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«Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping (Web Novel) - Chapter 2495: God! Mary Sue world (Part 37)

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Chapter 2495: God! Mary Sue world (Part 37)

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“Is he worthy of that?” Luo Qing Chen gave a proud snort, “My eyes are good, alright? If my name is put together with that kind of man’s name, then I feel very ashamed!”

She was happy to stay away from the world of entertainment these days.

But Gong Yu Bai had to remind her at this time that Jin Yi Xuan existed in this world.

It really was an annoying topic!

“Alright!” He looked up at the time, “You should sleep, we will land at eight tomorrow.”

“Un.” Luo Qing Chen gave a nod, “Only food and sleep won’t let you down!”

Although she was on a plane, Luo Qing Chen felt that she slept very peacefully.

In her stupor, she felt someone helping her lower the chair, give her a thicker blanket, and dim the lights……

Actually, she wasn’t that familiar with Gong Yu Bai. Even if it was the affection between the two of them, it wasn’t even one third of the way yet.

But she felt that this ‘cold and ascetic’ god Yu was different from her imagination.

It was as if there was a gentle heart under that cold and handsome exterior.

At eight in the morning.

After having breakfast, Luo Qing Chen followed Gong Yu Bai off the plane.

Although they took the VIP entrance, when they arrived at the east gate, they were surrounded by fans and reporters.

She had seen this scene when they left, it was like being at a concert.

Gong Yu Bai’s fame really wasn’t nothing. He should be the only one who was this famous just by filming a single apocalypse film.

“God Yu.” Pete stopped him and whispered, “Does miss Luo Qing Chen need to get in the car with us?”

Luo Qing Chen had heard these words and she understood Gong Yu Bai’s difficulties. Although she was also very popular, it was heaven and earth when compared to Gong Yu Bai.

The nation’s male god definitely wasn’t just for show.

Gong Yu Bai knitted his brows as a cold glow appeared in his eyes, “I will bring her along in the future.”

“Yes, yes, yes……” Pete could sense his anger and quickly nodded.

Luo Qing Chen thought about it before pushing up her sunglasses to say, “I shouldn’t go with you or god Yu will say that I’m rubbing off your fame. Let alone, my agent will be here soon, so you can leave first!”

“Luo Qing Chen.”

“What is it, Gong Yu Bai!” Luo Qing Chen put her hands in her large orange coat and looked at him to say, “Why are you addicted to saying my surname!”

“Do you see the white glass door?” Gong Yu Bai looked down at her and his cool voice entered her ears, “There are at least ten thousand people there. If I were to walk out holding your hand, what do you think the headlines tomorrow will be?”

“Si!” Everyone around them took a cold breath.

That included Luo Qing Chen!

“You……Are you taking revenge on me?” Luo Qing Chen cleared her throat and said, “We can talk things through, you can’t take private revenge in public!”

When she said this, she could already think of the big words that Gong Yu Bai’s millions of fans would write for her.

#When the popular actress missed the female lead role in “Youth, she shamelessly tried to hook god Yu#

#My male god will never have an other half, Luo Qing Chen, scram from the entertainment industry#

#Luo Qing Chen chased godf Yu and used shameless tricks#

#Thousands of fans are heartbroken: God Yu actually held hands with a popular actress#


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