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«Myth Beyond Heaven (Web Novel) - Chapter 2136 Fisherman (2)

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Chapter 2136 Fisherman (2)

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A melancholic air settled around Tian He as he sighed. "The inheritors of the Primordial Gods," he said, his voice heavy. "Each vies for supremacy, each seeking to rewrite the tapestry of creation in their own image. It's a never-ending cycle."

Yun Lintian's mind reeled. Si Junyi, Yao Huang, Ren Yuan - they all shared a singular goal: to claim dominion over the Primal Chaos. The ambitions of the other inheritors remained shrouded in mystery.

As the God of Fate's inheritor, Yun Lintian bore the responsibility of stabilizing the Primal Chaos, a task that necessitated defeating his rivals.

After a contemplative moment, he asked, "What do you mean by 'never-ending cycle'?"

"This isn't the first time," Tian He replied gently. "The clash between the thirteen inheritors has unfolded countless times throughout history."

Yun Lintian's jaw dropped. "Countless times… Senior, are you implying there have been multiple generations of inheritors?"

This revelation struck Yun Lintian like a bolt of lightning. From his ancestor Yun Tian to the Beyond Heaven King and himself, the concept of multiple generations had never crossed his mind.

"Indeed," Tian He confirmed.

Yun Lintian took a deep breath to steady himself before asking, "Can you tell me the outcome of these past conflicts?"

Tian He turned his gaze to the lake, his voice laced with sorrow. "There were no victors. In the end, they all met their demise, mirroring the Primordial War."

"No victors?" Yun Lintian furrowed his brow. Yun Tian's teachings remained silent on these wars. Could he have deliberately concealed this knowledge?

A sudden suspicion gripped Yun Lintian. He locked eyes with Tian He and demanded, "Senior, are you…?"

"Yes," Tian He offered a smile. "I was once the inheritor of the River God. Jiang He was my former name, but I changed it after losing my power."

Though Yun Lintian had harbored this suspicion, the confirmation sent a jolt through him.

"The River God…" Yun Lintian recalled a fragment of forgotten lore. The River God had sided with the God of Fate during the Primordial War.

"The Primordial War serves as a flawed reference," Tian He cautioned, his expression turning serious. "While each inheritor may possess a designated mission, they also retain free will. Taking this too literally will lead to your demise."

Yun Lintian nodded slowly, absorbing this new information. "Then what truly transpired, Senior?"

Tian He sighed deeply. "Truthfully, I don't know. When I inherited the legacy, I was just like you - clueless about my path."

"Over time, I pieced together the history of the Primordial War and learned of the other inheritors. With the potential to rule the Primal Chaos within their grasp, none were willing to yield. The war erupted, and all perished."

A grave expression settled on Tian He's face as he met Yun Lintian's gaze. "However," he said, "Yun Tian was an exceptional existence among us. He actively avoided conflict, diligently pursuing his own goal. Tragically, he was always the first to fall. His power posed a significant threat to everyone."

Yun Lintian's face hardened. The dream had shown him glimpses of this truth - Yun Tian was besieged by numerous enemies. Even the Devil Ancestor alone presented a formidable challenge.

A tremor ran through Yun Lintian as realization dawned. He understood now why the Beyond Heaven King had so meticulously paved the path for him… The Beyond Heaven King had sacrificed himself to eliminate threats and meticulously laid the groundwork for Yun Lintian's success.

Indeed, Yun Lintian's journey thus far had been remarkably smooth. While he hadn't managed to surpass his enemies, he remained close behind. It was undeniable that the Beyond Heaven King's plan had unfolded flawlessly.

The weight of this revelation tightened Yun Lintian's fists. How dare he feel powerless when someone had sacrificed so much for him? How could he have belittled himself?

With the combined powers entrusted to him by the Beyond Heaven King and others, how could he see himself as a mere fish?

A gentle smile spread across Tian He's face. "It seems you've finally chosen the path of the fisherman."

Yun Lintian lifted his head, his voice resolute. "No. I will become the sun and the moon. The weather will bow to my command, and I will dictate the fate of the fishermen."

Surprise flickered across Tian He's eyes, followed by a hearty laugh. "The sun and the moon, ambitious indeed. Even Yun Tian wasn't quite so audacious."

"Then what is this grand scheme, Senior?" Yun Lintian pressed.

Tian He's gaze softened. "You are a variable. An anomaly in their calculations. The legacy you possess, the power stirring within you… it disrupts their plans."

"They fear you. Compared to Yun Tian, you are a far greater threat. You simply haven't grasped your true potential. They fear the immense potential you hold. But fear can be a powerful motivator. They will attempt to manipulate and control you to further their own agendas."

A knowing smile returned to Tian He's face. "Currently, they see you as a fish. But remember, fishermen are not invincible. There are ways to break free from their nets, to turn the tables on them. Perhaps your ambition to become the sun and the moon is not so far-fetched after all."

Yun Lintian nodded slowly. Although it was vague, he could understand the overall situation. His enemies were not just the Primordial God Tribe but also the other inheritors and those unknown entities beyond his knowledge.

"However," Tian He continued, his voice low and powerful, "before you can challenge the fishermen, you must learn the secrets of the lake. You must learn to control the currents, to understand the depths of your own power."

"This place," He gazed at the lake and said. "Is your first step… Are you willing to take a risk?"

Yun Lintian took a deep breath and said. "Please show me the way, Senior."

Tian He smiled kindly. "Alright."


Suddenly, the lake ruptured with a deafening roar. A colossal shadow surged upwards, casting the world in an ominous twilight.

Its form was unlike anything he had ever imagined. Imagine a colossal serpent, easily dwarfing the tallest mountain peaks, with scales that shimmered like molten obsidian.

Glowing red eyes, each larger than a house, glared down from its monstrous head, radiating an aura of pure, untamed power. Each massive breath it exhaled whipped the air into a frenzy, sending towering waves crashing against the distant shore.

The very ground trembled beneath its colossal form, threatening to crack under the immense weight.

"Show me what you can do." Tian He said calmly.

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