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«Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire (Web Novel) - Chapter 2449: Love is too deep, and I can not get the response I deserve.

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Chapter 2449: Love is too deep, and I can not get the response I deserve.

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She really could not understand what she did not have.

Beauty? Figure? Intelligence?

None of these.

“Ziming, I really want to ask you something. Have you ever loved me for that moment-no, just for that one moment-even if it’s just a little, I’m fine with it. As long as you make me give up, I won’t be as willful and reckless as I am now, and I won’t do anything that you hate.”

Liu Lina’s eyes were brimming with tears. Even though her heart was broken, even though she no longer held any hope, and even though she was mentally prepared for the man’s nod, that moment still held a lot of power for her.

Ji Ziming remained silent for a long time. He had already noticed the change in Liu Lina’s mood. To put it bluntly, this woman was childish, but to be honest, she loved her too deeply.

Every person who loved her deeply would treat themselves as a child. Whoever took her things, she would get them back. Whoever made her unhappy, she would make ten things to make that person unhappy.

Ji Ziming suddenly felt a deep sense of sympathy for her. He felt the same way as well. Everything of his was now in Liu Lina’s hands. When he left the villa, even the sunlight felt cold to him. Even when the water in his palm was 100 degrees Celsius, he felt that the cup was too hot.

‘Ziming, you’re not willing to tell me? Are you not even willing to tell me a single reason?”

Liu Lina’s heart ached at the sight of Ji Ziming’s current state.

“Liu Lina, listen to me. You’re really my younger sister in my heart. I … I’ve never had any other feelings for you. I’ve never loved you either.”

His voice was flat as he looked into Liu Lina’s eyes. His heart ached for her, but he was still the bad person.

“Alright. I understand. Ji Ziming, you’ve never loved me at all. I’m the one who’s entangling myself and can’t tell what love and possessiveness are. But do you know? I will die without you. I’m a fish and I can’t leave you. I really can’t leave you!”

Liu Lina moved closer to the man, her eyes filled with pain and sorrow. Her chest was tightly pressed down like a huge rock that could not be moved.

“But li Lina, you have to understand that my feelings for you are purely that of a superior to a subordinate.”

He felt helpless. No matter how much he tried to explain, she would not listen. To put it bluntly, her relationship was one-sided.

“You should know how I feel about you. I just want to tell you that I’m willing to stay by your side and wait for you. It doesn’t matter even if PEI GE isn’t by your side. As long as you’re willing to accept me, everything that I, Liu Lina, have is yours. Ziming, I just want to stay by your side. ”

The line of tears was cut off, and an indescribable sorrow slowly spread in the office. The despair in Liu Lina’s eyes was slowly swallowed by the darkness outside the window as Ji Ziming shook his head and hesitated. She only cared about this man forever.

Even though she was doing very well overseas, the thought of him getting married to another woman made her unable to bear it. She could not bear the pressure anymore.

‘Ziming, are you not even willing to agree to this small request of me being by your side? you know me; you know that my feelings for you have already transcended all love. If I Can’t Have You, I’ll destroy everything you love. The person you love, the flowers you love, the pets you love, all of them will be lost in my hands. ”

“Liu Lina, why do you have to do this?”

He sat down and looked into her eyes.”You clearly know that I won’t fall in love with you, so why torture yourself?”

“But I love you. I can’t give up. I want to hear that your marriage has disappeared. I’ll go crazy. In my mind, there’s only the image of us being together. I can’t imagine you talking to other women in the future. I can’t imagine that you’ve never loved me.”

Liu Lina took a deep breath. The despair in her eyes had reached its peak.”Ziming, do you know? Actually, I know that I’m the one who loves you, and you’ve never loved me. I also know that you won’t love me. However, the funny thing was that I loved you so deeply and painfully, but you couldn’t feel anything. How should I describe you, how should I describe my love that has a beginning but no end? I was like a clown. I was in the middle, and no one was willing to help me. When I was in so much pain that I thought I was going to die, all I could think of was you. It’s all your bright smile. What should I do? what should I do to forget you?”

Liu Lina stopped. She did not want to recall how many times she had been on the verge of death.

Ji Ziming listened quietly, his heart feeling the same.

“Ziming, I just want to be by your side. I know that I’m not the one you love, and I know that you hate me to the core, but I want you to remember me even more. Even if it’s hatred, even if it’s bone-deep, it’s good enough.”

Liu Lina stood up straight. Her eyes were as pure as two vast oceans, and she could only see Ji Ziming’s figure wavering slightly in them.

“Leena, you could’ve had a good life.”

As long as you don’t come back to find me, you can really live a happy life. The family of three was very warm and happy.

“A good life? You’re so funny, how can I live a good life? in this world, I don’t want anyone else other than you. No one else can affect my emotions and move my heart. ”

Liu Lina opened the lunch box, and the office was filled with the strong smell of medicine.”I didn’t make this nourishing soup. I don’t know how to make it because I can’t tell the direction of your kitchen. I didn’t know that these medicinal herbs needed to be boiled at different times and in different orders to make such a good pot of nourishing soup. Although I don’t know, I’m willing to learn and understand for you. I’m willing to accept anything that’s good for you. But, Ji Ziming, did you give me a chance?”

Liu Lina raised her head, and her tears dripped into the bowl of soup in her hands.”You never gave me a chance. You closed the door tightly when I got close. No matter how loudly I shouted outside the door and how loudly I told you my feelings, you were indifferent. You only have eyes for PEI GE, the woman who almost killed you. ”

Liu Lina clutched her chest in pain. She did not even want to believe all of this.

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