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«Myth Beyond Heaven (Web Novel) - Chapter 2193 Infinite Terror

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Chapter 2193 Infinite Terror

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Yun Ling stood rooted to the spot, her face pale with apprehension. "Young Master, please reconsider," she pleaded, her voice trembling slightly. "Even if you don't remember the incident, surely you understand the consequences of returning to such a place?"

Yun Lintian chuckled softly, the sound strangely devoid of humor. "Little Ling," he said gently, "trust me, I have a very good reason for coming here."

Before she could offer another protest, Yun Lintian swept past the ornate doorman, who gaped in surprise at his unexpected arrival.

The interior of the White Lotus House was a kaleidoscope of colors and sounds. Lush vegetation adorned the walls, creating a verdant oasis amidst the bustling city. Melodious tunes, played on unseen instruments, drifted through the air, creating an atmosphere of languid sensuality.

Beautiful women, adorned in shimmering silks, glided through the opulent halls, their laughter echoing softly. Each woman held a unique mystique, their gazes lingering on Yun Lintian for a fleeting moment before flitting away.

An icy hand of suspicion gripped Yun Ling's heart. This was exactly what she feared. Yet, Yun Lintian seemed unaffected by the seductive ambiance. His eyes, devoid of desire, scanned the room, searching for something specific.

Suddenly, a woman walked over, her beauty breathtaking. Her skin, smooth as porcelain, was accentuated by a flowing emerald robe that clung to her slender curves. Her eyes, the color of sapphires, held an age-old wisdom that pierced Yun Lintian's facade.

"Welcome, Young Master Yun," she greeted, her voice a melodic whisper. "We weren't expecting you so soon."

Yun Lintian, unfazed by her presence, smiled. "Please forgive me. I can't remember you."

A flicker of surprise crossed her elegant features. The rumors about Yun Lintian's memory lost turned out to be true.

"That's a shame. My name is Xiu Fang, you often called me Madam Xiu back then." she replied, a hint of curiosity lacing her voice. "What brings you back to the White Lotus House?"

Yun Lintian straightened, his gaze unwavering. "I seek an audience with Situ Lan."

Madam Xiu's eyes widened in surprise. The unexpected request hung heavy in the air.

"Situ Lan?" she echoed, skepticism evident in her voice. "Why?"

"To apologize," Yun Lintian declared, his voice firm. "My actions were inexcusable, and I take full responsibility for the chaos I caused."

The statement hung heavy in the air, leaving Madam Xiu speechless. This was not the Yun Lintian she had encountered before - arrogant and impulsive. This new Yun Lintian was… intriguing.

A slow smile spread across her lips. "Interesting," she murmured, her eyes glinting with amusement. "Follow me."

With a graceful turn, Madam Xiu led them through a series of corridors, their path adorned with priceless art and exotic flowers. Finally, they reached a secluded garden, its serene beauty a stark contrast to the hustle and bustle of the White Lotus House.

In the center of the garden, bathed in the soft glow of lanterns, stood a young woman. Her beauty was ethereal, her features framed by cascading raven hair. Her eyes, the color of twilight, held a mixture of curiosity and trepidation as she observed Yun Lintian's approach.

"Miss Situ," Madam Xiu announced gently, "You have a visitor."

Situ Lan's gaze flickered towards Yun Lintian, her expression unreadable. A faint tension crackled in the air.

"We'll leave you two to… talk," Madam Xiu said meaningfully before gliding away.

Yun Lintian turned to his little maid, his gaze unexpectedly cold. "Wait for me outside."

Yun Ling hesitated, a flicker of protest dying on her lips at the unfamiliar chill in his eyes. "No-" she started, only to be silenced by the steely glint that replaced his usual warmth.

With a defeated nod, she bowed her head slightly. "Understood, Young Master." Yun Ling retreated, leaving Yun Lintian and Situ Lan alone amidst the vibrant tapestry of blooming flowers.

Yun Lintian's gaze, devoid of warmth, pierced into Situ Lan. "A half-step Divine Emperor like yourself," he began calmly, "working as a courtesan? Should you explain something, Miss Situ?"

The moment Yun Lintian saw Situ Lan, a disquieting realization dawned on him. Given her strength, how could his past, drunken self have possibly taken advantage of her?

Astonishment flickered in Situ Lan's eyes. Her meticulously crafted concealment technique, potent enough to deceive even a Divine Emperor, had failed before Yun Lintian.

A disquieting realization dawned on her - the man standing before her bore little resemblance to the Third Young Master of the Yun Clan she recognized. What transpired to cause such a drastic shift?

Regaining her composure, Situ Lan's voice turned icy. "Who are you truly?"

"Of course, I am Yun Lintian," he replied calmly, "though it seems my memories have slipped away… thanks to you, perhaps?" Yun Lintian's tone remained even, yet a hint of accusation hung in the air.

He cast a deliberate glance around the garden. "It seems your position here holds more weight than I initially assumed. Two Divine Emperor protectors? Quite the impressive lineup you got here."

Situ Lan's facade flickered at his words. The presence of her guardians, far exceeding her own power, was a secret. How could this Divine Transformation Realm cultivator have possibly sensed them? A sliver of unease wormed its way into her heart.

Before Situ Lan could formulate a response, Yun Lintian pressed on. "I offer a choice. Honesty, or a cruder method. I can delve into your memories, though the consequences wouldn't be pleasant. With luck, your mind might remain intact."


A frigid voice echoed through the garden. A tall woman materialized beside Situ Lan, her gaze piercing Yun Lintian like a shard of ice. An overwhelming aura, a telltale sign of a Divine Emperor, pressed down upon him.

Yun Lintian remained imperturbable, the woman's aura seemingly washing over him without effect. He met her gaze steadily. "Presumptuous? You intrude on our conversation. Leave."

The tall woman bristled, her lips parting for a retort. But before a sound could escape, an invisible force slammed into her, sending her flying across the garden.


She crumpled to the ground with a sickening cough, blood blooming on her pale lips. Her eyes widened in abject terror.

"Second Elder!" Situ Lan shrieked, scrambling to her feet only to find herself immobilized.

Yun Lintian flicked his gaze towards the corner of the garden. "And you as well."

Another bang echoed as a second figure erupted from the foliage, mirroring the first woman's crash landing and expression of utter horror.

Situ Lan's face drained of all color, her eyes reflecting a bottomless well of terror as they locked with Yun Lintian's.

A chilling smile played on Yun Lintian's lips. "Now, choose."

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