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«Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith (Web Novel) - Chapter 4609: Simply appalling (4)

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Chapter 4609: Simply appalling (4)

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Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Regardless of whether it was the air intake or the array patterns, the main function was to help the spirit apothecary adjust the temperature of the deviant flame during the pill refinement process.

Only by heating it at the right temperature at the right time could the medicinal pill be guaranteed to exert its greatest medicinal effect.

However, the Devil Clan’s alchemy furnace was not so complicated. There was only one air intake. Moreover, the array patterns on the furnace body were also very simple. There were only a few basic array patterns that helped the flame burn.

This was mainly because they did not need such a complicated structure.

The pills of the Devil Clan were obtained by refining living spirit beasts, gods, or humans. Because they were all living creatures, the efficacy of the pills mainly depended on the cultivation strength of the person who was refined before his death and the degree of pain before his death.

The fiercer the Devil fire burned, the more painful the living thing sealed in the pill furnace would be, and the better the medicinal effect after the pill was formed.

Therefore, those precise control array patterns were redundant and were simplified.

Since they were young, Xuan Chaoyi and the others had seen the picture of this alchemy furnace in the academy’s ancient records. They had also heard of the brutality of the Devils.

However, they were still very young and had just reached adulthood. This was the first time they had seen a Devil’s alchemy furnace with their own eyes!

When they heard the trace of this Devil deputy general’s words that he wanted to throw them in to refine pills, everyone was so scared that their faces turned pale.

‘ Hahaha!” The deputy general of the Devil Clan was very happy when he saw their expressions.” How is it? Are you scared? It’s good that you’re afraid. You can be even more afraid! The more afraid you are, the higher the quality of my medicinal pills. Perhaps not only can I recover my cultivation before I was injured, but I can also take another step forward!”

“What are you all standing there for?” he urged the Devil soldiers. Hurry up and light a fire for me and stuff these little God Clan ghosts in! Hurry up, hurry up. If the other deputy generals remember this matter, it will be too late!”

During this chaotic battle, everyone was eager to get the medicinal pills refined by the god clan cultivators.

He could be considered to have the fastest reaction.

If the others reacted, it would be another fierce battle.

The Devil soldiers immediately came up to drag him.

Xuan Chaoyi’s expression was cold. His eyes were fixed on the Devil soldiers ‘every move. When they were only a few steps away from him, he suddenly shouted in a deep voice,” Attack!”

Following his order, the God Clan warriors in the tent attacked at the same time. Dark Force of different attributes burst out from their bodies.

The few Devil soldiers closest to him died on the spot.S earch ?ew?o?el. ?rg on g??gl?

Xuan Chaoyi didn’t stop either. He charged straight at the deputy general, forming two water swords with both hands and stabbing at the deputy general’s throat!

The deputy general of the Devil Clan obviously did not expect that these captives of the God Clan, who had been starved for several days and had restrictions imposed on them, could actually resist.

Caught off guard, he could not dodge in time. A water sword grazed the front of his neck, and blood immediately gushed out.

Xuan Chaoyi immediately shouted after his attack hit the target.” Everyone, don’t linger in the battle. Leave immediately!” Leave immediately! Split up and run in different directions!”

As he spoke, he attacked again, continuing to attack the deputy general. The water sword in his hand formed a screen of light.

How could the Devil soldiers have thought that the restriction that Xuan Chaoyi and the rest had placed on them when they entered the camp had long been secretly removed by Huang Yueli…

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