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«Permanent Martial Arts (Web Novel) - Chapter 1887: The Secret of Ruler Starfield!

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Chapter 1887: The Secret of Ruler Starfield!

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In the quiet room, Lin Feng suddenly seemed to have sensed something and jolted to alertness.

“What’s going on? A sudden premonition?”

Lin Feng frowned.

Just now, he was cultivating in seclusion and comprehending the principle of spacetime, but he had a vague premonition that a matter was related to him.

However, when he checked carefully, he did not find anything.

On the other hand, he vaguely felt that the principle of spacetime had loosened a little, as if there were some changes in the future.


Lin Feng frowned. At his level, he naturally had to advance towards the fourth stage. Currently, Lin Fengs principle of spacetime was only at the third stage.

He had divided it into five stages himself. The fourth stage was to comprehend the principle of the future. However, the current Lin Feng only had some inspirations, and had no clue about the path of the future.

Occasionally, he would feel sudden premonitions, and perhaps see fragments of the future. This was not luck, but because Lin Feng had already vaguely touched on this stage in his comprehension of the principle of spacetime. It was just that he had yet to completely comprehend it.

Of course, although it seemed infinitely close, if he could not comprehend it, it would be useless no matter how many epochs he sat there for. This was the principle of spacetime. If one could comprehend it, they would comprehend it. If they could not, they would be at a loss.

This time, Lin Feng did not obtain a future fragment, but he had a sudden premonition, like a faint warning from the future. Lin Feng could not help but be on guard.

Perhaps something was about to happen?

No matter how much he thought about it, he could not figure it out. Lin Feng also knew that it was undoubtedly a fantasy to figure out the principle of the future. At least, his current self was far from reaching that level.

Even in the entire Origin Gate, there were probably only a handful of people who could reach this level.

In fact, it was still unknown if there were any.

“I can exit seclusion and take a look first.’

Since Lin Feng was jolted to alertness by the sudden premonition, he stopped cultivating and exited seclusion to take a look at the situation.

As soon as he exited seclusion, Ruler Starfield received the news. After all, this was his territory. If anything happened, Ruler Starfield would definitely be the first to know.

Hence, Ruler Starfield made a personal visit.

“Chaos Ruler, you’ve finally exited seclusion. You must have gained a lot from this cultivation session in seclusion, right?”

A sharp glint flashed across Ruler Starfield’s eyes as he sized Lin Feng up. Although Lin Feng did not reveal anything, Ruler Starfield could still sense that there was a slight change in Lin Feng. He must have gained a lot.

After all, according to his speculation, Lin Feng had obtained a lot of spacetime crystals in the Celestial Pole Mountain Range this time.

“What gains? I just cultivated in seclusion for a period of time to adapt to the rules in the Origin Gate. By the way, is there a reason for Ruler Starfield’s visit?”

When Lin Feng saw Ruler Starfield take the initiative to visit, he knew that his visitor must have a request.

“There are indeed some things I need to discuss with the Chaos Ruler.”

“Oh? What is it, Ruler Starfield? Please speak frankly.”

The two of them sat down. Ruler Starfield looked at Lin Feng, before he finally gritted his teeth and said, “Chaos Ruler, I’ve underestimated you previously. You can deal with the Origin Beasts alone, right? You can even deal with more than one!”

Ruler Starfield’s eyes were bright as he stared intently at Lin Feng.

However, this was a private secret. Lin Feng did not comment or answer. He only looked calmly at Ruler Starfield, wondering what Ruler Starfield was trying to do.

Seeing that Lin Feng did not answer, Ruler Starfield naturally understood what was going on. He basically believed it now. His hypothesis was most likely correct.

Hence, Ruler Starfield continued, “I’ve been in the Origin Gate for more than ten epochs, but up until now, I still haven’t achieved anything in the principle of spacetime. I haven’t even mastered it, let alone comprehended the principle of spacetime. At this rate, even if 20 epochs, 30 epochs, or even a hundred epochs go by, I’m afraid I won’t be able to comprehend the principle of spacetime.

“Therefore, I want to take a risk and venture into Ruler Yunku’s abode! If I can gain something, I might be able to turn my current situation around in one fell swoop. However, Ruler Yunku’s abode is filled with danger. I’m not too confident in doing it alone. Hence, I’d like to invite the Chaos Ruler to venture into Ruler Yunku’s abode with me. What do you think, Chaos Ruler?”

With that, Ruler Starfield looked at Lin Feng expectantly.

“Ruler Yunku’s abode?”

Lin Feng frowned.

He was new here. How could he know about Ruler Yunku?

However, with the explanation of Ruler Starfield, Lin Feng gradually understood the situation of Ruler Yunku. It turned out that Ruler Yunku was a powerful ultimate Voidwalker. Of course, it referred to the strength he could unleash in the Origin Gate.

In fact, back then, Ruler Yunku had even killed some powerful Origin Beasts. He could be said to have an illustrious reputation.

However, later on, when he was trying to comprehend the principle of spacetime, for some reason, he suddenly fell.

Why Ruler Yunku had fallen remained a mystery till this day.

However, although Ruler Yunku had indeed fallen, his abode had been left behind. All these years, many people had searched for Ruler Yunku’s abode, but found nothing.

Ruler Starfield had clearly found the abode of Ruler Yunku. However, he was very cautious. After so many years, he must have made attempts as well. Unfortunately, he could not venture deep into the abode, nor could he obtain the treasures in it.

However, Ruler Starfield was clearly unwilling to accept this. He was sitting on a treasure trove while empty-handed. In particular, he had been in the Origin Gate for more than ten epochs, and his patience had already been exhausted.

If he cultivated so slowly, when could he hope to comprehend the principle of spacetime? Even Void Overlords with infinite lifespans would feel impatient.

Hence, after Ruler Starfield saw Lin Fengs strength, he made a decision in his heart and prepared to invite Lin Feng. Of course, even if he wanted to invite Lin Feng, Ruler Starfield only decided to invite him after observing him from multiple perspectives and feeling slightly assured about Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was actually not that interested in a Voidwalker’s abode comparable to a powerful Origin Beast.

Why would he take the risk?

Relying on his medium chiliocosm and his spacetime prison, he could almost crush ordinary Origin Beasts! He could also sweep through countless ordinary Origin Beasts and obtain spacetime crystals continuously.

It was just that the effect would be slightly inferior.

As if sensing Lin Fengs hesitation, Ruler Starfield continued, ‘Chaos Ruler, it’s very likely that there are powerful spacetime crystals in Ruler Yunku’s abode! The effect of powerful spacetime crystals is far stronger than ordinary spacetime crystals. Moreover, after comprehending the principle of spacetime to a certain level, no matter how many ordinary spacetime crystals you use, they won’t have any effect anymore. Higher-quality spacetime crystals are necessary.”

Ruler Starfield’s words made Lin Feng fall silent…

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