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«Rebirth of the Nameless Immortal God (Web Novel) - Chapter 1089 Premonition

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Chapter 1089 Premonition

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Dyon smiled. ‘Esmeralda… That’s a beautiful name master.’

‘Don’t try to butter me up, you still have to follow my rules.’

Dyon nodded like a pecking chicken, very much willing to listen to his master’s words.

‘Alright, the next realm you must conquer is the one with will realm. As you can tell by its name, this tier begins yet another cycle. Now, you are the one dictating the path.

‘The One with Soul realm was the threshold for saint cultivators, so the one with will realm can be considered to be the second step toward the celestial realm.’

‘Master, for some reason I feel as though there aren’t any bottlenecks in my comprehension like there were before. I feel like if I can find abyssal cores to supplement my knowledge, I can smoothly progress.’

Dyon’s master nodded. ‘I suspected as much. To so easily break into the one with soul level likely means that the heavens can’t restrict your soul. It seems your soul is even more special than I thought. However, death will abyssal cores, especially ones as powerful as you need, will be incredibly difficult to find. Maybe if the dark phoenix lands still existed… But they don’t.’

Despite the words of his master, Dyon’s eyes brightened. ‘Didn’t the final war of the phoenixes take place in the Chaos Universe?’

Esmeralda’s eyes brightened along with her disciple’s, understanding Dyon’s meaning. ‘The death place of so many phoenixes will definitely have opportunities. But, you need to remember that that universe is the only uninhabited universe in existence for a reason. Even further, it’s known as the Chaos Universe for a reason as well.

‘The laws that dictate the universe are vastly different from others. For one, there is no easily available form of energy to replenish your stamina. Secondly, there’s a strong corrosive air that could instantly kill anyone below the celestial realm, there are even some areas that could instantly kill even a dao formation expert.’

Dyon sighed. ‘I must go there because it’s the place the Demon Sage hid the rest of his legacy. I’ve also promised to save his daughter as well. She’s been alone for thousands of years, no one deserves that.’

‘Then I won’t stop you, but you must be careful. The Chaos Universe is very similar to the Primordial Era…’

Dyon took a deep breath. He had been to this so-called primordial era before and he perfectly understood what it meant.

For example, Amphorae who was without a doubt an unprecedented genius of the Angel Clan took 60 years to break into the celestial realm, and she needed to lose her virginity to Dyon in order to do so.

Did this mean that Amphorae was less talented than Lilith? Of course not. If that was the case, the name of the Angels would be a joke.

The reason it was so difficult to progress then was because energy needed to be slowly processed before it was absorbed. It seemed that this Chaos Universe had fallen back to those same standards… The question was whether this was a good or a bad thing?…

‘There’s another reason I have to go too master…’ Dyon suddenly said.


Dyon nodded firmly. His expression grew serious.

The Chaos Universe had a second identity: it was once the homeland of the Elves before their society was eradicated! This was why Chaos Universe was directly adjacent to Dyon’s home universe.

‘I met a member of the Mathilde family a few months ago before I went to the valley of geniuses.’

Dyon’s master frowned. ‘That’s impossible!’


‘But…’ Esmeralda paused. ‘According the history of the elves, they were forced to leave their homes because a prophecy dictated that they would die if they stayed. But, according to that same prophecy, only one of the three ancient families could leave in order for their race to survive. So, how could two ancient families survive?’

‘I don’t know… But maybe Chaos Universe has clues left from that era.’

Esmeralda’s frown deepened. The Celestial Deer Sect was great allies with the elves, after all, they were once neighbors. This sort of conspiracy left her ill at ease.

‘Leave it be for now.’ She sighed. ‘Since you’ve learned something new about yourself, you should focus on improving all of your wills to the 4th intent level so that your journey forward will be smooth. Tell me about what you’ve mastered until now so I can make a plan.’

Dyon nodded. ‘I’ve master fire will to the 9th will level. Wind will to the 8th will level. Demonic Will to the 1st intent level. Weapon’s Master will to the 1st will level. Celestial will to the 8th will level. Time will to the 3rd will level. Space will to the 6th will level.

Speaking these words aloud, Dyon felt quite embarrassed. Normally he fused his wills together, making them far more powerful, so he hadn’t noticed how weak they were individually. This was truly too sad.

‘So many?’ Still, Dyon’s master was shocked. At Dyon’s age, understanding three wills was already impressive enough, let alone eight, on top of them being so difficult to learn.

This made Dyon feel slightly better, so his reddened expression shifted to a smile. ‘I believe the Demon Sage Tower has many will training rooms as well. But, they’re only for simple elemental rules, there aren’t any rooms for supreme laws or high level wills like demonic and space will.’

Since Dyon’s clones couldn’t use soul techniques, they were cut off from his wills as well. Essentially, they just reflected his body and energy cultivation prowess. So, Dyon couldn’t use them to learn wills, he’d have to do that personally.

In addition, when techniques began to require understanding of wills, Dyon wouldn’t be able to use them either.

‘Good, then I’ll incorporate them into the plan as well. Since you’re in no rush, let’s take our time.’

Dyon suddenly shivered, feeling a bad premonition coming on.

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