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«Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor (Web Novel) - Chapter 4014: Plans

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Chapter 4014: Plans

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Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Xuanyuan Mo Ze raised his eyes and looked forward, his deep voice containing pressure spoke slowly: “In the name of the Ghost Doctor Feng Jiu, send out a Heroes Invitation asking the strong exponents of this region to come forward and help!”

Everyone’s thoughts shifted to the battle a few years ago when their Master had asked powerful people from all walks of life to help in the name of the Ghost Doctor Feng Jiu. However, the situation today was incomparable to back then. Would it be too much to send out a Heroes Invitation…

When they thought of this, Leng Hua and Du Fan looked at each other, then Du Fan spoke up and asked: “Hell’s Lord, compared to the battle back then, the Reclusive Sect today pales in comparison and isn’t even worth mentioning. In fact, with our strength, we can defeat this Reclusive Sect on our own. Are we not thinking too highly of this Reclusive Sect if we call on the reclusive strong exponents from all over the world in the name of the Ghost Doctor Feng Jiu?”


After he put his daughter back in the crib, he stood with his hands behind his back and looked at them: “My purpose in doing this is not only to destroy the Reclusive Sect, but to take advantage of the opportunity to pave the way for Ah Jiu.”

He strode forward and said: “This region is not under anyone’s control at the moment. In that case, if she takes it, there will only be benefits and no disadvantages to her. And right now is the opportunity to do so.”

Upon hearing this, they realised that this was the actual plan.

“However, if we send out a Heroes Invitation, it will take a while for the news to spread to the reclusive strong exponents and arrive here. It will probably take a long time and that won’t help Master at all.” Leng Hua said, looking at Xuanyuan Mo Ze. He continued: “Another factor is that I am afraid that some of the people who will come here have evil intentions and take advantage of the situation.”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze nodded and said: “That’s why you have to arrange this matter and keep an eye on things. We will only use them when the time comes to take down the Reclusive Sect in one fell swoop. You must realise that it is difficult for two fists to go up against four. We don’t have that many people accompanying us, and there might be people from other Sects who are friendly with them and help them. This is what we need to guard against.”

“As for Ah Jiu, even though she has Cloud Devouring and the others with her, I am still a little worried. The day the Reclusive Sect sent people to deal with us, I sent Fire Phoenix over to have a look at the situation there.”

They were startled when they heard this. No wonder they hadn’t seen Fire Phoenix for the past two days. So it turned out that it had gone to the Reclusive Sect. Well, it could turn itself into a bird and didn’t attract attention, yet it was very powerful. If it went to the Reclusive Sect and found Master, it would definitely be able to protect her.

“Has the monk been out of his courtyard recently?” Xuanyuan Mo Ze asked, looking at the two of them.

“He hasn’t gone out once.” Leng Hua said.

“Go and arrange this matter and also go and invite the monk over! Tell him that I would like to play a few games of chess with him.” Xuanyuan Mo Ze said and motioned for the both of them to leave.

“Yes.” The two of them responded before leaving.

When Bai Qingcheng brought the food over, Gray Wolf stepped forward quickly and said with a smile: “Master, since you are going to play chess with the monk, I will help feed the Little Masters.”

The two Little Masters were fair-skinned and chubby, he liked them very much. However, they didn’t seem to like him very much. When he held them, they would cry or fuss, or they would pee all over him. In fact, he was very helpless about that.

Xuanyuan Mo Ze glanced at him and said: “Go on! After they’ve eaten, put them to sleep.”

“Yes yes yes.” Gray Wolf responded happily, then he stepped forward to take the child from him.

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