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«Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping (Web Novel) - Chapter 2483: God! Mary Sue world (25)

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Chapter 2483: God! Mary Sue world (25)

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#Popular actress Luo Qing Chen saved a girl having a heart attack on a plane#

Seeing this title, her lips couldn’t help curling slightly. The entertainment industry was like this, as long as you showed a positive side in front of a lot of people, they would have a good evaluation of you.

The previous host didn’t have the Mary Sue aura, so every time that she was exposed, it would all be bad news.

There was no chance to redeem herself and what she didn’t know was that all roads lead to Rome, so all these chances were created by her.

Of course, the opportunities were given to those who were prepared.

She was prepared and accepted the challenge of the Mary Sue halo.

But people had been set up before. The entertainment industry had its own rules and one had to follow ‘them’ to live.

Luo Qing Chen logged onto Weibo and gave a simple statement.

Luo Qing Chen V: Be assured! Everything is fine.

In less than ten seconds, her phone started shaking wildly.

It seemed like many fans were worried about her current situation, so they all paid attention to her post.

As soon as she posted, there were several pages of replies.

Candy Coloured Princess: Is my Qing alright? Why do I feel nervous when I saw that the plane made an emergency landing!

Nine Blessing Fairy: Wa! I never thought that my Qing would be so good at medicine! Isn’t this using a silver needle to bring back the dead in ancient times?

Stream of Light: Yo! It must be someone stealing my Qing’s role that my Qing’s attention was scattered. ╮(O▽O“)╭

Wood Wood Wood: Right, don’t be sad baby Qing! It’s cold there, so take care of yourself! Love!


Seeing these comments, Luo Qing Chen’s lips couldn’t help curling. If it was said at the beginning that she just wanted to show off.

Seeing the comments that her fans left, she really felt that reporting her safety to everyone was the most important thing.

After all, she had been cut off from them, but they were truly worried about her.

Although some of them might not be real fans, most of them were cute little fairies.

She liked this feeling. It wasn’t because she was vain, but because this was her armour!

After sending out several messages, the surgery light dimmed.

When the doctor came out, the young girl was also pushed out. He said that the surgery was successful in broken English and Luo Qing Chen nodded to show she understood.

The young girl was only half awake at this time. She looked at Luo Qing Chen and her lips moved.

Although Luo Qing Chen couldn’t read lips, she could understand the look in her eyes.

She was thanking her.

“Rest well, the doctor has already contacted your parents.” Luo Qing Chen said with a chuckle, “Remember to be polite in the future. Your male god might not like girls who don’t know how to be polite.”

She heard this and gave a serious nod.

Watching her be pushed off to the observation ward, Luo Qing Chen left the hospital.

It was already dark and the cold wind hit her face.

Looking at her phone, it was already 4:30 in the morning!

Since they were close to the South Pole and it was already winter, the temperature in Santiago was quite low.

Even if she was wearing a thick coat, she was still shivering from the cold.

A foreign country wasn’t like her own country, there were less people and since it was early morning, there were few people around. Only the faint light from the hospital shined on her face.

She couldn’t help laughing at herself as she said, “Why does it feel like my eagerness to help others feels like a Mary Sue thing! This world really is terrifying.”

[The host really is kind.]

When the system’s voice rang out, she suddenly didn’t feel as alone.

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