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«Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping (Web Novel) - Chapter 2476: God! Mary Sue world (18)

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Chapter 2476: God! Mary Sue world (18)

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She knew that she was an unknown person and she could only get this role because of Jin Yi Xuan and Ye Su, as well as her luck.

But it was undeniable that she thought she was better suited for this role than Luo Qing Chen and she believed that she could play it well.

So she cheered herself on in her heart and told herself that she could do it.

But……she was still very worried.

It’s said that without the fame of a popular new star like Luo Qing Chen, the trending status of “Youth” had greatly dropped. There were even people who had set up anti “Youth” clubs because of the choice of female leads.

In just two short days, this matter had taken up all the headlines in the entertainment news.

Exposure did help, but most of it was negative.

She had accidentally heard the director say that they wanted Luo Qing Chen to be the second female lead, so she had become a bit more assured.

After all, she knew Luo Qing Chen’s personality. She felt that she was a good actor, but as for the motivated Gu Fan Fan.

She believed that she would become more popular than Luo Qing Chen if she worked hard!

“It’s fine.” Jin Yi Xuan heard this and slowly looked up, “How is it? Were the test shots good?”

Gu Fan Fan revealed a faint smile, “It’s good, the director said that I was very talented.”

“That’s good!” Jin Yi Xuan patted her shoulder and comforted her, “Don’t worry about the gossip on the web, just be yourself and believe in yourself.”

Jin Yi Xuan was like a dazzling light that had shined into Gu Fan Fan’s life.

It made the ordinary her become dazzling and bright……

At first glance, it was like a Cinderella story.

It was a pity, it was a pity……

This ‘evil villainess’ wasn’t that easy to deal with.

“Un, un! I will! I will definitely work hard and not let down your expectations.” Gu Fan Fan awkwardly scratched her head and said, “Oh, right! I heard that the director wanted you to ask miss Luo to play the second female lead. Was she……willing?”

Gu Fan Fan was very nervous when she asked this question, but she pretended to be very casual as she asked this.

This kind of feeling was like a darkness lurking in her heart and she couldn’t show it to others.

Because her evaluation of herself was bright, kind, and righteous!

Jin Yi Xuan knitted his brows, but then his expression immediately relaxed. He gave a soft snort and said, “Don’t worry about people like her, she’s been in too many big name titles that she thinks that she’s a film empress. Actually, she just became popular because of a single cultivation drama……”

Not only was he unhappy about Luo Qing Chen’s sudden change and her decisive breakup, he was feeling depressed.

Even the good impression he had of Gu Fan Fan had been suppressed by this resentment.

Very annoying!

“She’s not willing……” Gu Fan Fan lowered her head in a sad manner before looking at Jin Yi Xuan with a smile, “Actually, it can’t be blamed on her. Although I used my own skills, I still took her role from her, so she must be blaming me!”

Although Gu Fan Fan smiled, she was very worried.

After all, it was her debut and she wanted a very, very, very good response.

She hoped that she could stand in the spotlight and show off her charm.

“It’s her loss if she’s not willing, I don’t know what kind of medicine she took.” Jin Yi Xuan gave a cold snort, “With such a good script, there are many in Star Group that want the second female lead role! Don’t worry about this, you just need to play your role properly. You can ask me if you have anything you don’t understand.”

“Alright! Thank you, big brother Yi Xuan!”

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