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Chapter 2469: Go away.

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“Your words are very touching, but I choose not to listen.”

She suddenly laughed. She realized that torturing someone like this felt really good.

It was no wonder that every crazy murderer had a hobby that no one else could understand.

That was probably the reason why she was tormenting Shen Feng so hard. She didn’t want him to be happy and she wanted to increase his psychological burden.

“Have a good rest, then. I’ll prepare some food and send it over to you.”

Shen Feng left after saying that, so he did not notice the anger and hatred in her eyes.

Perhaps it was because all of this was too infuriating that she was unable to speak normally. She must make Shen Feng pay the price.

As she lay on the bed, countless thoughts flashed through her mind. No matter what the reason was, at the very least, this was all because of Shen Feng.

He and Liu Lina were clearly in cahoots, so how could she not know that she would never forgive such a person?

Not long after, Shen Feng came over with a bowl of hot porridge in his hands.

“PEI GE, have some porridge. You haven’t eaten all day; it’s bad for your stomach to eat anything else.”

Shen Feng looked at her with a doting expression. He would not mind even if her attitude toward him was bad.

She immediately sat up and glared at him when she heard his voice.

“Here, I’ll feed you.”

When Shen Feng brought the bowl over, a cold smile appeared in her eyes and she smacked the bowl in his hand to the ground.

The bowl fell to the floor and broke into pieces with a “pa” sound. The congee was also spilled all over the floor.

“Go away, I’m not eating.”

PEI GE coldly said. She did not want to see Shen Feng at this point in time. The only reason she was staying here was probably to torture this man.

As long as she could make him unhappy, that would be her greatest happiness.

“No matter how unhappy you are, you can’t treat your own health as a joke. Are you going to ignore your child like this?”

Shen Feng was still very worried about her not eating, especially at a time like this when her face was pale and her voice was weak.

She was too stubborn and refused to lower her head. This made his heart ache even more.

“Ha, if the child is gone, wouldn’t that be what you want?”

She looked at him coldly and suddenly felt as if she had never known him. He was so unfamiliar that it made her feel afraid.

Perhaps it was because her eyes were too cold, but Shen Feng actually panicked a little.

“PEI GE, I won’t let anything happen to you and the child. Just believe me this time.”

Shen Feng couldn’t help but say. There was even a trace of pleading in his voice.

Perhaps it was because of Shen Feng’s pleading, but she did not speak or look at him this time.

At this moment, all she wanted to do was to leave. She did not want to stay in this cage any longer. This cage could only bring pain and fear to people.

Shen Feng could only sigh helplessly at her silence.

“Huang tie, call the housekeeper to clean up the floor.”

Huang tie immediately called the nanny over and cleaned the floor before leaving. However, when he looked at Shen Feng, his eyes were filled with helplessness.

It was probably only at this moment that a person would discover a certain feeling.

“Shen Feng, you’re not allowed to go out. I have something to ask you.”

PEI GE suddenly exclaimed as she sat up on the bed and excitedly grabbed Shen Feng’s arm. Her hair was also a mess, making her look particularly disheveled.

However, she could not care less about that. Right now, she only had one thought in her mind, and that was to quickly clarify things.

“Calm down. I’ll tell you whatever you want to know!”

Shen Feng frowned when he saw this. He had never seen her like this before.

As long as she wanted to know, he would not hide it. He wished he could dig his heart out for her to see and let her understand his thoughts.

However, she was disdainful and unwilling to do so. She only had eyes for Ji Ziming and no one else.

“Alright. Tell me, did something happen to him since he didn’t look for me for so long?”

“Say something, Shen Feng. Is Ji Ziming in trouble? Otherwise, he wouldn’t have not come to find me after so long. Tell me, did something happen?”

PEI GE grabbed Shen Feng’s arm with a crazed look in her eyes. This was what he suddenly thought of.

If Liu Lina did something to Ji Ziming, he would not have the chance to come over. Otherwise, he would not have left her alone.

“PEI GE, can you calm down?” Shen Feng was especially afraid when he saw how agitated she was.

This was because the doctor had said that she could not be agitated in her current condition. If she were to be agitated, not only would the child be lost, but her health would also be affected.

In Shen Feng’s eyes, he would not be too sad if there was a problem with his child, but he would never forgive himself if something happened to PEI GE.

“No, I can’t calm down. Shen Feng, tell me quickly. Did something happen to Ji Ziming? Isn’t it? Tell me, tell me!”

She could not calm down at all, especially when she heard Shen Feng’s words.

She had completely lost the ability to think. If all of this wasn’t what she had thought, she could still accept it.

However, if something really happened to him, she would never be able to forgive herself.

“Alright. I’ll tell you, but don’t get worked up. Ji Ziming is fine; he’s really fine. PEI GE, don’t be like this. Think about your child; you can’t be like this.”

Shen Feng was also a little helpless at this. How could he allow her to be so agitated at this time?

He did not dare to take the risk. If something really happened to her, he would not forgive himself.

“You’re fine? You said he’s fine? Then why didn’t he come to me? Shen Feng, are you lying to me?”

She calmed down and looked into his eyes. She knew that he was not lying, but if Ji Ziming was fine, why did he not look for her?

Probably reading her mind, Shen Feng sighed and said,””I didn’t lie to you. I really didn ‘t. Why Would I Lie to You at a time like this?”

“He’s really fine. Don’t scare yourself, okay?”

Shen Feng’s heart ached. If he could start over, he would have met PEI GE from the very beginning, and she would not have liked Ji Ziming anymore.

If the two of them had not met, how could today’s matter have happened?

As long as she could hold on to PEI GE tightly when they first met, she would not have to go through all this.

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