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«Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire (Web Novel) - Chapter 2450: Destroy everything you love.

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Chapter 2450: Destroy everything you love.

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She refused to believe that everything was as she saw it. He had never loved or remembered it.

“Leena, just stop. I can protect you for the rest of your life and not lock you up in prison. I can really protect you. This is my last promise to you.”

Ji Ziming’s eyes were cold as he looked at Liu Lina as if she was a piece of art on the desk.

“Stop? You make it sound so simple, as if it’s fine to clean up the broken cup and throw it into the trash can. But have you thought about the cup? Have you ever thought about how that cup would feel? Was it in pain or despair? Was it uncomfortable or depressed? You’re the high and mighty CEO Ji, so why would you care about other people’s feelings?”

Liu Lina laughed at herself as she sat on the sofa opposite the man’s office table. The pain and despair in her eyes mixed with the herbal soup’s fragrance and made his eyes wet.

“I …”

It was useless to explain. No matter how much he said, he could not change Liu Lina’s original intention.

“Ziming, do you know what’s the biggest mistake I’ve ever made in my life?”

Liu Lina’s smile was like a summer flower. Even though she was wearing a simple dress that revealed her midriff, she still had a hint of cuteness.

“He knows me,”

Ji Ziming knew that he was Liu Lina’s weak spot, and PEI GE was his.

“Yes, I met you and became your Secretary. It was you who made me feel that you had feelings for me. It was also you who made me feel that you were the only one in my life and no other man could be my girlfriend. What should I do? you love PEI GE, and I love you. You want PEI GE to return to your side, and I want to take her place. Even if you don’t love me and you hate me, I still want to do it. As long as I can see you, it’s good. ”

“Leena, please stop. I can really protect you. Believe me, I really can. Even if I can ‘t, I’m willing to sacrifice everything to protect you, to protect you from any harm.”

What he said was true, provided that the two were not hurt in the slightest.

“Protect me? No harm? Are you trying to keep me in captivity? Just like how you rich people like to raise Canaries? You don’t like it at all. You think it’s a kind of status, a symbol. But it’s so strange that I don’t want to do that. Even if in the end, I really die without a burial place, even if I really die in your hands, I have no good complaints. ”

Liu Lina’s eyes were dispirited as she looked at Ji Ziming in despair.

She was already prepared for the worst. From the moment she returned to the country, she was already prepared to die for him. As long as she could make him remember her for a few more seconds before she died, it would be enough.

“I’m very grateful for your company for the past two years. I’m really grateful that you’re willing to always be by my side.”

Ji Ziming’s eyes were so cold that even his gaze was cold.

“You don’t have to thank me. In your world, there are only two types of women. The first type is her, and the second type isn’t her. I am the second type.”

It’s such a pity that I’m not the first.

Ji Ziming did not say anything as he looked at the nourishing soup before him. Inside the thick black jar floated a ginseng carved into the shape of a heart, but it no longer had any value.

“Ziming, if we can meet again, do you think you can choose me? do you think you can give up on those who don’t belong to you for me?”

Even though Liu Lina had thought about this question thousands of times.

“But in life, there are no” if ‘s,”there is no re-encounter.”

Liu Lina leaned on the sofa and spoke calmly. Her state of mind had already become the outlet for her myriad of emotional changes, but she just could not find the one that belonged to her.

“Ziming, sometimes, your words really hurt me. I deserve to be trapped in a cocoon; I deserve to fall in love with someone who doesn’t love me; I want to stay by your side forever, but I’m not allowed to; I deserve it.” No, this isn’t asking for it, this is asking for death. I’m a Fox and you’re a Lion, how could we be together?”

Liu Lina’s eyes were indifferent as she looked out of the French window. The lights in the city were already lit up, but none of them were for her.

Sensing Liu Lina’s change in mood, the man did not say anything and merely opened the curtains of the French windows.

All of a sudden, all the lights were isolated behind the gray-green curtains, and the despair in Liu Lina’s eyes spread to the front of the curtains.

‘Ziming, I hope that we can meet again and start over. During those two years, there was no PEI GE. You only had me, and I still love you as much as I do now. If you’re willing, I’ll sacrifice everything I have. I really love you, but now you’ve made me understand how small it feels to love someone to the point of falling into the dust. ”

Liu Lina turned around and looked at him.”But now, you’re the one who let me understand how ugly it is to be so short in front of another. It’s the kind of ugliness where you give up your pride. If I don’t even care about my own self-esteem, then who would be willing to choose to love me? Who would be willing to come and accompany me?”

Her eyes suddenly became bright and vicious, just like Liu Lina when she first came in.

“Good, you’re right. You should be like this.”

Ji Ziming nodded and no longer looked at Liu Lina. It was as if she was someone else who had just complained to him.

“I know,”

Liu Lina looked at Ji Ziming. The way he lowered his head and tilted his head still made her heart skip a beat, but she still could not see any other emotion in him that could make her move away from his soul-stirring gaze.

“Ji Ziming, you’ll definitely regret what you said to me today. I won’t let you have an easy time because I, Liu Lina, am not someone you can easily bully. Stop thinking about PEI GE. I’ve said it before; as long as she’s here, I won’t let her have an easy time. Similarly, I won’t let you two get together so easily.”

Liu Lina’s tone was vicious. She did not even spare the man a glance. If he wanted the two’s safety, she would not let him have his way, at least not so quickly.

“Why do you have to do this? Just to take revenge on me?”

Ji Ziming sneered as he looked at Liu Lina. His eyes were completely indifferent, as if she was looking at something else.

“Why? No, of course I have to. I’m not taking revenge on you, I’m taking revenge on myself. Why would I take revenge on you? I’ll just destroy everything you care about. ”

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