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«Rebirth of the Nameless Immortal God (Web Novel) - Chapter 1093 Intent

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Chapter 1093 Intent

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Plus, Dyon wasn’t even sure if his spiritual vein had such life stones. It might be too low level.

Dyon’s eyes shone at that moment. ‘I’m an idiot. The perfect combination in this world is a spiritual vein plus the Energy Core. That’s why the Angel Clan’s spiritual vein broke the normal allowed limits.

‘If I stimulate the Energy Core while in a world filled with so much abundant life energy, even if it didn’t have life stones before, it would form them now!’

Just as Dyon was lost in thought, a vicious claw closed in on his head, seeking to turn him into nothing but a bloody shower of blood in an instant.

With a flash, Dyon dodged the attack, leaping just out of its range using his galloping steps.

Unfortunately, he had been solely focused on weapon type techniques over the past two weeks. So, of the 882 techniques he mastered, they were all related to the 9 primary weapons. Meaning, Dyon was only 18 away from being able to move forward to mid common grade weapon techniques.

As a testament to his hard work, his weapon’s master will had grown from the 1st will level, to the 2nd. Although this seemed like a small change, this was proof to the difficulty of the will. Still, this meant that Dyon could instantly master any weapon, even if he had never touched it before, to the 2nd intent level. Such benefits made the slow progress very much worth it.

“I angered you, so you decided to cheat?” Dyon sneered. “The slaughter path seems pretty pathetic. I’m glad I don’t follow it.”

The tiger roared in anger.

Its call was so fierce that the world seemed to freeze over, losing its color and falling into a bleak reality.

“Ignorance!” The tiger viciously growled. “You have 6 life forces hidden with you, did you think I wouldn’t notice?! You dare to call me a cheat?! I’ll kill you!”

After hearing this, Dyon felt kind of bad. He had become so used to being cheated that he just expected it now. But, the Tiger was right. In his Demon Sage Tower, after he laid the soul slaves to rest in another place, he still had Clara, Bella, Mia, and the three kitsune with him. So, he was facing the trial for 7 people.

Unfortunately, Dyon didn’t get the chance to apologize as the tiger struck forward once more with fierce murderous intent.

Dyon leaped to the side, narrowly dodging a four clawed attack.

The flat plain couldn’t handle the strike, causing four separate valleys to form along the ground. Even Dyon couldn’t help but be surprised at the power behind the attack, it was almost as though the claws of the white tiger carried some odd weapon will similar to the saber.

Four fissures separated the once green and lush ground, piercing into the earth more than hundred meters each as four streaks of white light continued into the distance.

With a wave of his hand, a seven-foot-long staff appeared with Dyon, whipping forward to slam into the white tiger’s still extended paw.

Dyon’s aura changed completely. His arrogant demeanor seemed to diminish as he became like a lone monk on tall mountain, seeking the truths of life. His stance was sturdy and fundamental, fusing with the essence of the staff seamlessly.

Esmeralda nodded silently as she watched her disciple. She knew that Dyon rarely got to fight enemies that were his equal. They were either so weak that the battle was meaningless, or so powerful that Dyon had to rely on his intelligence instead of his battle prowess to win. This trial was a good chance for him to grow.

A Pseudo-Celestial would have been a challenge, but not enough to push Dyon to his limits. It was better this way.

“[Isolated Peak: Solid].”

At first, the white tiger snorted at Dyon’s attack, not sensing any strength behind it. But, the moment before the staff struck his paw, he suddenly felt as though he facing a sturdy mountain, impossible to climb.

Its expression turned serious, coating its paw with a bloody red mist just as Dyon’s attack landed.


The white tiger was sent flying. If human expressions could come through clearly on its large face, it would definitely show shock. However, the widening of its ink black eyes was more than enough to convey the message.

At that moment, Dyon had sunk into his first phase selfless state. Without emotion, he stably stepped toward the white tiger.

Dyon’s aura changed once more. He suddenly became wild and unrestrained with a slight mischievous aura as he swung his staff with increased flexibility.

“[Monkey Stance: Wild Abandon].”

Dyon’s staff lost its predictability. He became like a wild animal who just so happened to pick of a stick fallen off a tree long dead.

The White Tiger was shocked by the change, causing him to be completely unable to react as four wild strikes landed on its large head.

A roar of rage erupted from the prideful tiger as it surged toward Dyon once more.

However, Dyon’s aura changed again. He became a prideful man, a man with something to protect. It was as though nothing would ever surpass him… as though the things he protected with his strikes were more important than his life itself.

“[Iron Will: First Strike].”

The grey staff swung with an indomitable aura. Dyon’s own Presence seemed to seamlessly incorporate itself into the technique, freezing the attacking White Tiger in place.

Dyon did so completely unconsciously. He had no intention of using his Presence because it would make the battle too easy, yet it seemed that his One with Self realm of this technique seamlessly incorporated the Martial Art, making Dyon seem completely undefeatable.

There was no question that this single strike would have obliterated the white tiger. It was a mere remnant soul, how could it defend against Peak King Presence?


Just when the white tiger was waiting for its ill fate, Dyon staff stopped just before slamming into its forehead. Yet, the wind pressure was so fierce that the white tiger’s head was sent crashing into the ground, shattering its jaw and burying its head into the dirt.

Dyon frowned. “Boring. Heal yourself and let’s go again.”

With a thought, Dyon’s weapon changed from a staff to the battle axe.

Dyon held two of them in his hands as his aura changed once again. He became like an unmatched general lording over a bloody battlefield, ready to take the helm of his army and charge forward fearlessly.

“Stand!” Dyon roared.

The white tiger struggled up, staggering as life energy surged toward him, quickly healing its injuries.

It felt absolute rage watching Dyon stand before it with such an arrogant aura.

Dyon, however, didn’t care. He had a feeling that this white tiger could give him a better battle than that. However, it seemed a peak first stage celestial was too weak in front of his selfless state, even if he relegated himself to the first form of it.

Another battle ensued.

Dyon’s constant stance changes consistently caught the white tiger off guard. Even without his selfless state, although the changes were less fluid, it seemed like Dyon was bullying the poor tiger.

The number of fatal blows the tiger took only for Dyon to allow it to heal before he switched to another weapon soon became innumerable. In fact, it seemed to be becoming easier and easier over time as the slaughter intent of the white tiger continued to diminish with each passing injury.

The white tiger began to see Dyon as nothing more than a monster. However, its main body was trembling with rage, half wondering why it ever accepted this task and half wanting to tear Dyon apart for putting it through this.

Finally, Dyon seemed completely done with the white tiger. His spear pierced forward rapidly, looking like the numerous stars in the sky.

“[Starry Intent: Constellation Strike]!”

The white tiger was completely obliterated as bloody holes far larger than the tip of Dyon’s spear destroyed its body.

In the end, its last view was of Dyon shaking its head in disappointment as he began to climb the pearly white steps.

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