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«Permanent Martial Arts (Web Novel) - Chapter 1886: Rewind Stone!

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Chapter 1886: Rewind Stone!

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At some point, a group of uninvited guests had arrived at the Celestial Pole Mountain Range. There were about five of them, all of whom had extremely powerful auras and were carrying Origin supreme treasures.

If they were in the void, they would probably be Void Overlords!

However, as soon as these five people arrived at the Celestial Pole Mountain Range, they all tacitly prepared to capture and surround some Origin Beasts. But after searching around the Celestial Pole Mountain Range, they did not find any ordinary Origin Beasts.

“What’s going on? Why are the Origin Beasts of the Celestial Pole Mountain Range gone?”

“Strange, Origin Beasts are usually everywhere in the Celestial Pole Mountain

Range. It’s very easy to encounter them at the periphery.”

“Could they have been hunted down?”

“Who can hunt down so many Origin Beasts so easily? If he can unleash the strength of a powerful Origin Beast in the Origin Gate, killing ordinary Origin Beasts is meaningless to him.”

“Has something happened? Should we go to the core area to take a look?”

The five Voidwalkers were all very disappointed. They had formulated a plan and originally planned to make a big move today. Who would have thought that they would find nothing?

“Somethings wrong. The traces here indicate that someone had indeed cleared them out in advance. It’s just that the actual situation is unclear.” “I found that there’s only traces of one person here.”

“Can one person sweep through so many Origin Beasts alone? Eh? There also seems to be traces of a powerful Origin Beast.”

The expressions of the five Voidwalkers became more and more solemn.

Powerful Origin Beasts were definitely a taboo topic in the Origin Gate.

Voidwalkers who could deal with powerful Origin Beasts were very rare.

In the Origin Gate, they were definitely among the top experts!

However, the five Voidwalkers continued to analyze. It seemed like the moment the powerful Origin Beast appeared, the other party had already escaped. This meant that the other party might not have the strength to resist the powerful Origin Beast.

Yet, although he did not have the strength to contend with powerful Origin

Beasts, he could slaughter ordinary Origin Beasts. This in itself was very strange, and even somewhat contradictory.

“The situation here is getting stranger and stranger. Should we use the rewind stone?”

“The rewind stone? Isn’t that a little too wasteful? We spent a lot to purchase

“No, I have a vague feeling that we’ll probably have an unexpected gain this time. Didn’t we buy the rewind stone for use at critical moments? I think now is the time to use it.’

After the five Voidwalkers discussed among themselves, they finally decided to use the rewind stone.

As the name suggested, this rewind stone could rewind time. Under normal circumstances, as long as a cultivator comprehended the principle of spacetime, they could rewind time.

However, this was the Origin Gate, suppressed by the spacetime rule. Even cultivators who had comprehended the principle of spacetime to the third stage could forget about rewinding time.

Only cultivators who practiced the principle of spacetime to the fourth stage could barely mobilize the spacetime power, and resist a portion of the spacetime rule’s suppression to rewind time.

This was the case for this rewind stone. It was a treasure created by a peak Voidwalker in the fourth stage using his own principle of spacetime.

Its function was very simple, It could rewind time within a certain range.

Although that peak Voidwalker could manufacture it in large quantities, the price was extremely expensive. Although it did not require a powerful spacetime crystal, it still required many ordinary spacetime crystals.

The five Voidwalkers had bought this rewind stone together.

After seeking opinions from the five people, one of the rulers, Ruler Xia, began to use the rewind stone.


The rewind stone began to emit a white light, enveloping the entire periphery of the Celestial Pole Mountain Range. At the same time, the scene inside began to rewind rapidly.

The five of them saw a cultivator, and also saw that cultivator casually slaughtering the ordinary Origin Beasts. There was no knowing how many spacetime crystals he had obtained.

In the end, he even alerted the powerful Origin Beast. At the critical moment, he barely managed to escape.

After watching it, the rewind stone also collapsed completely and turned into dust.

However, the five Voidwalkers led by Ruler Xia all had different expressions, as if they were deep in thought.

“This person… has secrets!” After a long while, Ruler Xia spoke slowly in a somber voice.

In reality, in the rewind, they did not find that mysterious Voidwalker that powerful. He did not display any strength that could crush ordinary Origin Beasts at all.

However, after trapping those Origin Beasts, he could deal with them completely.

If this wasn’t strange, what was?

“It’s very likely that he has a special Origin supreme treasure that can trap and unleash a portion of its power under the suppression of the spacetime rule. Hence, he can completely counter these Origin Beasts. However, his defense is not strong, and his offensive power is very ordinary.”

“This is an opportunity, our opportunity. This person can sweep through ordinary Origin Beasts just by relying on an Origin supreme treasure. If we obtain it… it’s unimaginable.”

“That’s right. This person isn’t too strong. The fact that he could defeat the Origin Beasts can only indicate that that Origin supreme treasure is very special. However, the five of us are different. If the five of us join forces, we can kill him in an instant. At that time, that special Origin supreme treasure will be ours.’

“Wealth is found in perilous odds. We’ve always been cautious, but we’ve gained very little. Let’s take a risk this time. It’s such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Wouldn’t it be a pity to miss it?”

The five Voidwalkers were all tempted.

They had even used the rewind stone. If they did not make a fortune this time, wouldn’t it be a heavy loss? Moreover, the five of them had done many similar things over the years. Of course they would not miss such a once- in-a- lifetime opportunity.

In particular, according to their detailed analysis, the strength of the mysterious Voidwalker on the screen did appear to be very ordinary.

If the strength of the mysterious Voidwalker was comparable to a powerful Origin Beast—no, not comparable. If he could barely contend with a powerful Origin Beast, the five of them would probably be very wary.

However, in the scene of the rewind, they saw that the mysterious Voidwalker appeared very helpless when dealing with the powerful Origin Beast.

In fact, if he was a little slow, or a little less lucky, he would have died.

“That’s right, this person seems to have another treasure that can warp space.

This is a little troublesome.’

“Heh, being able to warp space in the Origin Gate is indeed extraordinary. However, we can buy the spacetime confinement stone. Although the price is a little higher, it’s ultimately safer.”

“That’s right. Also, we have to investigate this person’s identity thoroughly.”

If the five Voidwalkers were in the void, they would all be famed Void

Overlords. Naturally, they would be very prudent and careful when acting. They would definitely consider all aspects and make thorough preparations before acting.

“All right, since everyone has decided, let’s investigate first,” said Ruler Xia in a low voice.

A strange glint flashed across his eyes. It appeared to contain a vague hint of anticipation…

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