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«My 100-Day Secret Marriage With The Boss (Web Novel) - Chapter 1402 She was Completely Exposed. It was Better to Strike First (VIII)

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Chapter 1402 She was Completely Exposed. It was Better to Strike First (VIII)

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Since Chief Tang was asleep at that time, the door was definitely not opened by Chief Tang. Then who opened Chief Tang’s room?”

“Yeah, who opened Chief Tang’s room? What did the person who opened Chief Tang’s door want to do?”

“What about Gong Yun? Didn’t Gong Yun say that Chief Tang dragged her into the room as soon as she went upstairs? According to Gong Yun, Chief Tang raped her as soon as she entered the room. According to Gong Yun, Chief Tang was forcing Gong Yun into the room at that time. Did the younger prince see Gong Yun when he went in?”

Several reporters raised their doubts.

“No, I didn’t see anyone else when I entered. I only saw Chief Tang. At that time, Chief Tang was asleep on the bed alone,” Lin Bei quickly answered.

“What’s going on? Gong Yun wasn’t in Chief Tang’s room at that time? Chief Tang was clearly sleeping alone. Why was the door open?”

“I was also very curious about this matter, but Chief Tang was very vigilant. I pushed the door open and entered the room, and he woke up. At that time, I told Chief Tang about this matter, and Chief Tang was also very curious. He also felt that there was something wrong with this matter. Chief Tang and I were a little suspicious at that time, and Chief Tang happened to wake up, so I casually talked about what would happen the next day with Chief Tang. Of course, at that time, we also wanted to see if anything else would happen.” Lin Bei waited until everyone was more or less suspicious, then, he continued.

“However, after discussing everything with Chief Tang, nothing strange happened. Then, I went back to my room. Oh, at that time, I stayed in Chief Tang’s room for more than two hours. I can prove that there was no one else in Chief Tang’s room at that time.” When Lin Bei said this, his expression was natural, but his tone was firm and unquestionable.

“If what the younger prince said is true, then Gong Yun is lying…”

“What the younger prince said should be true. The younger prince’s words are consistent with the forensic results.”

“Then it proves that Gong Yun is lying.”

“If Gong Yun is lying, then what she said about Chief Tang being strong and exposing her is also false? Then she is framing Chief Tang!!!”

The reporters had already analyzed the situation thoroughly.

“Younger Prince, you stayed in Chief Tang’s room for two hours, and you were just discussing things?” One of the reporters looked at Lin Bei and suddenly asked.

Hearing the reporter’s words, the corners of Lin Bei’s lips curled up, and there was an obvious smile on her face.

“Otherwise? What can the two of us men do? I am a man, even if my hobbies are feminine. I think Chief Tang is the same.”

Lin Bei deliberately said these words in a joking tone, but at this moment, she deliberately emphasized one thing.

She especially emphasized that she was a man!!!

Tang Ling already knew everything. With Tang Ling’s attitude tonight, it was clear that he did not want to let her go. It was clear that he wanted to expose her identity, so tonight, she decided to make the first move.

She deliberately chose this time to meet with the reporters so that Tang Ling would not be able to guard against it. At this moment, Tang Ling should have already fallen asleep, so it was impossible for him to suppress the news.

When Tang Ling woke up the next day, everything would be set in stone…

She was waiting to see Tang Ling’s reaction tomorrow…


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