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Chapter 2467: Calm down.

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“Boss, are we just going to let this woman continue like this?”

After leaving the room, Huang tie asked with a hesitant look, his eyes full of viciousness.

If Liu Lina dared to do anything to harm Shen Feng, he would definitely not let her off. She was too vicious.

“Ignore her. She can’t do anything now. Let’s go back.”

Shen Feng furrowed his brows for a moment before relaxing them. He looked at Huang tie and said.

After the two of them returned, they saw the bodyguard anxiously waiting at the door, as though he was waiting for Shen Feng.

“Boss, did something happen to her?” Huang tie dejectedly asked. He naturally knew how much Shen Feng cared about PEI GE.

This was why he had always been worried about Shen Feng. Everyone knew that Shen Feng did not exist in PEI GE’s heart.

However, Shen Feng refused to believe it and insisted on crashing into it. Now, his head was already bleeding.

“Yes, I’ll go and take a look.” Shen Feng’s face sank as he looked at Huang tie,”Wait outside. Don’t come in without my permission.”

Of course, Shen Feng’s words had a special meaning. Because he understood Huang tie’s loyal character, if Huang tie heard anything, he would definitely rush in excitedly.

After all, she was emotionally unstable right now and might say or do something. He did not mind it at all, but he could not allow others to put pressure on her.

“Where’s Shen Feng? Let him in, I want to find him, hurry up. ”

Before Shen Feng could enter the room, he could already hear her hysterical and furious voice.

His heart ached a little. He immediately pushed open the door and went in. As soon as he went in, he saw an unidentified flying object coming toward him.


Shen Feng did not have the time to care about this as he walked over to her.

“PEI GE, what’s wrong?”

Shen Feng asked with concern. His eyes were filled with doubt. When he left, she was still very calm.

How did she become like this in such a short time?

He had always known that pregnant women were emotionally unstable and would sometimes become extremely irritable. He did not believe it before, but now that he had seen her make a fuss, he finally believed it.

“What are you doing here? Shen Feng, I’m telling you, quickly let me out, I want to go out. ”

Hearing the familiar voice, she immediately stopped her tantrum and looked at him coldly, but her words were still exceptionally agitated.

Her eyes were filled with anger. It was as if she would immediately rush up to him if he looked at her again.

“Calm down. This is not good for the child.”

Shen Feng did not get angry. Instead, he concernedly said that PEI GE’s mood improved a little at the mention of children. At the very least, she was not as irritable as before.

However, she was still very angry. Especially every time she saw Shen Feng, her mood would only get worse.

“Shen Feng, stop pretending to be kind. I don’t want to talk to you.”

She coldly said this and turned to ignore him. It was as if the two of them had no relationship at all, and she was trying her best to draw a clear line between them.

Shen Feng did not feel unhappy or anything when he heard her say that. In any case, he was already used to her cold and irritable attitude.

He slowly tried to understand her. After all, no one could be at ease when they were locked up like this.

“Yeah, I’m not here to argue with you.” Shen Feng nodded and turned to look at her with a helpless and doting expression.

Perhaps PEI GE did not see it, but Shen Feng was already doing his best.

PEI GE did not say a word, but her stubborn figure made one’s heart ache for no reason. Seeing her like this, Shen Feng also felt helpless.

“PEI GE, I just wanted to remind you to be careful. Don’t go out unless there’s something important. In any case, you have to be careful of Liu Lina.”

“If Liu Lina calls you or messages you, just ignore her. Do you understand? I’m afraid she’ll try to harm you again. ”

Shen Feng was very worried about her, especially after today’s meeting.

She was getting more and more worried, afraid that she would one day be harmed by that woman.

Shen Feng was also very clear about her methods and she would not give any face when she did things.

“Don’t pretend to be kind. If you didn’t lock me up, do you think I would have to be careful? Shen Feng, this is all your fault. ”

Being locked up by Shen Feng, PEI GE felt as if her entire being was about to be twisted.

Especially every time she heard Shen Feng speak, she would feel disgusted from the bottom of her heart. She wanted to rush over and give him a few slaps.

Still, she understood that she had to endure it. After all, if she provoked Shen Feng, she would not have a good ending.

“I know you have complaints about me, but you can’t leave your safety in the lurch. Be good and listen to me, understand?”

Shen Feng no longer had any temper towards PEI GE, so it was not like the more he loved someone, the more he would indulge them.

Shen Feng was like this now, no matter what she said. He would not be angry, nor would he care.

“Enough. Don’t say all this to me. I don’t want to hear it.”

PEI GE turned around and coldly cut him off. Her eyes were filled with anger and resentment. If not for Shen Feng and Liu Lina, she would not be here.

Perhaps, she was already married to Ji Ziming and was living their own lives.

“Calm down. I’m being serious here; can you not be so childish?”

Shen Feng became anxious when he saw that she did not seem to mind.

She could not help but laugh at his words and mockingly looked at him.””Rather than being locked up by you like this, it’s better to be killed by someone one day. It’s also a kind of release.”

“PEI GE!” Shen Feng could listen to her say all sorts of sad things, but he could not bear to see her not care about her life.

His voice startled her, as she could tell that he was really concerned about this matter.

“What’s wrong? Do you think I haven’t said enough? You still want me to continue?”

She looked at him coldly, as though they had never met.

He did not know who PEI GE was, and PEI GE did not know who Shen Feng was either. She was not willing to live such a life anymore.

Being imprisoned forever, his entire body seemed to have become moldy, and green spots seemed to have appeared on his body.

“PEI GE, no matter how much you complain about me, I won’t hurt you, nor will I let anyone hurt you.”

Shen Feng’s sudden words really surprised her.

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