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«Master of the End Times (Web Novel) - Chapter 721: Continue to be a Bounty Hunter

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Chapter 721: Continue to be a Bounty Hunter

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Understandably, Xu Qing was a little baffled by Qin Feng’s decision. He frowned and asked doubtfully, “What’s good in staying put? You might be targeted by the S-tier in the Devil’s Eye after exterminating one of their strongholds.”

Qin Feng said carefreely, “S-tier? I don’t think such a small matter would alert him or her.”

Unless the S-tier was called Z.

Qin Feng knew the S-tier behind the Devil’s Eye. Though Qin Feng could not accurately locate that person’s whereabouts at this exact point in time, he was confident that the S-tier was probably in a specific dimension now.

The spatial waymark of that prestigious dimension was also owned by a few S-tiers from the Human Alliance. Naturally, the Devil’s Eye would need to pay close attention and guard their resource there.

“Even if the S-tier is not going to come, it’s still too dangerous for you to stay here alone!” Xu Qing said.

Qin Feng was an outstanding prodigy. He would definitely be given a position in Huaxia’s upper echelon in the future.

Xu Qin did not wish to see Qin Feng crumble too early due to his overconfidence and arrogance. That would be a great loss to the Huaxia Alliance.

“Great risk, great reward,” Qin Feng replied, “The Amazon Alliance is where most bounty hunters gather at.”

“Don’t tell me…” Xu Qing never thought that Qin Feng would choose this path. This was something only the mercenaries would do.

Qin Feng nodded and continued, “I’m staying. It will benefit me greatly to fight more with other ability users. I am a dark ability user after all.”

Xu Qing nodded in silence. He could now see why Qin Feng wanted to stay.

He had long known about Qin Feng’s identity as a dark ability user. That was why he was not entirely surprised when Qin Feng defeated Sal Bar.

A dark ability user’s strength could not be measured by the common tier used to rank other classes. That was because they possessed multiple unique abilities. One of them was the formidable Absorption Ability.

Such an ability only existed in the legends. Only a few high-rank officers knew about it, and they confirmed it through the Glutton Leviathan. They suspected the skill had now been transferred to Qin Feng.

However, it was extremely uncommon for a human to have such an ability.

This skill was perhaps as rare as another S-tier ability, the Finger of Death.

But what Xu Qing did not know was that Qin Feng’s absorption was born with him and not taken from the Glutton.

Qin Feng’s absorption was even more powerful. He could consume basically everything from his target unlike any other dark ability user, who could only digest 1% of energy after acquiring the skill through training.

Nonetheless, that measly 1% was enough to drive people into the dark path.

That was why a large proportion of dark ability users had fallen to the dark side. They could kill without constraint there and absorb from others as much as they like.

For Qin Feng, he did not need to focus solely on his dark ability because of another identity—an ancient warrior. Besides, he could easily gain power by hunting down beasts with his ancient warrior skill.

Yet, Qin Feng aimed to hunt ancient warriors this time.

After they wiped out the stronghold, other B-tiers burned the whole area down to remove any evidence. This was to prevent the enemy S-tier from finding anything that would lead back to them.

Then, they did not return to Greenlit City but left immediately after leaving a message.

Qin Feng had left a private message to Niel Bol too. The communicator translated the message automatically.

“Master Neil Bol, is there anything else that I can help you with? I will always be pleased to lend you a hand. It so happens that I am rather free recently!”

After Neil Bol replied to the others, he trembled reflexively when he saw Qin Feng’s message. Qin Feng was the one who had killed Sal Bar. If the guy knew he had anything to do with Sal Bar under the table, Neil Bol could not even begin to think about what might happen to himself.

Thus, Neil Bol immediately replied, “Thank you so much, General Qin Feng. But I don’t think we will need your help anymore. I assure you Greenlit is secure now after the Dark Organization was exterminated. The commoners can carry on with life without fear now.”

“Great. See you when I see you.”

“Sure! Sure!” But Neil Bol screamed inside, ‘Hell no. I wish we will never cross paths again the rest of my life!’

Qin Feng could guess what was in Neil Bol’s mind now but he could not care less.

After seeing Xu Qing off, Qin Feng unlocked his communicator and connected to the battle net. He then clicked on the homepage of the bounty hunter network.

Qin Feng had attained the D-rank gold medal after killing a D-tier on the wanted list from before.

The rank actually did not matter much. A kid could have brought in an S-tier head through trickery and be promoted to S-rank bounty hunter.

The rank did not always represent one’s true strength, but there was a positive correlation most of the time.


Qin Feng refreshed the page. According to his current location, the information of a few thousand wanted criminals near Greenlit City jumped into his sight.

Qin Feng filtered the criminals to B-tier or above.

The man with the highest bounty, Maul Goh. One of the Devil’s Eye’s cadres in Greenlit City. He was found guilty for the following…

Cumulatively, Maul Goh was listed 3549 times. The total bounty was 182 billion.

No one would simply challenge a B-tier for the money. There was too much risk in it.

Still, that did not stop people from posting a bounty on the network. Once registered, the whereabouts of a wanted criminal, such as Maul Goh, would be established in the database and be accessible at all times.

A brave soul would eventually make a move. This was because the bounty was not the only money in play here. The target’s properties would belong to the hunter, too, which was probably twenty to thirty times the bounty reward.

Well, the top of the list, Maul Goh, had already died in Qin Feng’s hands. His body was melted away by Qin Feng’s lava.

Qin Feng had no interest in claiming the bounty anyway. He scrolled through the list quickly and skipped another three B-tiers that he knew were dead. He finally sets his eye on a desirable target.

No.7, Barten, President of the Bloodthirst Corporation. His criminal records are…

Current location: Death Swamp

Potential enemies: 2 B-tiers, 13 C-tiers, numerous D-tiers…

‘A president of a Dark Organization? This will do!’

Qin Feng accepted the mission and flew straight toward Death Swamp in his aircraft. The place was located about forty km from Greenlit City. It was nearer than the Devil’s Eye camp, only in a different direction.

Qin Feng reached the swamp in less than half an hour when it was late into the night.

He saw a small settlement around the swamp. The members of the Dark Organization were indulged in the nightlife.

A horrifying grin appeared on Qin Feng’s face.

He moved dexterously camouflaged by the night. His consciousness had already locked onto a B-tier aptitude user.

Inside a bar-like building, the B-tier ancient warrior was feeding food to his beautiful companion. All of a sudden, the place was covered in complete darkness.

“Sh*t! What’s the matter? Why is the electricity out?” The B-tier ancient warrior complained exasperatedly.

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