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Priceless Baby: 101 Bedside Stories (Web Novel)


Seven years ago, Shen Qianshu is impregnated with Ye Ling’s child in an accident.

Seven years later, the little boy becomes famous and is thought of as the nation’s son.

When he suddenly sees Ye Ling appear, he greets, “Hello, Daddy?”

Ye Ling watches as the little prince roars, “Where’s my princess?”

Just as Shen Qianshu is preparing to run with her son, she gets pushed down by Ye Ling.

“You can leave if you want, but leave me a princess first. Let’s have another baby!”

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09 days 07h 45m 08s. (223 hours) • 8301 • 2020-12-04 21:58:05

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