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«Rebirth of the Nameless Immortal God (Web Novel) - Chapter 1092 Too Weak

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Chapter 1092 Too Weak

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“I have no idea.” Head Ari said unashamedly.

This response left the two innocent saintesses completely speechless, but there was nothing they could do.

What intrigued Head Arie was that even she wasn’t certain of Dyon’s age. The facets of Dyon’s body were far too strange. In the end, she only asked Saintess Rue to see what her thoughts on the matter were and to tease the little girl a bit.

“I guess we’ll have to wait until he comes to find out. As for your question about if he’s wasting his time… If he’s doing what I think he’s doing… As long as he’s given enough time to grow… He’ll be undefeatable.”

The two Saintesses were shocked by the words of their family head, but they couldn’t help but look back at Dyon’s shirtless image once more. Of course, they weren’t embarrassed by the image, the young men of the Tigris and Simia clans didn’t even know the meaning of the word ‘shirt’. Instead, they were intrigued by this young man, eager to see if his future really would be like what Head Arie said.


Dyon was oblivious to this conversation. Although he could see and hear everything in the Mystical World, the requirement was his focus.

In these last two weeks, his meridians had finally broken through to the 6th grade. In addition, his master had cleared his mind about something else.

Since ancient constitutions couldn’t be awoken using normal means, that meant that the restriction on three constitution awakening pills was meaningless. Basically, Dyon could awaken three constitutions, then use the higher-level pill necessary to awaken an ancient constitution later on. Since they’d be of drastically different potencies, it should be fine.

Although Dyon wasn’t sure of which other two constitutions he wanted, his first choice was one he was certain about: Eternity’s Balance!

This was the very same God constitution Evelyn had. It was for this constitution that Prince Belmont became engaged with her and it was because of this constitution that he succeeded in doing something even his father failed to do even with a dao formation expert as a master: fuse his red and blue flames into the legendary violet flames that made Amethyst so powerful.

Although King Belmont was able to succeed in doing this for a short time with the help of his pseudo-domain, Prince Belmont could last tens of times longer and that was simply because he had Evelyn’s Primordial Yin. If he had the constitution itself, he could do so almost indefinitely!

The only reason this constitution wasn’t ranked within the top 3 like his wives’ was because it was a support constitution. It had no affinity to itself, it simply helped to balance whatever affinities you might have to the fullest.

Dyon was certain that he wanted this constitution for two main reason.

The first was because of the clear yin and yang characteristics his bloodlines and manifestations took. It had to be remembered that if it wasn’t for Dyon’s master integrating the first 5% of her and Dyon’s martial uncle’s blood essence personally, Dyon would have imploded.

The second was because of his wills. Dyon had always been restricted in his will fusions, often lowering their level on purpose to fuse them. However, this problem would be non-existent with Eternity’s Balance. Now, with some practice, even fusing directly opposite wills wouldn’t be entirely impossible!

Dyon’s blood boiled when he thought of the possibilities. All he had to do now was make a trip to Sapientia Quadrant to buy the pill ingredients. Until then, he would focus on raising his comprehension so he could make full use of the constitution.

Of course, there was another reason Dyon had to go there as well. Before, he and Clara didn’t have enough capital to buy the ingredients for the pill that would heal Ri’s mother. But, now they did.

As for his remaining two constitutions, Dyon wanted to think about it some more.

Due to his slow pace and his focus on training, it took Dyon a full two weeks to reach the entrance to the second tier. But, as expected, moving forward wasn’t so simple.

Before a grand pearly white staircase, a large white tiger lay, sleeping soundly as though it had not a care in the world.

It was just about three meters in length, but even its breath radiated with a powerful, murderous aura.

At that moment, Dyon made his clones disappear. He wanted to fight personally.

‘Just a projection?’ Dyon raised an eyebrow. ‘No, not a projection. But, an elaborate array. To think it would be so life-like.’

Dyon’s fanaticism with array alchemy couldn’t help but shine through. It was clear that this was a master work of the Celestial Deer, it was likely that without the Celestial Deer, this Mystical World wouldn’t even exist.

With a light jump, Dyon glided through the air, seamlessly using his galloping steps.

Loud booms came with the flick of his ankles causing fierce indents in the ground just before he landed a mere meter away from the slumbering white tiger.

Surprisingly, the loud noises didn’t even shake this creature. However, the moment Dyon feet landed on the ground, its piercing, murderous eyes opened, training their killing intent on the human before it.

“You’re too weak. Leave and stop disrupting me.”

As soon the tiger’s eyes opened, they closed once more, ignoring Dyon completely.

“Ah, I get it.” Dyon circled around the tiger as though he hadn’t heard a word. “The reason you’re so life-like is because there’s an actual strand of a soul within you. Meaning if I kill you here, your main body would definitely suffer for your arrogance, don’t you think?”

Although Dyon was saying this because the tiger has already pissed him off, he was legitimately intrigued by this concept. If he could make use of it, wouldn’t he be able to give the spirits bodies? Even if they would be nowhere near as powerful as their peak, it would still give them some independence. Plus, they could help Dyon out.

For example, this tiger gave off the aura of a Pseudo-Celestial. To Dyon’s current pitiful forces, that kind of power couldn’t be ignored. He didn’t believe that any of his demon generals could defeat this tiger right now.

Of course, that was because the demon generals had to recultivate using the inner world technique. That and the fact this tiger was ‘programmed’ to be able to match God level battle prowess. Meaning, if this tiger took the tower trials, he would succeed in becoming a God. However, he fell well short of True God status, though.

Still, had his demon generals had the same pseudo-celestial cultivation, Dyon was certain that the 10 vice commanders could defeat this tiger, and about 50% certain that another hundred or so of the Kings could defeat him. This was because one had to remember that just like Dyon, the Demon Generals also took their trials with their cultivations sealed. But, unlike Dyon, they didn’t have Demon Sage blood essence within them to give them a strong body, they could only rely on themselves.

The fact they could become Kings and Emperors in that situation more than proved the talent of the Demon Generals.

“Are you trying to anger me?” The tiger once more opened its eyes to stare at Dyon with murderous intentions.

“I heard that Celestial Tigers were supposed to be the embodiment of slaughter. Who knew that one of their own would run away from a fight like this?” Dyon chuckled lightly, his eyes still shining gold as he made use of his innate aurora to understand the properties of the tiger.

‘This level of array alchemy… It’s beyond me right now. My head is going to split apart if I keep analyzing it.’ Dyon shook his head with a sigh. How could forming such a work of art be easy?

To many, the true beginning of the study of array alchemy was the comet realm. To masters, Dyon was just a beginner.

‘What I do understand though is that the only reason this soul strand can survive is because of the ridiculous amounts of life energy in the air… In the outside world, it would begin to slowly degrade… Unless? Unless I used Life Stones from a spiritual vein.’

Although Dyon received a spiritual vein as a reward for his trials and it was currently in his inner world, he wasn’t sure if such low-grade life stones would work… And even if they did, how long could they last?

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