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«Rebirth of the Nameless Immortal God (Web Novel) - Chapter 1090 Worthy

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Chapter 1090 Worthy

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Dyon’s master began to construct a training plan for Dyon, arbitrarily choosing an eight-month time frame. There was no real rush to do anything, and since Dyon insisted on entering Chaos Universe, this was the best environment to train him.

‘We have three main goals for these months.’ Dyon’s Master began. ‘The first is to increase all of your wills to the 1st intent level. The second is to solidify your energy cultivation. The third is to solidify your soul cultivation.

‘The first will be the second easiest. Because your soul is at the peak celestial level, comprehending such low-level wills with the assistance training rooms will be a simple matter. However, what will be difficult to bringing your control to the level of a peak celestial. Although I can forgive your comprehension being at the 1st intent level, I won’t accept your control being at that level.’ Esmeralda said firmly. ‘Essentially, we will use two months to bring your control to an adequate level.’

Dyon nodded, understanding his master’s intentions.

A 1st level intent, or one with mind, is the threshold of understanding a low-level essence gatherer should have. However, Dyon’s master wanted to increase Dyon’s control to the point where, from the outside looking in, he looked like a high-level expert purposefully using a lower level of intent.

It was the same way Dyon lowered his will level in order to fuse his wills. Except, in this case, he would be using his highest level of comprehension.

Because of Dyon’s soul level, it would be difficult, but not impossible, to reach this level of control in two months. Especially with his master’s guidance.

‘I’ll teach you a few techniques to achieve this. The first step requires familiarizing yourself with energy manipulation techniques. Remember when I told you that you weren’t allowed to learn any middle grade common techniques unless you mastered 100 energy manipulation techniques?’

Dyon nodded.

‘Good. Energy manipulation techniques are exactly what they sound like. They are methods of utilizing qi that can often decide the difference between two masters on the same level.

‘Under normal circumstances, these energy manipulation techniques are reliant on energy cultivation. They can be used to do anything from controlling the body of lower level cultivators to increasing the strength of your strikes or the nimbleness of your body.

‘However, the term ‘qi’ is an umbrella term. Qi can refer to both the energy that powers wills as well as conventional energy. Therefore, the methods of manipulation you learn for conventional energy can be applied to wills as well although it takes an added degree of difficulty.

‘Before we continue, I have to understand something about you. Exactly how does the Dragon King help your energy cultivation?’

After a moment of thought Dyon answered. ‘As long as I have the connection with the Dragon King, I gain his talent in sensing and absorbing energy. However, because my meridian grade is low, I’m limited in the amount of energy I can absorb. So, even though I can technically energy cultivate at near or similar pace as compared to the Dragon King in his prime, my meridians would sheer apart if I tried.’

‘That’s good.’ Esmeralda smiled, confusing Dyon.

How was this good? Wasn’t it like having a treasure you couldn’t take full advantage of?

‘Think about it. Since you have his ability to sense energy, even though you can’t take advantage of this to cultivate, you can take advantage of it to practice energy manipulation techniques. However…’ A devious smile appeared on the 25th White Mother’s beautiful face.

Dyon sighed. ‘That would break one of your rules… I got it… I got it…’

Esmeralda giggled. ‘Don’t be so disappointed. Think about it this way. When you’re in enough danger that ignoring my rules is justifiable, the Dragon King will provide a great boost to your energy manipulation abilities.’

‘So you only asked to confiscate the Dragon King from me?’ Dyon asked bitterly.

‘You know me so well.’ Esmeralda smiled.

Dyon could only sigh as he placed the Dragon King within his spatial ring. The moment he did, it felt like the world became considerably less bright. Although he could still sense the overwhelming soul energy in the air, it felt like half the world was taken from him in an instant, making it seem bland and colorless.

Seeing Dyon’s bitter expression, Clara, who was still in his arms, understood that his master was likely training him.

With a giggle, she kissed him on the cheek and entered the Demon Sage Tower. The twins were in there, so Clara decided that instead of sitting around doing nothing, she might as well spend some time with them. She had grown fond of those little girls over the past few days, especially when Dyon told her their story.

Dyon almost didn’t notice that Clara left because the moment the Dragon King was no longer with him, he realized what his master must have.

His clones that were still fighting hard against the beast horde didn’t show any drop off in power. That meant that the Dragon King didn’t have any effect on their strength.

‘This must be something that was holding me back from better understanding the Florence family technique. I was viewing my clones on a pedestal they didn’t deserve while trying to manipulate them as though they had the same senses as the Dragon King. If it wasn’t for the fact they had 10% of the strength of my body, they wouldn’t anywhere near this strong. I’ve been blind!’

Even though Dyon planned on listening to his master no matter what from the beginning, this only reaffirmed his decision. He finally felt that the door to progressing the Florence family technique was opened to him.

How could one expect to improve a copy of himself if he didn’t fully understand himself first? Removing all external factors was the best way for Dyon to gain a clear view of himself.

Dyon’s master smiled. Although she could have told Dyon personally about her reasons for all of this, it was much more impactful if he came to understand for himself.

Others might believe that Esmeralda was only bullying her disciple so that Dyon would be prepared for a day where he might not have access to his treasures. But, that was only one of the reasons. The Florence family technique was a great example of the benefits to come.

‘Good. Good.’ Esmeralda felt reassured seeing her treasured disciple enlightened. ‘This way, your training in energy manipulation will become much more meaningful. Unless you take the most difficult path, you’ll have no chance of solving the only flaw in the Florence family technique.’

‘You mean the fact my clones can’t use soul related abilities?’

‘Mm. The divine grade cloning technique you received from that gentleman may not be more valuable than the Florence family technique, but it is definitely the superior cloning method because it has no flaws. The only restrictions on the technique are the materials used to create your clone. The better the materials, the more potential your clone has.

‘However, one could obviously see that if the Florence family technique was ever perfected, it would lord over all cloning techniques in existence. Still, its value even while flawed is easily comparable to a mystic grade technique simply because of the other facets of its abilities.

‘You must remember that the only thing that separates the Florence family technique from other manifestations is the length of time it has existed. Because so many generations of Florence clan members have meditated upon the truths of this manifestation, it’s reached the level you see today.

‘That said, just like other manifestations, it is up to wielder to seek out the path of perfection. This is your first step. I dare to say that if you ever leap over this hurdle, you’ll become a one-man army.’

Dyon’s eyes glowed as he listened to his master. It really did feel much better this way, instead of stumbling around alone.

‘Now, the matter of energy manipulation…’

Dyon’s master explained the aspects of energy manipulation meticulously for more than half a day.

In that time, Dyon had progressed less than 10% of the way through the first tier. Luckily, because he had the Energy Core and the fact this Mystical world was filled with such a dense concentration of soul energy, he felt just as refreshed as he had when he first stepped in.

During this half day, Dyon was forced to replace the clone he left in the outside world many times. But, he could tell that he was about to leave his range soon, so he had no choice but to give over command to Violet’s father.

He also told the former Master that his two-month promise would have to be extended to one year. But, he was very understanding after Dyon explained his reasons why.

As a side note, it seemed that Marco’s long-time friend, Aldo, and his son were still in Soul Rend Quadrant, staying with the former Master. Dyon wasn’t too worried about them since he had forced them all to sign contracts, but he did think that that was worthy of note.

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