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«Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire (Web Novel) - Chapter 2403: The price to pay

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Chapter 2403: The price to pay

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He reached out to grab her, but in the end, he only managed to grab onto thin air. He could not believe his eyes and was jolted awake.

He seemed to have thought of something. PEI GE actually had a child, and he was so overjoyed that he lost his mind. It was truly unbelievable.

He dreamed that she was pregnant with his child, but after a while, it was all for naught. PEI GE’s whereabouts were still unknown. It seemed that he had missed her too much.

Meanwhile, on the other side, PEI GE was being tortured by Shen Feng.

She had not eaten for a long time, so Shen Feng wanted to torture her until she was willing to lower her head. However, she was not willing to do so.

Shen Feng moved closer, squatted down, and grabbed her chin.”Look at you now. You’ve lost yourself for that man. I’m telling you, if you don’t listen to me, I won’t let go of your own life and your child.”

PEI GE’s eyes widened at the heartless man before her.”Why must you force me like this? Shen Feng, how did I offend you?!” No matter how much she thought about it, she could not think of how she had harmed Shen Feng and why he would treat her like this.

Shen Feng gritted his teeth, his eyes filled with hatred.”I’m telling you; you’ve already offended me by not choosing me. I’ll definitely make Ji Ziming pay the price!”

She was a little afraid and could not believe that the man before her was about to go crazy.

“You!” She was furious. What was he doing all this for? even if he wanted to have her, she was already pregnant with his child. Must he be so vicious that he would not even let go of her child?!

“That’s what I thought at first. As long as you’re willing to accept me, I’ll forgive you. But now, you’re pregnant with that man’s child!” Shen Feng’s eyes were about to pop out of their sockets, and she was very afraid.

She was really afraid that this man would do something impulsive.

“If you’re not satisfied with anything, you can direct it at me. Why do you have to do it to the child? after all, the child is innocent.” She lowered her head and sighed.

However, Shen Feng still did not have any reaction.”The child is innocent. That’s impossible. As long as it’s your child, it’s not innocent.” She widened her eyes in disbelief at his words. He must hate her so much that he could not even keep his child.

“Alright, since that’s the case, you might as well torture me to death. I don’t care anymore.” PEI GE closed her eyes and waited for Shen Feng to torture her.

Seeing this, Shen Feng did not say anything else and got up to leave. PEI GE was a little curious. Didn’t he want to suppress the demon in her? why was he leaving now?

“This is still useful to you, so you can keep it in your stomach.” There was no warmth in his voice, so PEI GE naturally understood what he meant.

As long as this child was around, he did not have to worry about Ji Ziming not listening to him. He had to admit that Shen Feng was indeed very smart. Even PEI GE and Ji Ziming could not catch up to him.

“No, you can’t do this.” She was very angry. This Shen Feng was really too scary. If he really used the child to threaten Ji Ziming, the latter would definitely fall for it.

“I think that this child will be very useful. If we get Ji Ziming to exchange for it, I believe it will definitely succeed.” Shen Feng’s back was facing her, and his voice was frightening.

She did not dare to believe that Shen Feng must have gone mad to hate Ji Ziming so much.

Since that was the case, then what was the point of keeping the child? it would only serve to tie the man down. She gritted her teeth and hollered,”you’re just trying to use this child to threaten him. I won’t let you have your way, even if I die!”

She did not hesitate at all when she said ‘I’ll die’. Shen Feng turned around and narrowed his eyes at her.

“What did you just say? You’re not willing to die? He he … I didn’t expect you to love him this much. Very good, very good. ” Shen Feng’s heart ached, but he didn’t show it.

PEI GE widened her eyes at Shen Feng. Did she just see a hint of tenderness in his eyes? Impossible, this was definitely impossible.

This man was a devil. He would never let her go.

What she wanted to do was to destroy both Jade and common stone.

“Alright, that’s all. Take care of the child. I’ll go back to work.” Shen Feng suddenly got up. When he mentioned the child, he even lowered his head to look at PEI GE’s stomach, causing her to feel very scared.

Shen Feng must be up to no good.

“You’re such a vicious man!” PEI GE was filled with hatred, but Shen Feng knew that even if she hated him, he had to admit to all this.

Shen Feng contacted Chen Lina. His deep voice was transmitted over,”how’s the situation on your side?”

Chen Lina’s voice was seductive.”I’m still fine now. Why? how’s your side?”

Shen Feng shook his head.”It’s alright. Don’t forget that Ji Ziming is a scheming person. You must be careful of him!”

Chen Lina understood. She nodded and said,”don’t worry. I’ve already been on guard against him. This man is indeed full of tricks. He even heard her on the phone saying that she was going to get someone to investigate me. It’s really funny.”

Shen Feng frowned and was a little surprised,”what? he actually got someone to investigate you? that’s good too. Anyway, you won’t be able to find anything.”

Only then did Shen Feng feel relieved. Chen Lina’s tone on the other end became much better,”however, I still have to thank you for this. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be here. It’s all thanks to you that I’m able to obtain so much.”

Of course, Chen Lina was grateful to Shen Feng. At the same time, she couldn’t help but admire Shen Feng’s sacrifice. For the sake of revenge, he had already paid a huge price!

“It’s nothing. You deserve all of this. You’re very ambitious. ” Shen Feng wasn’t trying to claim credit for himself, but he was very humble as he spoke to Chen Lina.

Lina Chen lowered her head and smiled.”No, don’t worry. In the future, we’ll have many areas where we’ll be working together.” Chen Lina would not let go of such a good opportunity.

Shen Feng nodded and hung up the phone.

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