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«Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping (Web Novel) - Chapter 2439: Welcome to the end of the world (Part 106)

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Chapter 2439: Welcome to the end of the world (Part 106)

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Some people thought that everything was perfect and the script was written flawlessly.

They naively believed that they could do everything to let people live a happy life without any worries.

To live without memories of him……

How laughable, how ridiculous it was……

If it was another person, they really might be able to follow the script that he wrote.

But she couldn’t……

Because she was Luo Qing Chen……

That Luo Qing Chen who had gone through thirty eight worlds, had the system, the storage space, and absolute abilities!

How could she forget, how could she forget……

Without knowing how long passed, she slowly wiped her tears before heading to the bathroom with the towel.

The tower flowed and there were loud sounds that no one could understand, but there were also unclear crying sounds.

He said that as long as she became gentle, understanding, and well behaved, no one would dislike her.

She knew why he said this because he felt more pained than her to part.

She did it, she became a girl like a spring breeze. She didn’t have the aura of a queen or those indifferent eyes.

She would smile at anyone she saw, whether she liked that person or not.

Because she couldn’t get rid of the words that youth Qian Si Nai had said.

-Be good. You have to be a gentle girl so that people won’t fall madly in love with you.

“What a liar.” She closed her eyes and felt the warm water on her cheeks before pursing her lips to say, “No matter what I become, you won’t come back.”

After washing up, she sat in front of the desk and opened the package she had ordered two days ago.

Beautiful letter paper and a glass pen.

She took a deep breath before raising the pen to write all that she wanted to say.

The words were long, but no one could understand them.


We returned, returned to the day when the end of the world came, but this time the end of the world didn’t come.

Life had greatly changed as the entire world population fell to a tenth of what it was before.

Because those that died in a parallel time didn’t appear in this world.

It was as if they had suddenly disappeared and everyone’s memories of them also disappeared.

This’ them’ included the most hateful Bai Lian Xin and also included the most loved you.

So I know that you won’t come back.

You forcefully let me alone in this world, but I refuse.

But there is some good news, Mian Mian can see. He is very happy, but I feel that there is some indescribable feeling in his eyes.

I can’t understand them and don’t want to guess at it.

Hua Cai Jin is also here and he’s suddenly good to me. It makes me feel that nothing has changed, but it’s just you who is gone……

But I don’t want to stay if you’re not here.

Although I’m unwilling, I……I can’t think of why I’m still here.

I’m not qualified to wait……

“Di, da, di, da, di, da.” The sad tears fell onto the paper drop by drop.

The ink that hadn’t dried yet started to smudge.

She still wanted to write something else, but she felt that the hand that was holding the pen couldn’t stop trembling.

“Big sister, I’m back! I bought your favourite lemon Yakult.”

When Luo Qing Mian opened the door, she nervously wiped the tears from her face and hid the letter in the drawer.

Other than her, no one in this world should know Qian Si Nai.

If Luo Qing Mian saw this, he would be worried that she was going crazy.

There was no need to worry if there were no problems.

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