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«Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal (Web Novel) - Chapter 806: Blow It Up!

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Chapter 806: Blow It Up!

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

On the other side, in Lin Chuyin’s Valsion.

“Oh, so this is the Zerg race? They don’t look very friendly…” Lin Chuyin looked at the endless bugs, her voice as calm as ever. “Criss-cross Space-Ray… Fire!”

This Criss-cross Space-Ray distorted space into a line and fired. Since it was a ray, it could naturally be controlled as she wished. Coupled with Lin Chuyin’s engine modification, this originally single attack weapon almost seemed to become a mass attack weapon in her hands, patches of Zergs were shattered by the distorted space!

“God.” Feng Wuhen looked at the large empty patches that suddenly appeared and exclaimed, “Even the people around Hong Dali are so ferocious? How many Zergs were destroyed this time? Quick, tabulate the figures!”

Very quickly, the guard reported. “Miss Chuyin’s attack killed eleven million Zergs.”

“Over 10 million!” Feng Wuhen sucked in a deep cold breath and said, “Even this space carrier’s main cannon couldn’t achieve such a result, right?”

In Dragon Tiger King.

“Dali is mine! Earth is mine!” Tang Muxin and Li Nianwei piloted the Dragon Tiger King and crashed into the Zergs. Tang Muxin loudly shouted, “Anyone who dares to harm Dali! Anyone who dares to harm Earth! All of you shall die!”

“Enormous Earth Meteorite, fire!”

This attack summoned numerous meteorites through the Five Element Wheel’s energy and destroyed all of the enemies in the vicinity. There were a lot of small planets in the universe in the first place. Now, upon summoning, they flew here like flies being attracted by honey!

These were only ordinary Zergs, their defense was far from that of the Mutated Zergs.

Upon being knocked into by these meteorites which were of various sizes, the Zergs were all instantly shattered!

Another 10 million or so Zergs were killed…

Far away on the Space Carrier, seeing the light presenting the Zergs disappearing in patches on the holographic projection, Yin Tianzong and Feng Wuhen were both completely speechless.

How many secrets did this Hong Dali actually hid!?

Various top-grade gemstones being thrown out like worthless stones, super-mechas that were incredibly strong, and he even had Mo Tianji’s inheritance. The Thunder Angel was also killing the Zergs in hundreds of thousands per shot…

This… This…

“This Brother Dali is really awesome!” Yin Tianzong stared in bewilderment and said, “If it wasn’t because the number of Zergs this time was really too much, he can easily settle them himself, what the heck!”

“Very strong.” Jiang Qianxue was astonished too. “This type of weapon attack power is of the same standard as those used by the Galaxy Aristocrats!”

Of course, although the weapons at Hong Dali’s side were all very powerful, they couldn’t afford to be careless either. After all, there was really too much Zergs!

“Chuyin, Xinxin, how are you all doing? How much energy power do you all still have?” Hong Dali attacked a few more times, wiping out another tens of millions of Zergs. By then, he had depleted most of the energy power in the engine.

It was time to prepare to retreat.

“Oh, still manageable.” Lin Chuyin softly replied, “I still have 16.7% left, I still can fire another 13 times.”

On the other side, the Dragon Tiger King’s situation was about the same too. Although the Five Element Wheel’s energy was said to be infinite, it couldn’t withstand such an endless out-surge of power, it needed time to recharge too. Tang Muxin said, “We still can fire about nine times.”

“Okay!” Hong Dali said in a deep voice, “Let’s fire our last few shots and prepare to retreat!”


The universe was really too vast. Although their weapons were very powerful, the Zergs still continued to charge towards them without any concern for their lives! They destroyed a 100 million of them, but another 100 million filled in the gaps! They destroyed 200 million, and another 200 million would come and fill in the gaps!

The number of these Zergs was really too much!

Once their energy was depleted, it would be too late to leave by then if they were swarmed and buried by the Zergs.

After another few shots, even the Zergs learned their lesson and scattered even more apart. The area covered by the attack was still the same, but the effect was weakened by a lot, only two million or so Zergs were killed.

“These Zergs seem to be intellectual, else it’s because they have someone commanding them.” Hong Dali shouted, “Don’t attack when retreating, let them think that we have depleted our energy so that they will become more compact!”


All of them started retreating towards the space carriers, and only five drone spaceships armed with the super nuclear bombs were left behind.

“Dali and the rest are retreating!” Inside the space carrier, Feng Wuhen, Yin Tianzong, Jiang Qianxue, and the rest all stared deadly at the holographic projection, clenching their fists tight. “They must succeed, they definitely must.”

“Please succeed!”

Hong Dali’s retreat would attract the Zergs to chase behind them. Then, the nuclear bombs would explode and cut the Zerg army in half, after which they would wipe out those Zergs that were still chasing behind them. This plan was quite good, but there was one major problem—the drones must not be discovered by the Zergs!

Otherwise, according to the Zerg’s characteristic of eating whatever they see, they would definitely eat up the drones if they discovered them.

Everyone’s heart on the space carriers lifted.

This plan must definitely not fail!

Now, seeing Hong Dali and gang running away, the Zergs did indeed started chasing after them. Although 200 million or so Zergs were wiped out, compared to the army of five billion Zergs, there was practically no difference from sight! Now, on the holographic projection, the entire space territory was covered by the dots representing the Zergs. Just the look of this would cause one’s head to go numb.

Jiang Qianxue even had goosebumps all over her body. Although she behaved like an ice queen normally, she had a very special small condition.

She had trypophobia!

She would feel uncomfortable all over when saw things clustered together in large numbers as if she was itching. Now, seeing these countless dots…

Her stomach felt queasy and nauseous, but she forced it down.

Compared to the disaster that they were about to face, this small condition of the mind wasn’t important at all.

The Zerg army started to fly pass the drones that were camouflaged to look like a meteorite.

They weren’t suspicious of these five meteorites at all!

“Good!” Everyone cheered and said, “They didn’t discover the drone spaceships, hahaha! Our plan has already half succeeded!”

Seeing this situation, everyone cheered!

Although the plan wasn’t considered to have succeeded yet, at least they had taken the first step to success!

Now, Hong Dali and gang were already within 10 million kilometers from the space carriers. The five drones were about 40 million kilometers away. As for the Zergs, quite a number of them had passed the drones and was chasing towards them!

The Zergs were still 35 million kilometers from the space carriers!

30 million kilometers!

25 million kilometers!

Everyone’s palms started to sweat. How many Zergs could these five nuclear bombs exterminate? How many Zergs would be cut off from the main group!?

At this moment, everyone held their breath. The entire space in the command center was quiet.

Whether they would succeed or not depended on this!

If they succeeded, they could wipe out large patches of Zergs and Earth might escape this disaster. At least, this would increase their chances of victory!

If it failed…

The only result of facing these endless waves of Zergs would be these four remaining space carriers depleting their resources and eaten up by the Zergs.

Everyone’s eyes stared tightly at the holographic projection in front of them.

“We will succeed, God bless us, we must succeed!” Yin Tianzong fervently said.

“Please succeed, we must succeed!” Jiang Qianxue’s breathing almost stopped.

Everyone’s palms and foreheads were full of sweat. Their bodies were even shaking from nervousness.

They would be nervous too when they fight in normal times. But those were incomparable to the situation today. Just the number of Zergs attacking them was enough to instill fear in them.

20 million kilometers!

10 million kilometers!

5 million kilometers!

“30 secs more before the optimal distance!” The announcer shouted.

“20 secs more!”

“10 more seconds!”





“We must succeed!”

“Blow up those damn bugs!”

“God bless us, Dali Creates Miracles!”

“Please succeed!”




The Zergs were within the optimal distance for the explosion!

“Blow them up!” Feng Wuhen, Yin Tianzong, and Jiang Qianxue pressed the button at the same time!


Instantly, five 500 million tons of TNT exploded!

In the originally dark universe, a small bright dot firstly appeared. Then, this little dot instantly started to expand infinitely. Five small “suns” instantly appeared in the universe! These five small “suns” instantly enveloped the Zergs that were passing through their space! The shockwaves spread out like the ripples in a lake, causing chaos to the Zergs.

Real.Perfect-grade Nuclear bomb exploded!

That was 500 million tons of explosives. If this was a normal nuclear bomb, the effect definitely wouldn’t be so big. But compared to the real.perfect-grade nuclear bomb that Hong Dali created, this wasn’t the case anymore!

The explosion radius of each bomb was as much as 30,000 plus kilometers!

What kind of concept was that? The diameter of Uranus that the Zergs destroyed was only 50,000 plus kilometers!

The holographic projection on the space carriers instantly turned into a flash of bright light!

Inside the universe, everything within the explosion’s area, no matter Zergs or meteorites, all of them were turned into ashes, not a single bit or piece of them was left!

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