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«Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping (Web Novel) - Chapter 2465: God! Mary Sue world (Part 7)

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Chapter 2465: God! Mary Sue world (Part 7)

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The previous host could never forget her father who had always been strong, crying like this.

She didn’t cry, but her heart bled.

It was because of this father that she regretted loving Jin Yi Xuan.

Standing at the entrance to the prison, the previous host told herself that she still had a chance.

When she got out, she would start her life again.

Not caring about others anymore……

A pampered rich lady, even after this kind of experience still wanted to live.

Because there was a father that loved her in this world.

She wanted to live for her father, but the heavens didn’t give her this chance.

It was because she didn’t have the Mary Sue halo, so when she entered prison, the heavens didn’t let her off.

She met Gu Fan Fan’s father, Gu Meng in prison.

This madman learned that the previous host stabbed his daughter and directly wanted revenge from the previous host in prison.

He had been the boss of this prison for over ten years, so he didn’t have any fear doing this.

With the help of his little brothers, he was released after a month.

But the previous host could only grit her teeth in prison. Even if she was assaulted by countless dirty people, she gritted her teeth and never said a thing.

Just for her father to come see her in three months after she was sent to prison.

She wanted to see him again and tell him that if there was another life, she wanted to be his daughter again.

This was the only person she wanted to protect in this world.

It was a pity that she couldn’t protect him.

Three months after entering the prison, she had a chance to meet again.

The previous host cleaned herself up and waited for her father at the entrance of the prison.

That powerful man with broad shoulders who had protected her, his face had already turned old when they met again.

She smiled, smiled so happily.

Before she died, she could see her father again and she felt that it was enough, it was worth it.

That night, the previous host hung herself with the rope that she had prepared.

It wasn’t that she couldn’t wait to get out of prison, it was that she couldn’t accept losing her innocence.

After all, she had once been such a noble person.

After spending some time, she sorted through the previous host’s memories.

It really was a sad story. Perhaps she was a bit arrogant, with a bit of a young miss temper.

But at least she didn’t hurt anyone. It was because she didn’t have the Mary Sue halo that everything had been taken away from her.

Based on what?

Luo Qing Chen couldn’t help asking this in her heart.

[The host can watch the story after the previous host’s death in a parallel world.]


Another stream of memories flooded into her mind, which was the story from after the previous host died.

After “Youth” was released, although it didn’t receive unanimous praise.

With the popularity of Gu Fan Fan and Jin Yi Xuan’s coupling, it still received high reviews.

Gu Fan Fan’s father Gu Meng was released from prison. The death of the previous host didn’t affect him at all.

After getting out of prison, he found the previous host’s mother (who was also Gu Fan Fan’s mother) Ye Si Yao.

The two continued their relationship and Gu Meng took advantage of the previous host’s father, Luo Xiao’s depression to poison him.

The previous host’s mother didn’t know about this, Gu Meng had been very careful. In the end, even the police weren’t suspicious of him.

After Luo Xiao died, Gu Meng took the Luo Family’s assets. Because of his violent nature, even when he was with Ye Si Yao, his personality didn’t change and he would beat and scold her!

In the years to come, Ye Si Yao would regret this, but she could never go back.

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