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«Myth Beyond Heaven (Web Novel) - Chapter 1895 The Gate of Laws (3)

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Chapter 1895 The Gate of Laws (3)

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Yun Lintian looked at the endless spatial vortex behind the gate and took a deep breath before stepping forward. The closer he approached the entrance, the more terrifying the aura grew. He felt as if he were walking towards an endless world.

When Yun Lintian stepped into the gate, he was immediately engulfed by a brutal energy vortex. Then, like a pebble in the sea, he disappeared into the vortex without causing a single ripple.

After experiencing an intense sensation of spatial envelopment, Yun Lintian slowly regained his vision.

The world in front of him was a deep and tranquil ancient land surrounded by an extensive mountain range. There were rivers, valleys, forests, and volcanoes as well. As one looked at the scene, one could sense the atmosphere of timeless years.

Yun Lintian stood on a grassland, gazing at the scenery before him. Without using anything, he could sense remnants of natural laws lingering in the air.

"One year here will be equivalent to one day outside. You can try to comprehend the laws as much as possible." Gui Xuan said calmly.

He pointed at the vibrant forest and continued speaking. "When the God of Life fell, her body disintegrated completely. I managed to capture a small portion of her power and retain it here."

He then pointed at the barren land beyond the mountain range, filling with a deathly aura. "The God of Death had split his body into several parts, and one of them is here."

Yun Lintian was shocked.

Gui Xuan elaborated further. "As you can see, these are the Great Laws of Life and Death. With the help of the Light Pole and the Dark Pearl within your body, you should be able to comprehend them. As for how much you can comprehend, it depends on your ability."

While saying this, Gui Xuan didn't have high hopes for Yun Lintian to fully comprehend the two great laws here. As long as Yun Lintian could grasp fifty percent of them, it would be more than enough for him to continue growing.

Yun Lintian calmed down and said. "What would happen if I couldn't comprehend them?"

"Your progress will be delayed. Nothing more than that." Gui Xuan replied calmly.

"Your physical body is still at the Divine Sovereign Realm, but your soul is approaching the Middle God Realm. Technically, your current limit will be the Middle God Realm."

"However, the Beyond Heaven Profound Vein is one of the best profound veins in the Primal Chaos. Second only to the Creation Profound Vein. It's allowed you to have no upper limit. As long as you continue to strive for improvement, you will eventually reach the True God Realm without any problems."

"For an ordinary person, understanding the two great laws is equivalent to obtaining a guaranteed ticket to reach the True God Realm. However, in your case, it will help you progress faster."

Yun Lintian seemed to understand everything.

"Do you know the difference between true gods?" Gui Xuan asked.

Yun Lintian shook his head. "Maybe there is a small level within the True God Realm?"

"No," Gui Xuan shook his head. "The most significant distinction among true gods lies in the quantity and quality of the laws they have comprehended. Even the weakest true god would master at least two laws."

"For example, Lan Qinghe. She has mastered around twenty-

five laws. Among the true gods I have seen, her strength can be considered above average but below the upper level."

"Meanwhile, Lin Yitong has mastered at least forty laws, one of which is a portion of the Great Law of Life. She can be considered one of the strongest true gods in the present era."

Yun Lintian was stunned. He always believed that the strength of Lan Qinghe and Lin Yitong was close to each other. Apparently, there was a huge gap between them.

"And if I guess correctly, the so-called Death God here should be as powerful as Lin Yitong or even stronger." Gui Xuan said with a calm expression.

Yun Lintian didn't know how to feel anymore. It was definitely impossible for him to steal the artifacts of the Netherworld from the Death God. Even Lin Yitong might find it difficult to accomplish.

"As I mentioned earlier, you have underestimated yourself." Gui Xuan could sense Yun Lintian's concerns. "Even if the Death God is way too strong, it doesn't mean you are inferior to him when it comes to the great laws."

"Furthermore, I am quite sure that he only has one great law, and it's not even half of it. Unlike you, who can wield two great laws."

He took a deep look at Yun Lintian and asked. "Can you see the difference now?"

Although Yun Lintian was still inwardly worried, he could understand what Gui Xuan was implying. It did give him a boost in confidence.

Yun Lintian let out a long breath, and his eyes hardened with determination. "Well, it's not as if I have a choice. At worst, I will just run as usual."

"That's it." Gui Xuan smiled.

Yun Lintian suddenly thought of something and attempted to summon the Gate of Beyond Heaven. However, he discovered that it was impossible.

Gui Xuan could sense Yun Lintian's intention. He explained. "This place is full of laws. The power within the Gate of Beyond Heaven is also one of the laws. You cannot use external laws to interfere with the laws here."

Yun Lintian felt disappointed. He thought he could bring his people over.

He didn't dwell on it and walked toward the dense forest ahead.

When Yun Lintian stepped into the forest, he immediately felt an incredibly abundant vitality. It was several times richer than the Maya Forest. At the same time, he could also sense the aura of the Great Law of Life.

Yun Lintian continued to walk deeper into the forest and soon found a relatively open space to sit down.

After adjusting his condition, he closed his eyes, and the symbols of the Light Pole gradually lit up within his body. The next moment, the image of the Tree of Life appeared on top of his body as if he had transformed into the tree.

Gui Xuan looked at Yun Lintian and muttered to himself. "I think I understand your plan now… This should be our final attempt."

A moment later, he smiled and said. "Little boy, as my descendant, you cannot slack off and lose my face. You must work hard, understand?"

Suddenly, the calmness in Gui Xuan's eyes disappeared, replacing with the original innocence…

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