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«Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane! (Web Novel) - Chapter 1144: Shared Dreams

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Chapter 1144: Shared Dreams

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“During those few days, I had many strange dreams.

“Other than the battlefield of slaughter and the exploration of the temple, the most common dreams were the secret cave at the back of my hometown, where I studied the mural with many shining arrows with my brother.

“However, there were three people in the dream, not just the two of us. The other one was the Ancient Dream Saintess.

“The strange thing was that I didn’t feel that it was strange an unfamiliar girl appeared in my brother’s secret cave.

“No, that wasn’t an ‘unfamiliar girl’ at all. In the dream, I seemed to naturally treat the ancient Dream Saintess as my elder sister. It was as if my mother had given birth to three children from the very beginning. Everything was so logical and flawless.

“I remember that the ancient Dream Saintess explored the mysteries of the mural with my brother and me in the dream.

“She was much smarter than my brother and I. Every time she threw out her views on the mural, it made my brother and I come to a sudden realization. It was as if the stopper on our forehead had been pulled out.

“Just like that, we cultivated together in the dream. There were many things that we couldn’t understand during the day, but in the dream, we were able to understand them at a single point. No matter how hard we practiced during the day, we were unable to master the battle techniques. In the dream, under the encouragement of the ancient Dream Saintess’smile and hand-to-hand guidance, we quickly became familiar with them.

“In short, the dreams I had these past few days were more realistic and clear than any dreams I had before. It wasn’t until the next morning that I slowly woke up. After a long time, everything in the dream world was still vivid in my mind. Moreover, I didn’t forget what I had learned in the dream world, which was the ability to control the flashing arrows in my body and condense them into battle techniques.

“What’s even more bizarre is the relationship between me and the ancient Dream Saintess.

“Even though intellectually, I know that it was just a dream — mother only gave birth to me and my brother, which I’m very sure of.

“But emotionally, I couldn’t help but think of the ancient Dream Saintess as my biological sister.

“The feeling of knowing that my family hasn’t been destroyed and that I still have my only family in this world is great!

“From that moment on, I made up my mind that I would protect the ancient Dream Saintess no matter what price I had to pay. I saw my mother and brother’s tragic deaths with my own eyes, but I couldn’t do anything. Now that I have the power, I will never watch my only family fall into the abyss of Eternal Darkness Again


When Meng Chao heard this, he saw that Leaf’s eyes were getting redder and redder. The fanaticism in the depths of her eyes had gradually replaced confusion and was about to take over her entire eye socket. He couldn’t help but frown, “You know that it was just a dream. In fact, it’s very likely that it was created by the ancient Dream Saintess. She can manipulate the dream at will, right?”

“So What?”

Leaf looked at Meng Chao and said, “Reaper, you’ve taught me many things. The truth of what you’ve taught me may not be what it looks like; the person who talks big may not be a true warrior; the solemn and magnificent ancestral spirit may not be a true God.

“However, the ancient Dream Saintess has indeed taught me many skills in the dream, giving me the ability to continue living in this world where the strong prey on the weak.

“And the smile that blossomed when she looked at my brother and me in the dream was also extremely real!

“Moreover, I’m not the only one who treats the ancient Dream Saintess as her biological sister. She also treats me as her biological brother!”

Meng Chao raised his eyebrows.


He said, “Explain it more clearly.”

“After staying in the war drum forest for three to five days, the number of Blood Hoof Warriors in the forest suddenly increased, and it seemed like they were going to surround us.”

Leaf told Meng Chao that they had encountered a series of bloody battles in the depths of the war drum forest, and the Great Horn Army had suffered heavy losses.

That was probably the chain reaction caused by Meng Chao telling the news that the temple thieves had left the war drum forest in the sky-trapping plains.

In short, the Great Horn Army’s strategy of infiltrating the war drum forest was not as smooth as they had imagined.

However, the more intense the battle, the easier it was for a monster-level youth like leaf, who was gifted and had been modified by Meng Chao, to stand out.

During the intense battle, he constantly honed himself and honed the various skills he had learned from the dream world.

When countless veterans who had followed the ancient Dream Saintess for many years fell one after another, he quickly grew up and shone brilliantly.

When they raided war drum city and burned down the local granaries in the fierce battle, too many veterans were sacrificed, leading to a shortage of soldiers. Ye Zi was actually lucky enough to act as the temporary guard of Saintess ancient dream and see the Saintess herself!

“Saintess ancient dream was in war drum forest at that time?”Meng Chao’s pupils suddenly constricted.

“That’s right. Saintess ancient dream had been in war drum forest the whole time, controlling the actions of black-corner city from afar and then retreating.”

Ye Zi nodded and added as if he was defending Saintess ancient dream, “The war drum forest is also where the Blood Hoof clan’s troops are gathered. Saintess ancient Dream’s risk is no less than sneaking into black-corner City!”


Meng Chao didn’t comment. After pondering for a moment, he asked curiously, “What kind of person is Saintess ancient dream?”

“It’s hard to describe.”

Yezi frowned slightly. After pondering for a long time, a smile suddenly appeared on her face, “Normally, Saintess ancient dream looks like an ordinary, very approachable little girl. She should be one or two years older than me, but because she suffered too much when she was young, her face has become sallow and emaciated. No matter how hard I try, I can’t make up for it. Rather than saying that she’s my elder sister, it’s more appropriate to say that she’s more like my younger sister. No, she’s the little sister that everyone wants to protect at all costs.

“It’s true. I know that treating the founder and supreme commander of the Great Horn Army as a little sister is an absurd thing, but that was the feeling I had subconsciously when I first saw the ancient Dream Saintess.

“Many people were like me. When they saw the ancient Dream Saintess in her normal state, they couldn’t connect her to the spokesperson of the great horn rat God walking in Tulanze.

“Even the ancient Dream Saintess herself didn’t have any self-awareness of being the spokesperson of the Rat God in her normal state.

“I still remember the first time I saw her. She was like a real little girl, jumping up and down and walking towards me. She talked to me about the cave paintings in the dream. She even stood on her tiptoes and rubbed my head, calling me ‘Little Brother’


Meng Chao thought quickly and said, “The ancient Dream Saintess also had the same dream as you. Do you remember your relationship in the dream clearly?”


Leaf said, “Later, I learned that the Rat God gave the ancient dream saintess a very magical ability called ‘shared dream’. The ancient Dream Saintess could enter many people’s dreams at the same time and share everything, including emotions and skills, with everyone in the dream.

“After waking up, everyone, including the ancient Dream Saintess, could clearly remember everything and bring the emotions in the dreams to reality.

“That’s why I said that everyone treated the ancient Dream Saintess as their own sister and longed to protect her at all costs. Under normal circumstances, the ancient Dream Saintess treated everyone as her family from the bottom of her heart


Meng Chao’s hair stood on end when he heard that. “But don’t you think that something is wrong? The dream is obviously fake. It was manipulated or even created by the ancient Dream Saintess!”

“We all know that, but just like what I said just now, it’s not important at all.”

Leaf said indifferently, “Most of the rats who were able to join the Great Horn Army and survive until today were forced to lose their families by the Warriors of the clan. All of their family members died an unnatural death. Other than the flames of hatred that condensed into magma, there are no other normal emotions in their minds.

“Even if it is only the comfort in the dream that allows us to temporarily forget the painful past and ‘believe’that we still have a family member living in this world, it is probably the best way to prevent our souls from being burnt to ashes by the flames of hatred.

“And Holy Maiden Gu Meng told me that she was very envious of us. Although it is very likely that none of our family members are in this world, at least we know who our family members are, remember the faces of our family members, and those wonderful days that we spent together with our family members.

“Unlike her, she seemed to be cursed by the heavens. When she was just born, everyone in her hometown died because of the plague. She didn’t even remember the names and faces of her parents, let alone enjoy the warmth of family for even a moment.

“After that, she wandered around tulanze and was passed around by the samurai masters as if they were goods. The friends that she knew were either scattered quickly or died under the cruel torture of the Samurai Masters.

“For the ancient Dream Saintess at that time, Tulanze was like a frozen abyss. No matter where she went, she couldn’t feel the temperature of the human world at all. She could only use the ability that the rat God had given her to sneak into other people’s dreams and become a ‘family member in the Dream’. In such a way, she could enjoy temporary but illusory happiness.

“If true and eternal happiness is too extravagant for a ‘lowly rat’, what’s wrong with a short and illusory happiness?

“Those are the words of the ancient Dream Saintess.

“Many people in the great horn army, especially in the white bone battalion, have become family with the ancient Dream Saintess through the sharing of dreams.

“Saintess Gu Meng’s image has been deeply imprinted in everyone’s memories. She has become an inseparable part of our emotions, which is why we are able to bring this unbreakable relationship into reality.

“Rather than saying that we are an army, it is more appropriate to say that we are a close family. Therefore, when facing the enemies who want to slaughter our family and destroy our family, even though we know that the enemies are ten or even a hundred times stronger than us, we can still summon up our courage and fight to the last person without caring about our own safety


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