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«Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith (Web Novel) - Chapter 4610: Simply appalling (5)

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Chapter 4610: Simply appalling (5)

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Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

The restriction on their bodies was added by Huang Yueli using her own unique method, mainly to prevent the suspicion of the Devil soldiers.

As it was only a simulation of the Devil Clan’s restriction, it could only suppress 30% of Xuan Chaoyi and the others ‘strength.

Of course, because they had been starving for seven days, they could not use 70% of their strength. It would be good if they could use 50%. However, this at least gave them a chance to resist.

When the Deputy General of the Devils spoke, Xuan Chaoyi gave his companions a look and agreed to attack together. As expected, the Devils were caught off guard.

The other teammates had already reached the entrance of the camp. They turned around and saw that Xuan Chaoyi was still fighting fiercely with the Devil Deputy General. They could not help but stop.

“Captain Xuan, let us help you…”

“No, you guys go! Hurry up and leave! We’re not his match even if we join forces. I can only stall him for a while. If he doesn’t leave, then… It’s too late!” Seeing that they were not leaving, Xuan Chaoyi was sweating profusely.

Originally, he was already no match for the Devil Deputy General, and now that he made mistakes repeatedly, he was even more vulnerable.

A few breaths later, the Deputy General of the Devil Clan struck Xuan Chaoyi’s chest with his palm.

Xuan Chaoyi spurted out blood and flew backward.

When his teammates saw this, they were both shocked and angry. However, before they could react, the Devil Deputy General suddenly turned around and attacked them.

“You idiots, hurry up and stop these little God Clan kids! If the medicinal pills that are about to reach my mouth fly away, you’ll all be skinned alive!”

The Devil soldiers also reacted and surrounded the other god clans.

His teammates were not as strong as Xuan Chaoyi to begin with, so they were all heavily injured and fell to the ground.

The Deputy General of the Devil Clan strode back and grabbed Xuan Chaoyi’s collar. He lifted the dying Xuan Chaoyi up. His originally handsome face looked extremely terrifying because of the ferocious sneer.

He leaned closer to Xuan Chaoyi and said word by word, “God Clan brat, you’re really bold. How dare you ambush me…” How dare you injure me! Today, I will refine you into a medicinal pill. Not only will I refine you into a medicinal pill, but I will also make you die in extreme pain! I’ll refine you into a peerless medicinal pill! ”

As he spoke, he pressed a hand on Xuan Chaoyi’s forehead, and a surge of Devil Qi suddenly invaded his body.

The next moment, Xuan Chaoyi let out a shrill scream.

“Ah…lt hurts… It hurts… Help! Let me die…

Let me die…Ah!”

When the other teammates heard this voice, their hearts trembled and cold sweat broke out on their backs.

The Black Tortoise Race was a God Clan that mainly cultivated water. They had always been known for their endurance and perseverance. However, Xuan Chaoyi’s painful appearance now…lt could be seen that he could not endure it no matter how hard he tried!

If this vicious punishment was imposed on them…

“Let… Let go of Captain Xuan! Let him go! You guys… You heartless things!”

Even though they were afraid, some of their teammates couldn’t stand it anymore and struggled to get up to save them.

However, before he could get up, he was slapped back by the Devil soldier.

‘ Don’t worry!” the Deputy General said with a sinister smile.” Come one by one. When this Black Tortoise brat enters the alchemy furnace, it will be your turn!”

As he spoke, he lifted Xuan Chaoyi’s neck and walked towards a heated alchemy furnace.

The warriors of the God Clan all looked desperate.

Could it be that they were destined to die miserably here today?

At this moment, a familiar sweet voice came from the tent door.” You’re courting death!”

Before he could finish his sentence, the tent suddenly burst into flames…

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