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«Permanent Martial Arts (Web Novel) - Chapter 1323 Emperor Wasteland, I've Been Waiting for You for a Long Time!

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Chapter 1323 Emperor Wasteland, I've Been Waiting for You for a Long Time!

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“We’re almost at the Sandstorm Domain!”

Emperor Venom followed Emperor Bloodbath and Emperor Wasteland to the Sandstorm Domain. He was not punished after returning to the Indefinite Sect this time, because this was a time of need. The great Sect Master had also allowed him to atone for his crimes by making contributions.

However, Emperor Venom had temporarily been removed from the position of the nine elders. In other words, there were only eight elders in the Indefinite Sect at the moment! Emperor Venom was only an ordinary One-star Celestial Devil Emperor now, and his status could not be compared to before.

All of this was caused by that “Dark Domain Supremacy” in the Blue Domain Warzone.

Now, Emperor Venom had already investigated things thoroughly. The one who restrained him and made him suffer a huge loss was the Dark Domain Supremacy, an unknown One-star Supremacy.

However, it was this unknown One-star Supremacy who had made him suffer. Now, he had become a joke in the eyes of many One-star Celestial Devil Emperors. Even in front of Emperor Wasteland, Emperor Venom no longer had his former confidence, and appeared very humble.

“Emperor Venom, is this Dark Domain Supremacy really that miraculous?” Suddenly, Emperor Wasteland asked Emperor Venom.

Even though Emperor Venom had already reported it previously, now that they were approaching the Sandstorm Domain day by day, they were destined to face that mysterious Dark Domain Supremacy. Emperor Wasteland naturally had to understand him better. Even if he was a powerful Celestial Devil Emperor, he had to know himself and his enemy to be victorious in every battle.

Emperor Venom’s heart skipped a beat. He hurriedly replied, “Emperor Wasteland, you can’t underestimate that Dark Domain Supremacy. His special type of rules are too strange. It can completely confine me in an instant, and even my thoughts were confined. I can’t mobilize any power at all, and can only rely on my Celestial Devil’s true form to resist attacks head-on. If not for that, how could I have lost so badly?”

At this thought, there was a trace of resentment in Emperor Venom’s tone.

“He could confine you for half a breath’s time. Even your thoughts were confined, and you couldn’t mobilize any power. But back then, he only had 70,000 worlds, and was much weaker than you… Interesting. Looks like this Dark Domain Supremacy is not simple. This person has a huge secret!”

A sharp glint flashed across Emperor Wasteland’s eyes. He knew very well how difficult it was to completely imprison an Emperor with 100,000 layers of Celestial Devil’s true form.

Even if he was far stronger than Emperor Venom, he could not confine Emperor Venom. However, an unknown One-star Supremacy like the Dark Domain Supremacy could confine Emperor Venom.

This was very unusual.

“However, so what if he has a huge secret? He’s still too weak now. Merely 70,000 worlds. No matter how big his secret is, no matter how bizarre his ability, it’s useless. There’s no need to make any preparations. We’ll just suppress him with power in one go, and crush him fair and square!”

Emperor Venom was slightly stunned. He had thought that Emperor Wasteland was going to use some strategy or method, and did not expect his solution to be direct suppression by force. How could such a crude method work?

However, on second thought, why would there be any need for schemes to deal with an opponent who had yet to mature like the Dark Domain Supremacy? Crushing him by force was the right path!

No matter what tricks he used, they were all useless before absolute power.

“Hahaha, Emperor Wasteland is wise! That’s right. Not only are we going to crush Dark Domain Supremacy this time and obtain his secrets, we’ll also destroy the Blue Domain Warzone and avenge our previous humiliation!”

Emperor Venom felt his heart lighten as well. He could not help but throw his head back and laugh aloud.

“We’re here. The Sandstorm Domain is ahead!”

Suddenly, Emperor Wasteland’s eyes narrowed slightly. He had already seen the Sandstorm Domain.

“They’re here, they’re here!”

Supremacy Pagoda’s expression was solemn, and even his voice was trembling.

He could not help but tremble. Those were Emperor Wasteland and Emperor Bloodbath. These two Emperors, especially Emperor Wasteland, were famed. They were ranked in the top three among the former nine elders of the Indefinite Sect.

When such powerful entities descended in the Blue Domain Warzone, the entire warzone stayed on guard.

However, Supremacy Pagoda would not be in danger, because this time, apart from Lin Feng, all the other Supremacies were staying in the war fortress. This was double insurance. Even if Lin Feng lost, with the war fortress around, they could retreat with composure. At least the Blue Domain Warzone would not collapse.

However, Lin Feng alone had to deal with the seven Celestial Devil Emperors, including Emperor Wasteland. Could Lin Feng deal with them?

Not only was Supremacy Pagoda doubtful, the other Supremacies were also doubtful, and even worried.

Supremacy Yellow Sky and Supremacy Xuanji were the most nervous.

“Dark Domain Supremacy, you must defeat Emperor Wasteland. Even if you can’t defeat him, you must stay alive. Your life is the most important thing. At worst, you can make a comeback in the future.”

Supremacy Yellow Sky was very concerned about Lin Feng now, even more so than himself. He knew very well that only by following Lin Feng could he obtain all kinds of huge benefits continuously.

He even had a bold idea that after this war ended, he would completely integrate the Yellow Sky Alliance into the Domain Alliance, and tie it completely to Lin Feng.

Hence, he was very concerned about Lin Feng. Lin Feng’s safety even represented the height that he could reach in the future.

It was the same for Supremacy Xuanji. The two of them might be the ones who least wanted Lin Feng to fail in the Blue Domain Warzone. If Lin Feng was defeated, he had to preserve his life, even if the Blue Domain Warzone collapsed.

Lin Feng was the only person they valued.

If not for Lin Feng’s repeated persuasions, the two of them would not have stayed in the war fortress with Supremacy Pagoda no matter what. No matter what, they had to stand by Lin Feng’s side, and help him to shoulder some pressure.

However, neither Supremacy Yellow Sky nor Supremacy Pagoda knew what Lin Feng was thinking.

In reality, Lin Feng felt no pressure deep down at all.

Not only did he not feel any pressure, he even felt a trace of excitement. Emperor Wasteland, Emperor Bloodbath, and even the other five Emperors were all One-star Emperors.

In Lin Feng’s eyes, these Emperors all represented large amounts of world origin, and could allow his strength to improve rapidly.

THe last time, Lin Feng had missed Emperor Venom. He could defeat him, but he could not destroy the Celestial Devil’s true form of Emperor Venom, let alone transfer it into his internal chiliocosm domain and convert it into world origin.

But things were different now. Not only did he want to defeat these Celestial Devil Emperors, he also wanted to slay them. This time, he would not miss these Celestial Devil Emperors again.

Hence, Lin Feng stood quietly in the chiliocosm domain corridor outside the Sandstorm Domain with his hands behind his back. He did not move at all, and appeared very calm and quiet.


Finally, Emperor Wasteland and the others arrived. However, the moment they saw Lin Feng, everyone stopped.

Emperor Venom could not help but say, “It’s him, it’s him, it’s him, Dark Domain Supremacy!”

Emperor Venom hated Lin Feng to the bone, but at the same time, he felt a hint of fear.


Lin Feng opened his eyes. His gaze swept across the area, but finally landed on Emperor Wasteland. Even though he had never seen Emperor Wasteland before, he could recognize him at a glance.

After all, that aura was simply too powerful. It was the strongest individual Lin Feng had ever met in his life!

“Emperor Wasteland, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time!”

Lin Feng placed his hands behind his back and lifted his head. His gaze was calm, as if he was “looking down” on Emperor Wasteland and the other seven Emperors.

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