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My Journey to Godhood as a Caterpillar (Web Novel)

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My life as the strongest cultivator of the blood throne sect let me live a great life, I was born with the highest constitution possible, my wisdom was infinite due to my soul absorbing my former reincarnations, I was the strongest to ever be known in my universe.

Until one day that I died, even though I have reached the peak of cultivation it was impossible to attain eternal life, the universe is cruel and the world won’t let you live as long as it does.

I died as a doddering old fool, dying in my sleep! I just woke up thinking that I reincarnated again only to be greeted with this bullshit:

[Caterpillar System Activated]

[Does Host want to eat leaves?]

[If the host doesn’t eat the leaves host will die]

I the great cultivator known as Yun Jhin with thousands of concubines and hundreds of official wives became a leaf-eating caterpillar?

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