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«Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor (Web Novel) - Chapter 4013: One Fell Swoop

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Chapter 4013: One Fell Swoop

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Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

“This thing is evil! Is it really the Buddhist Heart Sutra?” She murmured softly to herself, then she put the Heart Sutra aside. She didn’t want to look at it anymore nor did she want to think about it anymore, otherwise, problems would arise sooner or later.

Yes, she felt that there was something wrong with the Heart Sutra. The problem wasn’t that it was a fake Heart Sutra, but that there was something wrong with the Heart Sutra itself.

Another two days had passed. Feng Jiu, who was in space, didn’t know what was happening outside. In the past two days, she had finally managed to stop the interference of the Buddhist Heart Sutra and calmed her mind to practise while she waited for the old man to leave the cave dwelling.

On this day, early in the morning, Xuanyuan Mo Ze was reading a book in the courtyard of a house in the city while he looked at a pair of children who were shaking their hands and feet while lying on the bed.

Whenever his cold eyes fell onto his children, they couldn’t help but turn gentle and doting. When he saw his daughter stuffing his son’s little fleshy fist into her mouth, he chuckled and shook his head. He put down his book then stepped forward and picked up his daughter.

“Is Yue’er hungry?” He asked in a soft voice, as if he was afraid of scaring his daughter.

“Ah ah.” The little person grinned, her smile toothless. She leaned forward and lay on Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s chest, trying to find something to eat.

Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s lips curled up slightly, his eyes full of amusement as he looked at his daughter: “Yue’er, look carefully. I am Father, not Mother.”

“Gegege.” The little person giggled and Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s clothes were covered in saliva.

As he looked at the drool on his clothes, Xuanyuan Mo Ze felt very affectionate. As someone who was very particular with cleanliness, he didn’t seem to mind his own daughter’s saliva, nor did he seem to be opposed to it. In fact, he didn’t dislike it.

This was because it was his children’s saliva and not anyone else’s.

“Qingcheng, go and prepare some food.” Xuanyuan Mo Ze looked at Bai Qingcheng who was waiting at the side and ordered.

“Yes.” Bai Qingcheng responded before walking out.

Leng Hua and Du Fan walked in from outside. After glancing at Gray Wolf and Shadow One who were waiting aside, they bowed to Xuanyuan Mo Ze: “Hell’s Lord.”

“What is it?” Xuanyuan Mo Ze asked, holding his daughter’s little hand.

“We have finished our investigation, those people are from the Reclusive Sect. However, they didn’t send anymore people after what happened. We don’t know what else they are planning.” Du Fan said, his eyes falling on Xuanyuan Mo Ze.

Xuanyuan Mo Ze raised his eyes to look at them and he said: “Has your Master sent you any news?”


The two of them shook their heads and paused. Then, Leng Hua said: “Hell’s Lord, should we go and assist Master? Based on our investigation over the past two days, we learnt that the strength of the Reclusive Sect Sect Master is unfathomable. I am afraid that with Master’s current strength, she will be alone outside without any help if something were to happen.”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s eyes fell onto his daughter in his arms, and his eyes flashed slightly. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to go and help her, but he knew that she valued the safety of their two children over her own life. If he were to go and help her and leave their two children with them, not only her, but even he would also not feel at ease.

After a long silence, he finally said: “This region has a mixture of dragons, snakes and there are also many strong exponents with unknown origins to the world. Since that is the case, let’s borrow their strength and bring down this Reclusive Sect in one fell swoop!”

After hearing this, everyone’s eyes lit up and they couldn’t help but look at each other. They looked at Xuanyuan Mo Ze and asked: “What is Hell’s Lord’s plan?”

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