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«Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping (Web Novel) - Chapter 2487: God! Mary Sue world (29)

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Chapter 2487: God! Mary Sue world (29)

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Luo Qing Chen froze as a sparkle appeared in her clear eyes.

She slowly raised her right hand and tapped Gong Yu Bai on the forehead, catching him off guard.

The other person was stunned as he looked at her in a daze.

“I say, mister Gong, have you read too many fantasy novels! You’re even asking me if I can make your dream come true?” Luo Qing Chen took the tablet from his hand, “God Yu is god Yu, the projects of the foreign major directors and they’re all female lead parts.”

The two films were foreign directors worth over a hundred million and the male lead had already been decided.

One was a western actor emperor and one was a Korean actor emperor who were the male gods of their nations.

“If I play the female lead of these two films, I will be ‘visited’ by many little fans.” Luo Qing Chen pretended to shiver before revealing a smile, “When the time comes, they will use another language to attack me and I can’t even refute them!”

“……” Gong Yu Bai calmly looked at her with a provocative look in her eyes, “You even spoke your own language on the plane!”

Luo Qing Chen was surprised before rolling her eyes at Gong Yu Bai. She pointed at the third page on the tablet, “I plan on taking this drama series.”

She didn’t know why Gong Yu Bai liked to confront her, it’s fine if he wasn’t gentle, but it was even black bellied!

Then again, his identity was just too mysterious. This villa definitely wasn’t a temporary villa, it definitely belonged to the Gong Family.

Why would you say this? Because there was a large picture of Gong Yu Bai on the east wall of the living room on the first floor.

She never thought that such a cold person would be this narcissistic.

Not to mention that this was Santiago, the capital of Chile! This was over a hundred thousand miles from China and Gong Yu Bai had villas in this place, so his identity definitely wasn’t simple.

“Un humph?” Gong Yu Bai gave a snort before looking at her with cold eyes, “So lacking in ambition?”

He thought that she would at least choose the foreign blockbuster, he never thought that she would choose this drama series.

It had to be known that drama series weren’t only long, but they definitely didn’t make as much money as films.

But in terms of exposure, some drama series were better than films.

But……Gong Yu Bai felt that Luo Qing Chen should choose the blockbuster. He had a bit of expectation and he hoped that she chose the films.

The American sci-fi blockbuster “Steel Robot” and the South Korean blockbuster “Negative 120 Degrees”.

He had seen both of these scripts and knew that they were blockbusters. There was also basically no romance between the male and female leads.

Let alone those heart pounding kissing scenes!

“This isn’t called a lack of ambition.” Luo Qing Chen revealed a faint smile, “This is called foresight.”

The drama that Gong Yu Bai gave her wasn’t on the list that sister Mi gave her. That was because the director Li Yuan who was the number one director in China didn’t have any intentions of her playing the female lead.

The previous host had a deep impression of this director.

He had only made a total of three films and one drama in his career, but no matter what it was, it was very popular!

Whether it was a new star or a lesser known actress, they all wanted to act in his films.

It was a pity that this person had a unique vision. Not a single person he supported wasn’t famous and those that he didn’t want didn’t get a chance.

Not to mention……that the male lead of this film had already been decided.

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