There were tornados of water to the right, creating underwater tunnels of air. However, if one casually entered one, there would only be death. The drastic change in water to air pressure would cause one to burst from the inside out. And this was if you could make it into the air pocket in the first place. For most, the blades of turning water would turn you into minced meat fist.

To the left, there were sections where these tornadoes of water met together at their ends, forming massive spheres of churning water that had cyclones jetting out from their surface like tentacles.

These formations were even more dangerous that the tornadoes of water, because they were so unstable that they could burst at any time, resulting in an explosion so large that even this deep below the surface, a mountain of water would form into the skies.

None of this even touched upon the beasts. They had the same ugly, deformed visages the very first beasts Dyon met on the Ancient Battlefield had. However, the difference was that this environment was so much more savage that any that grew to adulthood had strength beyond reason. Even the weakest were Fallen in strength.

Many of these beasts seemed completely out of place. Some of them had mammalian faces on fish-like bodies. Some more pitiful beasts were the exact opposite, having bodies that should have been found on land.

However, Dyon's Presence was so off putting that they didn't dare approach.

"What did you come to understand about water?" Dyon asked curiously.

Others might be worried about ruining their dao by listening to the thoughts of others, but Dyon was extremely confident in his current dao heart. Plus, there was that technique about swallowing Daos to strengthen your own the Dragon King told him about that he had still yet to use.

Right now, that technique was pretty useless to him. But, who said it would continue to be in the future?

"I just came to realize that water is the ultimate vessel… Not only can it take any shape, but its ability to contain and control is beyond compare… Believing that ice is the best form of water isn't the proper path… Ice is only so powerful precisely because of the properties of water."

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