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«Myth Beyond Heaven (Web Novel) - Chapter 2134 Cooperation (2)

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Chapter 2134 Cooperation (2)

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"How strong is he?" Yun Qianxue blurted out, worry etching lines on her face.

"Immensely strong," Xiao Shou rumbled. "From what I know, he's never known defeat. Among True Gods, he's arguably one of the most formidable, perhaps only Si Junyi could match him here."

Yun Qianxue and the others exchanged stunned glances. They'd just witnessed the devastating power of the True God clash earlier, and the thought of someone even stronger sent shivers down their spines.

"His arrival is unexpected," Xiao Shou muttered, his brow furrowing. "The Primordial God Tribe clearly sees an opportunity they can't miss."

Lan Qinghe's gaze flicked to him. "He's not the one calling the shots?"

Xiao Shou shook his head. "My recent investigations point towards one of the Primordial God inheritors as the true leader."

"What makes you so certain?" Lan Qinghe pressed, her eyes narrowed in focus.

"This isn't the place for details," Xiao Shou replied urgently. "We need to find a way to warn Yun Lintian."

Lan Qinghe turned to Long Qingxuan, who offered a helpless shake of their head, indicating no current connection to Yun Lintian.

"I'll go in," Yun Qianxue declared impulsively.

"Absolutely not," Lan Qinghe countered swiftly. "It would only complicate things."

Yun Qianxue's jaw clenched in frustration. Briefly, she'd thought she could finally be of assistance, but the weight of her limitations pressed down again.

The same sentiment hung heavy on Han Bingling and the others. A wave of helplessness washed over them. Honestly, they weren't to blame. Their progress had been miraculous, but their opponents were simply on another level entirely.

"Cooperation," Bei Cong interjected, his voice firm but laced with a hint of compromise. "How do you want to cooperate?"

Bei Cong's heart hammered against his ribs. Zhan You's reputation was a monstrous weight pressing down on him. He couldn't shake the worry gnawing at him for Si Junyi's safety.

The Hell Asura was undoubtedly powerful, but against a legend like Zhan You, the risk was too great. He had to find a way to warn Si Junyi, and fast.

A flicker of surprise emerged in Bei Yixiang's eyes. "Cooperation can be achieved on two fronts," he explained, his voice holding a newfound urgency. "Firstly, we need to deal with Zhan You. He poses a significant threat to everyone here, including yourselves."

Xi Hong scoffed. "We can handle one Heaven Severing War God."

Bei Yixiang ignored him and said further. "Zhan You is strong, but he is not invincible. Seven of us are enough to subdue him. But we need a coordinated effort."

Bei Cong had no objection. "And secondly?" he inquired, suspicion coloring his voice.

"Secondly," Bei Yixiang continued, his gaze settling on Bei Cong, "we propose an alliance with your leader. We need to find the remaining Primordial God inheritors before they become a threat to us."

His gaze flicked towards Lan Qinghe. "That includes Yun Lintian," he clarified.

Lan Qinghe's expression remained stoic, her mind a whirlwind of calculations. Yun Lintian's past interactions with Si Junyi suggested a lack of animosity. Back then, Si Junyi simply left Yun Lintian alone, indicating no desire for conflict.

However, an alliance between them seemed equally improbable. Their objectives here were fundamentally different.

The crux of the issue was Zhan You. Ideally, Si Junyi would confront Zhan You alone, creating an opportunity for Yun Lintian to exploit the situation. But Lan Qinghe knew this was a fanciful hope. A three-way battle was far more likely.

"No objections," Bei Cong conceded calmly. "However, the second condition… that's entirely up to him. Frankly, I doubt persuasion will work."

"Precisely," Bei Yixiang countered with a cool composure. "That's where Yun Lintian comes in."

A flicker of surprise danced across Bei Cong's eyes, a silent understanding dawning behind them.

Standing in the shadows behind Bei Yixiang, Mo Lianxing observed the exchange, her silence masking a swirling vortex of curiosity.

"What about you?" Bei Yixiang looked at Lan Qinghe.

"I cannot make a decision on his behalf," Lan Qinghe said calmly. "But there is no problem to cooperate with you on the first condition."

"With your words is enough," Bei Yixiang nodded slightly.

"What now?" Dongfang Lou asked.

Bei Yixiang looked at the dark vortex in the distance and said calmly. "We wait."


"Phew…" Yun Lintian exhaled a long breath, his eyes fluttering open. His injuries were completely healed, but his divine energy required more time to replenish.

He lifted his head, surveying the cavern's transformed structure. Thankfully, he hadn't encountered anyone after the battle. Otherwise, fleeing to the Land of Beyond Heaven would have been his only option.

The encounter with Dian Lei served as a stark reminder of a True God's true power. Despite unleashing his trump cards, Yun Lintian wasn't strong enough to secure victory.

"What was that…?" A sudden thought jolted Yun Lintian. He recalled the strange spatial rift that appeared before he lost consciousness. Its formation undoubtedly stemmed from his own power - the combined might of the Great Laws of Life and Death.

Dian Lei's panicked words echoed in his mind. The terror etched on his face suggested an awareness of the consequences associated with Yun Lintian's unique power.

Yun Lintian shook his head in confusion. As far as he understood, combining the Great Laws of Life and Death shouldn't have any unforeseen effects besides the immense power surge. For now, the situation remained a mystery.

Taking a deep breath, he popped a few pills into his mouth and pushed himself off the ground. He focused on the fragment of the Soul Scepter, relief washing over him as he confirmed its presence. At least, Dian Lei hadn't taken that away.

"Why did he leave?" The question gnawed at Yun Lintian. Dian Lei had every opportunity to capture him. Yet, he walked away.

With a helpless sigh, Yun Lintian pushed the doubt aside and began his trek. Following the faint light, he traversed the passage for hours. Thankfully, the cavern's structure continued to morph without any hostile encounters.


Suddenly, a rumbling sound halted Yun Lintian in his tracks. He watched with wide eyes as the passage underwent another transformation. This time, however, the change revealed a breathtaking vista: a vast, crystal-clear lake teeming with life.

Moreover, there was a man sitting on a rock with a fishing rod in his hand. His clothes were white as snow, like a hermit who had secluded himself in the mountains.

Yun Lintian stood on the place, silently observing him. He couldn't sense any aura from the man. He looked like an ordinary old man.

The old man suddenly picked up another fishing rod from the ground and said. "Do you want to try?"

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