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«Myth Beyond Heaven (Web Novel) - Chapter 1371 Song Of Departure (5)

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Chapter 1371 Song Of Departure (5)

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The little girl tilted her head in confusion. She felt a change in her body but didn't understand it.

Yun Lintian smiled and asked. "What's your name?"

"My name is Lin Xuan, big brother. You can call me Xuanxuan." The little girl, Lin Xuan, smiled sweetly.

"Thank you for helping us, sir. Otherwise, we won't be able to reach the city in time." The middle-aged woman said gratefully.

Yun Lintian looked at her and asked. "It's nothing. Are you sending your daughter to the academy?"

"Yes." The middle-aged woman responded politely.

"Xuanxuan is very talented. I'm sure she will pass the exam." Yun Lintian retracted his hand from Lin Xuan's head and said gently. "After joining the academy, try to look for a profound art called Four Extremes Divine Art on the top floor."

"Mhm!" Although Lin Xuan didn't quite understand, she still nodded firmly and repeatedly recited the words in her heart.

"Really, sir?" The couple was surprised. They didn't know before that their daughter was talented.

Yun Lintian smiled without a word.

Seeing this, the middle-aged woman tugged her husband and gave Yun Lintian a bow before boarding the skyship with their daughter.

"Why are you fancying her?" Shen Liqiu asked curiously. Of course, she didn't think Yun Lintian had a special taste.

"She has a rare quadruple attributed profound vein. Moreover, they are the four primary attributes. It's just that most of her profound entrances were blocked. I'm merely opening all of them for her. She still has to depend on her effort to go further." Yun Lintian explained.

His words surprised Shen Liqiu and the others. The quadruple-attributed vein didn't shock them, but the four primary attributes did.

They couldn't help taking a deep look at Lin Xuan, who waved her little hand to Yun Lintian.

"Why don't you recruit her to our sect?" Shen Liqiu asked.

Yun Lintian shook his head. "Our sect doesn't lack any talent. This world needs her more."

He waved his hand and said. "Let's go."

Shen Liqiu and the others didn't say anything further and followed him to the skyship.


"Wow. There are so many people." A young girl dressed in a pale yellow robe looked at the bustling street with a hint of excitement in her beautiful eyes.

She turned to look at a beautiful woman beside her and said. "Senior sister, do you think how many people are going to participate in the convention?"

The beautiful woman, Su Yun, smiled at her junior sister and said softly. "There should be more than a hundred thousand."

"So many?" The yellow-robed girl, Chu Xian, exclaimed in surprise.

The two were true disciples of a low-level sect on the Eastern Continent called the Bright Moon Sect. After hearing Yun Lintian's announcement about the convention, their sect master carefully selected the two of them to participate in it.

Because their sect was too poor, their fortunes were only enough to send the two over. Although their sect master knew it was impossible for the two of them to win, it was better than doing nothing.

"Senior sister, look. Isn't that Young Master Yan?" Chu Xian caught a glimpse of a young man in the distance and quickly tugged her senior sister's sleeve.

Su Yun followed Chu Xian's gaze and saw a handsome young man clad in a black and red robe leisurely walk along the street alone.

This young man was no other than Yan Tianming, a true heir of the Blazing Sun Palace that Yan Yaoting had recently selected.

Su Yun's eyes showed a trace of surprise, and she quickly retracted her gaze.

"Let's go. We should go to the hotel first." Su Yun said and pulled Chu Xian away. Her voice was filled with panic as if she wanted to escape from this place.

At this moment, the young man, Yan Tianming, seemed to perceive something and turned around to scan the crowd. He then caught a glimpse of Su Yun and Chu Xian slipping through the crowd.

A smile emerged on his lips as he immediately followed Su Yun.

"Why are you in a hurry, senior sister? Shouldn't we greet Young Master Yan first?" Chu Xia asked in puzzlement as she let Su Yun drag her away.

She remembered Yan Tianming and Su Yun were on good terms, as the former often visited the latter. Why would her senior sister seem to run away from him?

Su Yun pursed her lips and said nothing. A scene in the past emerged in her mind like a movie. Yan Tianming and her met during the previous war, and he began pursuing her since.

It wasn't that Su Yun didn't like him, but she felt her identity and background were not good enough to be with him.

"Where are you going, Miss Su?"

Suddenly, Yan Tianming's voice resounded from behind, causing Su Yun to halt her step.

She quickly adjusted her mood and turned around to face him. "Young Master Yan."

Seeing a faint blush on her face, Yan Tianming chuckled and teased. "I thought you were running away from me."

Su Yun quickly waved her hand. "No, no. We were in a hurry to find the hotel."

"Don't believe her, Young Master Yan." Chu Xian suddenly said while rubbing her wrist pitifully. "She immediately dragged me away after seeing you."

Su Yun was both embarrassed and angry upon hearing this but could only give a fierce glare at her junior sister.

Yan Tianming smiled. He didn't tease Su Yun further and said. "Why don't you come with me? I have an available room for both of you at the Floating Cloud Hotel."

Chu Xian's eyes lit up. The Floating Cloud Hotel was the best in Azure Cloud Divine City. Even if you had money, it was almost impossible to book a room there. After all, it was full all year round.

Just as she was about to say something, Su Yun interrupted her. "Thank you, Young Master Yan, but I have already booked a room."

Yan Tianming shook his head. "My master gave me two rooms. I came here alone and could only take one room. Another room will be left empty anyway. You two better take it."

Without waiting for Su Yun to reply, he said further. "The service over there is the best, and you will have a chance to meet Sect Master Yun and his people as well."

Hearing Yun Lintian's name, Su Yun immediately stopped what she was about to speak…

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