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«Myth Beyond Heaven (Web Novel) - Chapter 2192 Young Master (2)

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Chapter 2192 Young Master (2)

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Yun Lintian lifted an eyebrow, his gaze flickering towards the newcomers. The leader of the group, a young man clad in a pristine white robe, exuded an air of calm composure. However, a flicker of disdain lurking within his eyes betrayed his facade.

Yun Ling's features hardened as she recognized them. "That's Yun Long," she murmured through a sound transmission, her voice laced with a hint of apprehension. "The First Elder's son and the eldest young master of our Yun Clan."

As a veteran reader, Yun Lintian immediately understood the situation. He smiled faintly without saying anything.

"Brother," Yun Long greeted, his voice laced with a saccharine sweetness that didn't fool Yun Lintian in the least. "It's a surprise to see you here. Shouldn't you be convalescing on Cloudmist Mountain?"

Yun Lintian arched an eyebrow, amusement flickering in his eyes. "Who are you?"

Yun Long's smile faltered for a brief moment, a flicker of something akin to annoyance crossing his face. He quickly recovered, though.

"Indeed. It seems your memory remains… hazy," he said, his voice dripping with a feigned concern.

Yun Lintian chuckled softly, the sound devoid of mirth. "Let's just say certain memories are best left undisturbed."

Yun Long shifted uncomfortably under Yun Lintian's scrutiny. He suddenly had an illusion. This wasn't the Yun Lintian he knew - the impulsive, hot-headed fool. This new Yun Lintian was… unsettling.

"Regardless," Yun Long continued, clearing his throat, "Father is beside himself with worry. He's requested your immediate return to the clan."

Yun Lintian raised an eyebrow. "Requested? Or demanded?"

Yun Long's face twitched slightly. The new Yun Lintian seemed to have a knack for poking holes in his carefully constructed narrative.

"Let's call it a… strong suggestion," he said with a serious expression.

Yun Lintian leaned back in his chair, a faint smile playing on his lips. "And what happens if I decline?"

The tension in the air grew thick. Yun Long straightened, his facade of concern momentarily crumbling. "Don't be foolish, brother. Your actions have tarnished the Yun Clan's name. Leaving the city is the only way to mitigate the damage."

Yun Lintian's smile widened. "Mitigate the damage? Or rather, remove the 'unruly' son from the succession picture?"

The subtle jab resonated through the air.

Yun Long's face contorted in anger for a fleeting moment before he forced another smile. "Words can be misconstrued, brother. Think of it as a chance to rest and recuperate." His voice held a steely edge, a thinly veiled threat.

Yun Lintian chuckled softly, the sound sending shivers down Yun Ling's spine. He wasn't buying Yun Long's act for a second. "Rest and recuperate, or house arrest under the watchful eyes of your faction?"

Yun Long's face fell, a flicker of surprise betraying his initial composure. He hadn't anticipated Yun Lintian's sharp wit. "That's not the point," he countered curtly.

Taking a steadying breath, he adopted a condescending tone. "Brother," he began, "while your memory may be a blank slate, surely you've been briefed on the upcoming convention? It's a crucial event that holds the future of our clan in the balance. Unfortunately, given your present limitations, I'm afraid participation wouldn't be prudent."

"Convention?" Yun Lintian pivoted towards his little maid, his curiosity piqued.

Yun Ling hesitated, a flicker of unease crossing her features. In truth, she'd rather keep this from him.

After Yun Ling's explanation, Yun Lintian grasped the situation with surprising swiftness.

Turning back to Yun Long, a faint smile touched his lips. "A momentous event for the clan, and yet you choose to discuss it here in such a public setting? It seems the clan's prestige holds little weight in your eyes. This alone disqualifies you from assuming my position."

"Furthermore," he continued, his voice firm, "your attempt at manipulation falls flat. My memories may be fragmented, but public opinion holds no sway over me. Resorting to such tactics reflects poorly on your character."

Fury contorted Yun Long's face. A scathing retort hung on his tongue, but a flicker of the surrounding gazes doused the flames. Swallowing his pride, he forced a semblance of calm.

"Anyway, you should return to the clan soon, brother," he muttered curtly, before turning on his heel and departing with a rigid gait.

Yun Lintian shook his head, a humorless smile twisting his lips. So much for a refreshing change. Yun Long, despite his initial composure, proved to be just as childish as the archetypal young masters he'd come to expect.

"You must be careful, Young Master. He's not a good person." Yun Ling said with a serious expression.

"Sure," Yun Lintian chuckled and beckoned her to choose the tea.

In a secluded corner of the hall, the group of Divine Sovereign Realm cultivators cast surprised glances towards Yun Lintian.

"He exhibits a different demeanor than anticipated," a woman veiled in white murmured, her voice laced with intrigue. "Are we certain of his identity as Yun Lintian?"

"His amnesia could be a factor," another woman posited thoughtfully.

Meanwhile, a woman with captivating eyes fixed Yun Lintian with an unwavering gaze, her curiosity burning brightly.

Yun Lintian, though aware of their scrutiny, remained unfazed. He savored his tea and pastries with a tranquility that belied the turmoil within.

An hour melted away before Yun Ling finally inquired, "Shall we return to the clan, Young Master?"

Yun Lintian shook his head, a enigmatic smile gracing his lips. "Not yet. There's someplace specific I need to visit."

"Where, sir?" Yun Ling pressed, curiosity battling with a flicker of unease. Given his amnesia, where could he possibly have in mind?

"The White Lotus House," Yun Lintian declared, rising fluidly to his feet. He strode purposefully towards the exit, leaving Yun Ling scrambling after him.

"Young Master, wait! You can't go there!"

The group of women exchanged silent glances. There was no mistake; this was indeed the lecherous Yun Lintian they sought.

The woman with captivating eyes shook her head in disappointment. She thought Yun Lintian would be different.

Exiting the teahouse, Yun Lintian wasted no time in locating the White Lotus House. His strides were resolute, leaving Yun Ling's attempts to dissuade him futile. She could only resign herself to accompanying her young master.

The White Lotus House dominated a bustling corner of the marketplace. Its intricate architecture, adorned with blooming white lotuses carved from pearlescent jade, whispered of luxury and indulgence. But beneath its elegant facade, whispers and rumors swirled, painting a picture of a den of ill repute.

Yun Lintian halted before the ornate entrance, a subtle smile playing on his lips. He wanted to see what was so special about Situ Lan. After all, he sensed the incident wasn't as simple as it seemed…

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