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«Nine Star Hegemon Body Art (Web Novel) - Chapter 1558 A Battle Between Dragons and Tigers

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Chapter 1558 A Battle Between Dragons and Tigers

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Translator: BornToBe

The blood-colored hand appeared out of nowhere, but as soon as it did, an evil air filled the air. The wails of millions of ghosts could be heard.

The large hand blocked the sun, and a cold killing intent locked onto Long Chen. Long Chen was startled by Jin Mingwei’s attack. The cries of the ghosts were actually a spiritual attack that caused him to feel like space was thrown into chaos.

A lightning blade immediately appeared in Long Chen’s left hand, and he slashed it at the blood-colored hand.

BOOM! The hand was cut in two. Blood Qi filled the air, emitting a nauseating scent.

As Long Chen cut apart the hand, it revealed Jin Mingwei’s sinister face. He had a bloodthirsty smile on his face as he smashed his fist at Long Chen.

Jin Mingwei’s manifestation had appeared behind him. His manifestation was also not just a mass of primal chaos. Instead, it was scarlet like blood. Various terrifying lifeforms seemed to rise and fall within his manifestation.

Blood runes revolved around his fist. There was also blood-colored armor on his arm.

Long Chen hastily blocked it with his own fist, but he was blown back. What shocked Long Chen was that Jin Mingwei’s power was extremely strange. With the support of his manifestation, he wasn’t any weaker than Hu Xiaolin.

“Long Chen, did you really think controlling the Heaven Incinerating Flame would allow you to dominate the Flame Dao? Today, I’ll show you that there are many powerful flames not any weaker than the Heaven Incinerating Flame.” Yan Weishan suddenly raised his flame spear, and red flames exploded out of his body. Those flames were the same color as blood.

His manifestation rumbled behind him. Vague images of high mountains could be seen within, but it was too vague to see anything clearly.

As his manifestation rumbled, his spear, which was originally one composed of flames, became solid. It was the same as a real spear, and divine runes circulated around it.

“Heavens, the three of them have reached the initial awakening of their manifestations!”

Hu Xiaolin, Jin Mingwei, and Yan Weishan surrounded Long Chen. Three powerful Empyreans, with their manifestations at full power, emitted such pressure that it terrified everyone.

If it was anyone else, even another Empyrean, then let alone fighting, they might not even have the courage to raise their weapons. That was a pressure that caused despair.

Everyone was stunned for a moment. Although many people had thought that Long Chen’s final fate would be to die here, they hadn’t expected it to require three powerful experts to kill him.

“Long Chen, last time, I was too late to kill you when you stepped into the Corrupt path’s sacred land. This time, you won’t be able to get away no matter what. I want to suck all your essence blood dry.” Jin Mingwei licked his lips with a bloodthirsty light in his eyes.

Jin Mingwei had a very intense desire for essence blood, especially the essence blood of experts. He couldn’t resist that allure, as that was related to his cultivation technique. He had to consume the essence blood of experts to cultivate.

“There’s no blood, but there’s piss. Do you want to drink it?” asked Long Chen calmly.

Even in such a tense situation, Long Chen’s reply caused people’s expressions to turn odd.

“Courting death!” Jin Mingwei roared and sent another punch at Long Chen.

What no one expected was that Long Chen simply let out a single palm to face Jin Mingwei’s punch. A lightning rune appeared on his palm, and it shattered the blood runes around Jin Mingwei’s fist, allowing Long Chen to catch his fist.

At this moment, Hu Xiaolin also attacked. A claw the size of a mountain crashed toward Long Chen.

Hu Xiaolin was still maintaining his Xuan Beast form. Only in this form could he threaten Long Chen. If he returned to his human form, his power would sharply drop.

However, his huge body was not convenient for the others that fought alongside him. Long Chen suddenly twisted his body, pulling Jin Mingwei toward Hu Xiaolin’s claw.

Then without even looking, Long Chen slashed his flame blade at Yan Weishan who was coming right at him.

Their two flame weapons clashed. Flames exploded, causing space to twist. The golden and blood-colored flames raged, looking like the apocalypse.

Fortunately, people were far away enough that they weren’t affected by the flames. Once the flames faded, the ground had been turned black, and a stinging scent hung in the air.

Long Chen had just blocked Yan Weishan’s attack when another bang rang out behind him. Jin Mingwei had been sent flying by Hu Xiaolin. Due to Long Chen’s move, he was not on guard against Hu Xiaolin, while Hu Xiaolin had attacked with his full power. Jin Mingwei coughed up a mouthful of blood.

“Hu Xiaolin, you’re courting death!” roared Jin Mingwei.

“You’re the one who flew over! What does it have to do with me?!” retorted Jin Mingwei.

All the distant experts saw it clearly. Long Chen’s movements were extremely clean.

At this moment, Long Chen’s flame blade was still pressed against Yan Weishan’s spear. Their two flame energies surged against each other.

Yan Weishan smiled coldly. “This flame of mine is-”


Long Chen was originally holding his flame blade with both hands, but he suddenly released one hand and slapped Yan Weishan across the face.

Yan Weishan was sent flying, but due to diverting his energy for a slap, Long Chen’s power was also lowered and he was sent flying by Yan Weishan’s power. However, while they were both flying back, Yan Weishan had been slapped in the face.

The spectators were all dumbfounded by Long Chen’s actions. This kind of fighting style was something they had never seen and never even dreamed of. Who would bother slapping someone in the face during an intense battle?

“Stop chattering. I don’t care what your flame is,” sneered Long Chen. With a lightning blade in one hand and a flame blade in another, he shot toward Jin Mingwei and Hu Xiaolin who were charging at him.

Hu Xiaolin was weak to flame, while Jin Mingwei’s evil techniques were restricted by Long Chen’s thunderforce, which was a supreme Yang force. The two of them were immediately forced back by him, but he was also knocked back.

“Long Chen, die!” Yan Weishan was enraged at being slapped, and his Yuan Spirit appeared on his forehead. Flame energy exploded around him, and sacred chanting filled the air. He had activated the Nirvana Scripture.

“Flame Moon Slashes the Heavens!”

Yan Weishan swung his spear, and a huge crescent flame blade sliced toward Long Chen. Yan Weishan was truly infuriated. He didn’t remember the last time anyone had struck him. By the time he had grown, no one had even dared to touch him. Long Chen’s slap almost drove him insane. He immediately launched one of his killing attacks.

Long Chen retreated while his own Yuan Spirit appeared, chanting the Nirvana Scripture. This chanting was even more sacred than Yan Weishan’s chanting. It was grander and holier.

A huge sphere condensed in Long Chen’s right hand. With his Lightning Flash Step, Long Chen vanished from his original location as the flame sphere smashed toward the crescent blade.

Star Fall struck the crescent blade. The world seemed to freeze for a moment before terrifying flames exploded in every direction.

This was a world-shaking collision. Even the spectators were affected. Fortunately, there were Empyreans who protected people from the flames, or the weaker ones would have been incinerated.

The rank eight Celestials were green with fright. Having come to watch the fun, they almost lost their lives. Even this much distance was no guarantee of safety, but if they went further, they wouldn’t be able to see anything.

“Don’t hold back. Kill Long Chen!” Seeing that he was unable to do anything to Long Chen with this attack, Yan Weishan roared and his Yuan Spirit shone. The mountain range within his manifestation seemed to erupt.

The sky trembled. It was like the world had been struck by a giant hammer.


Long Chen used his flame blade to block Yan Weishan’s attacks. However, his flame blade exploded almost instantly, and he was blown back. Yan Weishan’s power had doubled after activating his manifestation.

“Alright, but Long Chen’s essence blood is mine.” Jin Mingwei smiled coldly and his Yuan Spirit appeared. It was a blood-colored figure, and it suddenly let out a sharp wail as if it was in great pain.

A blood chain appeared within Jin Mingwei’s manifestation and shot out. It stabbed through Jin Mingwei’s back, shocking everyone. Was this suicide?

After being pierced by his chain, Jin Mingwei’s body withered as his blood was sucked away. He became a desiccated corpse.

“Jiejiejie… Long Chen, I’ll let you experience true power. This was actually something I was planning on saving for Hu Xiaolin. You can die in peace now.”

Even Jin Mingwei’s voice had changed. It was like the voice of a hellish specter, extremely sharp like it was stabbing their ears.

Jin Mingwei’s corpse-like body suddenly moved. A withered claw reached toward Long Chen, and he met it with a punch.

The instant Long Chen’s fist met Jin Mingwei’s withered claw, Jin Mingwei’s manifestation shook. A terrifying burst of energy erupted, causing Long Chen’s expression to change. He was actually unable to block it and was sent flying.


At that exact moment, a huge claw slammed down from the air. Black qi surged out of Hu Xiaolin, forming overlapping images of him. That black qi was like a flood, increasing his power.


Long Chen was struck head-on by the claw and violently coughed up blood.

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