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«Myth Beyond Heaven (Web Novel) - Chapter 2133 Cooperation (1)

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Chapter 2133 Cooperation (1)

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The tension remained thick in the air, a suffocating presence despite the silence. Mo Lianxing, her face still etched with a lingering fury, lowered the Frostmourn Spear, the ice crystals clinging to its surface slowly dissipating. Her eyes, however, remained cold, scanning the battlefield with an intensity that sent shivers down everyone's spine.

Li Shan, his gaze locked on Mo Lianxing, stood protectively in front of Lin Xinyao and the others. The arrival of these two people made the situation more complicated.

"Talk?" Bei Cong scoffed. "What's there to talk about?"

Dongfang Lou spoke, her voice sharp. "Why are you here?"

Bei Yixiang turned towards her, his expression unreadable. "We are here to propose a solution, one that will ensure the safety of this realm and prevent the horrors of another Primordial War."

He paused, his gaze traversing the battlefield, taking in the destruction and the weary faces of those present. "We propose the neutralization of the inheritors of the Primordial Gods," he finally declared.

"Neutralize?" Xiao Shou frowned slightly.

"It's the only way," Bei Yixiang interrupted, his voice firm. "Each inheritor holds within them the power of a Primordial God. Left unchecked, they are a ticking time bomb, a potential catalyst for another devastating conflict."

He looked at everyone and continued. "We all know that they could never live in peace. Whoever wins in the end, we are doomed to stay beneath them."

Bei Cong narrowed his eyes. "Perhaps you have forgotten that our leader is the God of Death's inheritor."

Bei Yixiang looked at him and asked calmly. "Are you, a dignified Northern Nether Venerable, willing to serve him forever?"

Bei Cong furrowed his brow and fell silent.

"You served the God of Death but he was already gone. Si Junyi isn't him." Bei Yixiang said further.

Bei Cong shook his head and scoffed. "Don't try to make me laugh. Everyone knows that you people are afraid of them. Their existence threatened your Primordial God Tribe's hegemony. What you are trying to do is just your wet dream."

"Besides," he curled his lips. "Why did you think we care about the Primal Chaos? It's even better to have another Primordial War."

"That's right," Xi Hong added. "We want to slaughter the word anyway."

Bei Yixiang sighed and said. "You didn't experience the previous Primordial War. That's why you can say this. Trust me, I would rather be locked up in the Netherworld forever than experience it again."

Similar to Mo Lianxing's clan, his Bei Clan ultimately perished during the war. He didn't want to experience the pain again.

Bei Cong, Xi Hong, and Dongfang Lou frowned deeply. They were locked up in the Netherworld throughout the previous Primordial War and had no idea what experience Bei Yixiang had gone through.

Mo Lianxing glanced at Xi Hong and said. "You speak of slaughtering the realm with such ease. Have you considered the consequences of such actions? It wouldn't be a victory; it would be annihilation."

"Annihilation for whom?" Xi Hong countered, a sneer playing on his lips. "The weak will perish, as they always do. Only the strong will survive."

Mo Lianxing suddenly revealed a smile. "Now I know why the God of Death locked all of you inside the Netherworld. You would be all perished without a doubt if you were to join the battle."

Xi Hong's face darkened. His aura surged once again. "Why don't you try it?"

Mo Lianxing laughed. "Have you ever thought why Si Junyi is so desperate to revive the ancient gods?"

Xi Hong frowned slightly. "What do you mean?"

"Idiot," Mo Lianxing sneered. "It's because he knows too well that all of you are trash. Without the ancient gods, he would never achieve his goal with you lots."

Xi Hong was angry and was about to make a move. However, Bei Cong stopped him first.

He looked at Mo Lianxing and said coldly. "Was it your decision or your leader's?"

"What's the difference?" Mo Lianxing chuckled. "It doesn't erase the fact that all of you are weak. Seriously, I don't understand how all of you get this position."

Bei Cong didn't say anything in return and turned to look at Bei Yixiang.

Bei Yixiang responded truthfully. "It's my decision. It's better than killing all of them."

His goal was simple. The powers of the Primordial Gods must be stripped from the inheritors and destroyed. However, the Primordial God Tribe's goal was to eliminate all of them.

Bei Cong smiled and asked. "So, you are here convincing us to hand ourselves in? Don't you think it's a stupid idea?"

Without Si Junyi, they would eventually be eliminated in the end. Why should they agree with Bei Yixiang's proposal?

Bei Yixiang responded calmly. "Even without the God of Death's power, no one could threaten the Netherworld."

"Heh." Bei Cong scoffed. "In the end, it's just your wishful thinking."

Bei Yixiang took a deep look at Bei Cong and said slowly. "In fact, you don't have a choice. Your fate has been sealed the moment you chose to stand opposite Yun Lintian."

Bei Cong's brow furrowed subtly. A glance at Lin Xinyao and the others gathered behind Li Shan filled in the blanks. These women were undoubtedly Yun Lintian's wives.

A knot of dread formed in Bei Cong's stomach. Before his arrival, Si Junyi had warned him to steer clear of Yun Lintian and avoid any conflict. Little did he know, Yun Lintian's wives were here and he had just offended them.

Xi Hong scoffed, "So what?" He wasn't oblivious to their mistake either.

"Cooperation is possible," Bei Yixiang countered calmly. "We can wait for their exit and then negotiate terms."

Dongfang Lou's brow furrowed. "How many are there of you? And who is your leader?"

"Four, ourselves included. Zhan You leads the group," Bei Yixiang revealed without reservation.

"Zhan You…" Dongfang Lou's brow furrowed as she attempted to place the name.

A flicker of recognition crossed her features. "The Heaven Severing War God Zhan You?"

"Indeed," Bei Yixiang confirmed.

Dongfang Lou's heart plummeted. Zhan You was a legendary figure during the Primordial Era, his unmatched prowess echoing even within the depths of the Netherworld where she resided.

Moreover, the Heaven Severing War God Clan held the esteemed position of the top clan under the Primordial Sun God. They had birthed countless unparalleled warriors, later forming the renowned Sun Warrior Army. Fôll0w current novÊls on n/o/(v)/3l/b((in).(co/m)

Dongfang Lou knew she was no match for Zhan You.

"This is not good," Xiao Shou sent a sound transmission to Lan Qinghe and the others. "Yun Lintian is in grave danger."

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