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«Permanent Martial Arts (Web Novel) - Chapter 790 You Have Three Days!

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Chapter 790 You Have Three Days!

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“Not enough, not enough, far from enough!”

In the library, Lin Feng’s expression darkened. He frowned, as if he had encountered a difficult problem.

Lin Feng stayed in the Qi family for a total of ten days. In these ten days, Lin Feng read all the books in the Qi family’s library and studied all the martial arts and spells.

Unfortunately, apart from the three forms of the Heaven Turning Seal, be it martial arts or spells, they were all only at the half-Chaotic level. There were no Chaotic martial arts, let alone Chaotic spells.

Lin Feng’s idea of using martial arts and spells to study the rules in the Chaos also fell through.

As a millennium-old family, the Qi family had a deep foundation, but it was still not enough to satisfy Lin Feng.

“Just because the Qi family doesn’t have it doesn’t mean that other factions in Red Phosphorus City don’t either. For example, the Li family’s foundation isn’t inferior to the Qi family’s.”

An idea flashed through Lin Feng’s mind. He might be able to find a hint on the rules in the Chaos by referring to the strengths of all the factions.

If Lin Feng put together all the martial arts and spells of all the factions in Red Phosphorus City, he might be able to find a few Chaotic martial arts or spells, and garner some hints on the rules of the Chaos to better cultivate.

Just as Lin Feng was about to summon Qi Xuan to inquire, Qi Xuan’s voice came from outside the library. “Senior, Qi Xuan requests an audience!”

“All right, come in.”

Lin Feng waved his hand, and the door to the library opened. Lang Da and Ao automatically retreated to the side, making way for Qi Xuan to enter the library.

Qi Xuan looked at Ao’s massive body, still feeling a little frightened.

Just now, he had only approached the library slightly before he was targeted by Ao. Even without fighting, Qi Xuan felt suffocated.

If not for the fact that Ao knew Qi Xuan, Qi Quan would probably already be a corpse.

Hence, Qi Xuan could not help but feel even more afraid of Ao.

Entering the library, Qi Xuan realized that the library was very tidy, but the books on the bookshelves had undoubtedly been flipped through. However, he did not say anything. Instead, he bowed cautiously to Lin Feng.

“What’s the matter, Patriarch Qi?”

“Senior, there’s a small matter that I might need to trouble you with. Our Qi family was suppressed by the Li family previously, and many of our businesses were seized by the Li family. However, when we were taking over some businesses, we had another conflict with the Li family. Although the Li family suffered heavy losses, there are still many experts who are half-Chaotic lifeforms. Therefore, I would like to ask Senior for help.”

“Huh? One Qin Sheng isn’t enough?”

“Senior, the Li family is not weak…”

Before he could finish speaking, Lin Feng waved his hand and stopped Qi Xuan. Instead, he said meaningfully, “Qi Xuan, although I haven’t stepped out of the library at all, that doesn’t mean I don’t know what’s going on outside. It’s quite normal for you to have some ulterior motives and wish to seek some benefits for the Qi family. After all, I’m still in the Qi family’s library. But don’t think I’m completely ignorant about what’s going on, understand?”

Seeing Lin Feng’s sharp gaze, Qi Xuan’s heart skipped a beat. It seemed like Lin Feng knew his ulterior motives.

Indeed, Qi Xuan was deliberately trying to stir up trouble. He wanted Lin Feng to take action and deal with the Li family in one fell swoop, completely eliminating future risks.

Unexpectedly, Lin Feng knew all about his hidden intentions.

Hence, Qi Xuan’s heart skipped a beat. He no longer dared to entertain his ulterior motives and hurriedly said, “Senior, please forgive me. I’ll get the Qi family to return immediately…”

“No need!”

Qi Xuan was slightly stunned, not knowing what Lin Feng meant.

“Patriarch Qi, there’s no need to say anything unnecessary. What’s the big deal about the Li family? After driving the Li family away, there are still other factions. Didn’t the Qi family dominate the entire Red Phosphorus City when they were at their strongest? Does Patriarch Qi not want to return to the top?”

“Huh? Senior, the Qi family is currently in decline and is not strong enough. I’m afraid…”

“Nothing is impossible. With me around, anything is possible!”

At this point, if Qi Xuan still could not figure out what Lin Feng meant, he would be unfit to be the patriarch.

Qi Xuan’s expression turned serious. He asked excitedly, “Senior, is what you said true?”


Hearing Lin Feng’s affirmative answer, Qi Xuan took a deep breath, but could not calm his agitated emotions no matter what. Hence, he asked cautiously, “Senior, what do you want?”

Qi Xuan knew that Lin Feng definitely would not offer so much help to the Qi family at no cost.

“It’s very simple. I need all the martial arts and spells of the major factions in Red Phosphorus City!”

Qi Xuan’s heart skipped a beat. He understood now. Lin Feng needed all the martial arts and spells in Red Phosphorus City, while the Qi family could use Lin Feng’s power to dominate the entire Red Phosphorus City once more. It could be said to be killing two birds with one stone!

At this thought, Qi Xuan could not help but feel incomparably excited. If they could dominate Red Phosphorus City, with the cultivation resources of Red Phosphorus City, the Qi family’s power would definitely expand rapidly.

In just a few years, it should not be a big problem for some cultivators who were half-Chaotic lifeforms to be born. At that time, the Qi family might really be able to recover to its apex.

“All right, it’s a deal! Senior, when are you going to attack?”

Qi Xuan also gritted his teeth and agreed to it. Lin Feng’s strength was obvious to all. He did not want to miss this opportunity. Moreover, even without the Qi family, with Lin Feng’s strength, wouldn’t it be a piece of cake anyway for him to dominate the entire Red Phosphorus City, and collect martial arts and techniques?

This was an opportunity for the Qi family. He had to seize it at all costs!

“The sooner, the better, of course. Three days. I’ll only give you three days to sweep through Red Phosphorus City! If you can’t handle it, I’ll choose another faction.”

Lin Feng’s gaze was sharp. If the Qi family did not even have this amount of ability, why should he give the Qi family a chance?

He only chose the Qi family because they met each other by chance, and hence offered the Qi family an opportunity.

Qi Xuan gritted his teeth and said, “All right, three days it is! In three days, I will deliver all the martial arts and spells in Red Phosphorus City to Senior. I only ask Senior to have the two Chaotic dire beasts outside the door assist me in my work.”

Qi Xuan also made a prompt decision. Three days was enough. He knew that Lin Feng was swift and decisive. If he did not seize this opportunity, he would probably never have such an opportunity again.

“All right, I’ll hand both Ao and Lang Da to you. For the next three days, they will obey your orders. However, remember, you only have three days!”

“Senior, don’t worry. Three days is enough!”

Qi Xuan stood up, his body trembling slightly. A trace of ambition and excitement appeared in his eyes.

This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. With a natural Chaotic lifeform like Ao sweeping through the entire Red Phosphorus City, there would be no trouble at all. What he had to do was to make sure to satisfy Lin Feng.

“It’s good that you have ambition.”

Lin Feng nodded in satisfaction. He also sent a voice transmission for Lang Da and Ao to follow Qi Xuan for three days and obey Qi Xuan’s orders.

It was a good thing that Qi Xuan was ambitious, but apart from ambition, he also had to be capable. It all depended on whether Qi Xuan could satisfy Lin Feng in the next three days.

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