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Pet Simulator (Web Novel)

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Summer Harp


Wang Ye transmigrated to a world of summoning pet monsters and made a contract with an ordinary little green sparrow as his pet monster. To his surprise, he awakened the Pet Simulator talent that allowed him to evolve his pet monster through simulations. The pet monster would evolve based on the ultimate evolution form set by its master.

[0 years old. Little green sparrow was born. It practiced flying on a cliff. It encountered a strong current and dropped from the cliff. It was covered in wounds.]

[1 year old. Little green sparrow learned how to fly after much hard work.]

[2 years old. Little green sparrow saw a mysterious bird dancing in the air and sank into deep contemplation.]

[5 years old. Little green sparrow got better at flying. It comprehended the skill of Sky Dancing.]

[5.5 years old. Little green sparrow got bolder and attempted to learn how to swim. It plummeted into a spring from the cliff and drowned. It acquired the personality of Unstoppable Courage.]

After the simulation ended, the pet monster could acquire either the skill or the personality it mastered during its life in the simulation.

After going through a certain number of simulations, the pet monster had a chance of evolving into the predetermined ultimate evolution form.

Wang Ye took a glance at his little green sparrow that was pecking away at rice. Without hesitation, he decided on its ultimate evolution form — the divine beast Angewomon.

His little green sparrow looked at him with a look of confusion.

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