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«Myth Beyond Heaven (Web Novel) - Chapter 1896 Bully

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Chapter 1896 Bully

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"Are you still sleeping, Brother Bai? Hurry up. It's time to work."

Inside a dilapidated hut, Master Bai woke up to a loud shout. His eyes were dull, losing their previous sparkle.

He rose from the earthen bed and picked up a hoe that was leaning against the wall before heading out.

Since Master Bai used the Patch of Death and was brought to the Netherworld, he permanently lost half of his former strength. He was only at the first level of the Divine Foundation Realm.

At first, Master Bai thought he would be killed or convicted by the Yama King. However, he later learned that the Yama King and the other officers had completely disappeared. The Netherworld was actually governed by the five true gods.

Later, the Death Messenger threw him into a place where various dead souls gathered. It felt more like a labor camp here as everyone was forced to do laborious jobs.

Master Bai opened the door and saw a young man with an unkempt appearance standing there. This person was Ouyang Feng, the first friend he made after arriving here.

"Sorry." Master Bai said with an apologetic smile.

Ouyang Feng waved his hand and said. "There is no need to say this. Let's go. We can come back early today."

Master Bai nodded and followed Ouyang Feng out of the camp.

Along the way, there were many dead souls coming and going. Unlike Master Bai, these people were forcibly taken to the Netherworld. Perhaps their strength wasn't sufficient, so they were disregarded and thrown into the labor camp to do menial tasks.

Soon, Ouyang Feng and Master Bai arrived in front of a dark cave emitting a strong, deathly aura.

Ouyang Feng took out two black rice balls and handed one to Master Bai. "Let's eat first, Brother Bai. We can complete today's task more quickly."

"Thanks." Master Bai did not refuse it. He took the rice ball and took a bite. The taste was unbearable, but he was already accustomed to it.

Logically, he didn't need to eat anything with his current strength. However, he later discovered that all the dead souls here must consume food or absorb spiritual stones to maintain their spiritual power. If they didn't do it, they would disappear or transform into a vengeful spirit.

Master Bai knew that it had something to do with the environment here.

The two of them finished their meal, grabbed their tools, and walked into the cave.

As soon as they stepped into the cave, they were immediately greeted by an intense, deathly aura, causing them to channel their spiritual power to protect themselves.

The expressions of the two didn't change much, as they were already accustomed to such events.

They continued to venture deeper until a gloomy purple light appeared in their vision. Behind the light, there was a sea of purple-black flowers. They were the Nether Flowers that they had to take care of.

Master Bai and Ouyang Feng tacitly spread out and started cultivating the land around the flowers. After plowing the land, they went to a small storage room where various skeletons and waste were kept before using the hoes to remove a portion of them.

The next moment, they poured the waste products into the holes they had just plowed before covering them up with the black soil.

It took them eight hours to finish today's job because there were more than one hundred thousand flowers here.

"Phew… It's faster than I thought." Ouyang Feng let out a long breath. Even though he was a practitioner, he felt very tired at the moment.

"Let's go back." Master Bai swept his gaze over the sea of flowers one last time before turning around and leaving.

They both returned to the camp and headed to the canteen to grab a meal.

As Master Bai entered the canteen, his expression immediately darkened when he saw a familiar face standing behind the counter. This person was none other than Qian Guimo, the Thousand Faces God Emperor!

Similar to other dead souls here, Qian Guimo was drawn into the Netherworld and lost his physical body. His strength had also declined to the first level of the Divine Emperor Realm.

In this labor camp, Qian Guimo could be considered a top brass. His job was to manage the canteen, and at times, he had to deliver supplies to the Death God's palace.

"Do you want to leave? We can skip the meal today and have it tomorrow." Ouyang Feng asked in a low voice. He was aware of the conflict between Master Bai and Qian Guimo.

Qian Guimo often bullied people here by relying on his superior strength. Especially Master Bai. He had suffered at the hands of Qian Guimo several times.

"I'll take care of him. You take your share and leave." Master Bai said with a gloomy expression.

"How could it be, Brother Bai?" Quyang Feng was dissatisfied. "Let's go together."

"Alright." Master Bai said after a brief ponder.

As the two of them walked towards the counter, Qian Guimo looked at them with a faint smile. "You two came earlier today, huh? Did you cheat? Be careful. I will report to my superior later."

Master Bai grabbed the food tray and said. "Go ahead."

"Why are you so cold? We are considered to come from the same hometown, after all." Qian Guimo chuckled and scooped up a small portion of the congee before placing it on Master Bai's tray.

Master Bai glanced at it and remained silent.

However, before Master Bai walked away, Qian Guimo suddenly used the ladle to stop him and took away half of the already small portion of congee.

"Recently, the harvest has not been good. We have to tighten our belts. I hope you can understand it." Qian Guimo said with a smile.

Master Bai stared coldly at Qian Guimo and then walked away.

Quyang Feng wanted to say something, but was stopped by Qian Guimo's playful gaze.

"You are not hungry, are you?" Qian Guimo asked.

Ouyang Feng remained silent and waited for Qian Guimo to distribute the food.

"You should stay away from him. It will be good for yourself." Qian Guimo said with a meaningful smile before placing a small portion of congee on Ouyang Feng's tray.

Ouyang Feng didn't say anything and quickly followed Master Bai.

The smile faded from Qian Guimo's face. "Heh. I'll keep myself entertained for a while."

A cold glint flashed across Qian Guimo's eyes as he thought of something…

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