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«Permanent Martial Arts (Web Novel) - Chapter 1324 I Alone Am Enough to Deal With You!

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Chapter 1324 I Alone Am Enough to Deal With You!

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“Huh? Just you?”

Emperor Wasteland was a little surprised. He was prepared to crush Lin Feng and the Blue Domain Warzone with absolute strength. All schemes and methods would be useless.

But now, Lin Feng was the only one who came. There was no sign of even Supremacy Pagoda and the others. This made Emperor Wasteland suspicious instead.

Could there really be some sort of scheme?

However, what was the use of schemes in the face of absolute power? Even if Supremacy Pagoda and the others were lying in ambush around, it was useless.

“You came here alone to court your death?”

Supremacy Wasteland’s gaze turned sharp all of a sudden. He was an extremely decisive Celestial Devil. Once he made up his mind, he would not change it.

“I alone am enough to deal with you!” Lin Feng said indifferently, as if he did not care about the seven Emperors in front of him at all.

“How arrogant! If not for the help of Supremacy Pagoda and the others last time, would I have been defeated by you? Only a hundred years have passed now. How much could you have improved? Emperor Wasteland, you don’t have to attack. The five of us can defeat this person!”

Emperor Venom’s expression was dark, and even twisted. He hated Lin Feng to the bone. Now that he saw that Lin Feng was alone, he naturally wanted to take revenge.

However, Emperor Wasteland shook his head and said with a solemn expression, “There’s no need. Even a lion must use its full strength when hunting a rabbit. We’re not here this time to take revenge, but to breach the Blue Domain Warzone! In that case, regardless of whether he’s alone or with ten people, no matter what scheming methods he has, they’re futile before absolute power. Therefore, all Emperors, attack together!”

At this moment, a terrifying aura quickly erupted from Emperor Wasteland’s body. An unimaginably massive Celestial Devil’s true form stretched across the chiliocosm domain corridor.

Boom. Boom. Boom.

It was not just Emperor Wasteland. There were also Emperor Bloodbath, Emperor Venom, and so on. A total of seven Celestial Devil Emperors all manifested their Celestial Devil’s true form. They had no intention of holding back at all. They all unleashed the power of their Celestial Devil’s true form, determined to kill Lin Feng in one fell swoop!

Even though Lin Feng might have secrets, Emperor Wasteland would not underestimate anyone. He would do his best to kill Lin Feng once and for all.

“Hahaha, Dark Domain Supremacy, today is the day you die!”

The voice of Emperor Venom’s massive Celestial Devil’s true form echoed majestically, shaking the entire chiliocosm domain corridor.

Lin Feng glanced at the seven Emperors opposite him. All of them had tens of thousands of layers of Celestial Devil’s true form. Every Celestial Devil could not be underestimated. In the past, Lin Feng would really be in danger. It would have been difficult for him to even escape, and he might even have activated the spacetime imprint.

But now, Lin Feng shook his head. There was a strange glint in his eyes.

“Seven Emperors, come on!”

Lin Feng did not let his guard down. Worlds suddenly appeared above his head. The massive power of the chiliocosm domain swept through the entire chiliocosm corridor majestically.

It was like an invisible storm.


The moment Lin Feng unleashed his internal chiliocosm domain, Emperor Wasteland attacked. He seized the opportunity and treated Lin Feng entirely as an entity on the same level. He did not hold back at all. His terrifying 200,000-layer Celestial Devil’s true form threw a punch at Lin Feng.

The power of this punch was too great. Even Lin Feng was enduring immense pressure. In fact, just the force of the punch could affect the Sandstorm Domain, vaguely shaking it.

A terrifying entity at the level of Emperor Wasteland could even tear apart a chiliocosm domain with a breath, let alone a full-power strike. Even the slightest shockwave would cause damage to the chiliocosm domain.

Moreover, it was not just Emperor Wasteland who attacked. The six Emperors, including Emperor Bloodbath and Emperor Venom, also attacked at the same time.

The Celestial Devil’s true form of Emperor Bloodbath seemed to emit an infinite bloody aura. It was overwhelming, enough to drown the entire chiliocosm domain.

Emperor Venom’s strength was not bad either. Although he had been severely injured, he still had tens of thousands of layers of Celestial Devil’s true form.

Lin Feng had never felt so much pressure as he did at this moment. There were seven Celestial Devil Emperors, and even a terrifying Celestial Devil Emperor with a 200,000-layer Celestial Devil’s true form.

Even though Lin Feng had 210,000 worlds, he still felt immense pressure.

However, that was all. Lin Feng did not pay any attention to it. His goal was actually to kill these seven Emperors. In Lin Feng’s eyes, these seven Emperors were trapped for good. He wanted to kill them all!


In the next moment, Lin Feng’s internal chiliocosm domain finally erupted completely. He did not conceal himself at all anymore. The mighty aura of worlds instantly swept over and enveloped the seven Emperors.

“This… This is…?”

“Impossible. How can he have such a powerful aura? It’s simply suffocating.”

“How many worlds are there? Heavens, it’s not 70,000. It’s definitely not 70,000. There might even be more than 100,000 worlds!”

“Not 100,000, but more than 200,000 worlds!”

At this moment, no one had expected Lin Feng to suddenly unleash such a terrifying power. That’s more than 200,000 worlds. What kind of concept was this?

Among the nine elders of the Indefinite Sect, only the top three could possess more than 200,000 layers of Celestial Devil’s true form. For example, Emperor Wasteland also had 200,000 layers of Celestial Devil’s true form, but how long did it take for him?

It had taken more than a billion years!

But what was the case for Lin Feng?

Emperor Venmo definitely had not forgotten that back then, Lin Feng only had 70,000 worlds. That was genuine, and absolutely could not be wrong. Moreover, it was impossible for Lin Feng to have concealed his strength back then. Under such circumstances, if he could have forced Emperor Venom to stay, how could he have missed it?

That meant that back then, Lin Feng really only had 70,000 worlds. Now, only a hundred years had passed, but Lin Feng had already acquired more than 200,000 worlds… Such a speed was simply incredible.

Gaining 130,000 worlds in a century was simply too insane and unbelievable. Normally, Emperor Venom, Emperor Wasteland, and the others would not believe it.

Even a Two-star Emperor would take an incredibly long time to gradually accumulate power, and eventually become a Two-star Celestial Devil Emperor.

How could he have improved so much in just a hundred years?

“There’s a secret. This man has a huge secret!”

At this moment, Emperor Wasteland no longer doubted it. He was certain that Lin Feng had a huge secret. Perhaps the extent of this secret far exceeded his imagination.

However, could they take down Lin Feng with 200,000 worlds?

Emperor Wasteland was very shrewd, and even nefarious and cunning. He was a terrifying EMperor with a 200,000-layer Celestial Devil’s true form. When he sensed that Lin Feng had 200,000 worlds, he actually reacted immediately.

He fled. He fled backward in a frenzy!

The dignified Emperor Wasteland, with six other Emperors beside him, actually fled immediately.

Even Emperor Bloodbath and Emperor Venom beside him were very surprised.


Lin Feng did not expect Emperor Wasteland to be so “decisive” either. He only had 200,000 worlds, not 2 million. If the seven Emperors joined forces, they could still pose a fatal threat to him.

At least on the surface, that was the case. But why did Emperor Wasteland escape?

Emperor Wasteland’s escape disrupted Lin Feng’s plan. Lin Feng’s main target was Emperor Wasteland. After all, he had 200,000 layers of Celestial Devil’s true form. It could only be chanced upon by luck. How could Lin Feng let him escape?

“Stop time!”

Immediately, an invisible fluctuation instantly descended and enveloped the seven Emperors in the blink of an eye. Even Emperor Wasteland was no exception.

The seven Emperors were stilled by the rules of time simultaneously. They maintained all kinds of postures, as if they were fixed in the chiliocosm domain corridor. It was a very strange sight.

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