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«My 100-Day Secret Marriage With The Boss (Web Novel) - Chapter 1401 She was Completely Exposed. It was Better to Strike First (VII)

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Chapter 1401 She was Completely Exposed. It was Better to Strike First (VII)

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“It’s about Chief Tang.” Lin Bei looked at the reporters and smiled.

“About Chief Tang?” The reporters were shocked. Although they had thought that the younger prince’s story would be explosive, they did not expect it to be related to Tang Ling!!!

The recent incident with Tang Ling had caused such a big commotion, so Tang Ling had received a lot of attention recently. All the reporters from the media were staring at Tang Ling.

At this moment, when they heard that the younger prince was going to expose something that had to do with Tang Ling, all of them became even more excited.

“Younger Prince, don’t keep us in suspense. Hurry up and tell us.” Someone could not help but directly urge him.

“On the first night we came to Country Z to stay in Guoxin Hotel, Miss Gong accused Chief Tang of taking advantage of her. Meanwhile, the forensic doctor detected that there was third person in Chief Tang’s room. This caused Miss Gong’s words to become contradictory and also made this matter even more confusing.” Lin Bei’s eyes turned slightly, after looking at all the reporters present, he enunciated each word clearly.

“Yes, we all know about this matter, but that person has yet to be found, so we can’t prove Chief Tang’s innocence for the time being. What does the younger prince mean by saying this at this moment?”

“I am the person who was in Chief Tang’s room that night.” Lin Bei secretly exhaled, then directly said the answer.

“What? The other person in Chief Tang’s room that night was the younger prince?”

“It was actually the younger prince? This, isn’t this too surprising?”

“Younger Prince, is what you said true? This can not be a joke?”

The reporters could not help but exclaim out loud.

“The forensic doctor has the test results. If you don’t believe me, you can ask the forensic doctor to come over and test it on the spot.” Lin Bei had already expected the reporters to ask this question, so her answer to this question could be said to be watertight.

Since he had said so, the reporters would definitely not doubt him. The medical examiner already had the results of the test on that person, so it was impossible for someone to impersonate him, not to mention that this person was the younger prince.

“Younger Prince, why did you go to Chief Tang’s room that night? How long did you stay in Chief Tang’s room?” A reporter quickly asked a very important question.

“That night, when I went to Big Brother’s room to discuss things with him and came out, I saw that Chief Tang’s room door was ajar and not tightly shut. Coincidentally, Big Brother asked Chief Tang to confirm the next day’s matters in advance. When I saw that Chief Tang’s room door was open, I thought that Chief Tang hadn’t rested yet, so I knocked on the door…” Lin Bei’s eyes turned slightly, she looked at all the reporters again.

Lin Bei had thought of these questions long ago, so her answers were very natural.

Lin Bei deliberately stopped at this moment. All the reporters looked at her, not understanding why she stopped.

Lin Bei met the reporters’ clearly anxious eyes and smiled again, then she continued, “I knocked on the door a few times, but Chief Tang didn’t respond. I felt a little strange, so I pushed the door open. Then I found Chief Tang hiding on the bed. He was obviously asleep.”

Lin Bei deliberately stopped speaking.

Lin Bei was very smart, and she knew how to speak. She knew when to stop.

“What does the younger prince mean? Chief Tang’s door is ajar, but Chief Tang is asleep? Chief Tang would definitely close the door when he sleeps. Who would sleep with the door open in a hotel?”


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