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«Master of the End Times (Web Novel) - Chapter 720: Qin Feng Would Stay

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Chapter 720: Qin Feng Would Stay

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Sal Bar was killed but his pawns had managed to escape. They returned to the headquarters frantically and spread the news throughout the stronghold.

It was not any normal fort but actually a mining spot.

This place was rich in a special kind of element excellent for making runic equipment. That was the main reason why Devil’s Eye had chosen this spot to establish their secret base.

Unexpectedly, the seemingly well-hidden base was about to fall into the hands of a group of outsiders.

This was not how things were supposed to turn out according to what they were told. Their initial plan was to kill the intruders, not the other way around!

After Sal Bar was killed, the first thing that came to these B-tiers’ minds was to pack up their things and make a run for it. However, as they tried to stuff the vast number of ores into the spatial equipment, the enemies had come knocking at the front door.

Niel Bol would not have the gut to do this. The assaulters must be aptitude users coming from other human alliances. Possibly, the killer of Sal Bar was among them, too.

Thus, it was not difficult to imagine how grim the B-tier looked.

If Qin Feng knew what the B-tier was thinking, he would have agreed with his decision too. It was all but too late to regret now, though. The B-tier should have abandoned everything and escaped earlier.

“Some more!”

Qin Feng smirked and raised his hand again. This time, there were five giant fireballs in the sky.


The fireballs gushed through the air and landed consecutively on the B-tier. He was obviously an ancient warrior and resisted the ability with an internal shield.


Boom! Boom! Boom!

The fireballs hammered his shield and trembled his internal force into turbulence. The non-stop battering forced him to bend down. The final blow inevitably shattered his last line of defense.

Luckily, there was not another fireball after his shield was broken. But before he could breathe a sigh of relief, a figure suddenly appeared in front of him, sparing him no room and time to react or escape.

Asteroid Assimilation!

Qin Feng placed his palm near the B-tier’s abdomen.

At B-tier, aptitude users normally did not fight with their physical skills. Internal strength was more destructive thus more effective, after all.

Sensing that Qin Feng’s palm had no trace of internal force, the B-tier user felt that he was lucky and was about to teach Qin Feng a lesson. Nonetheless, he soon realized that his body was no longer under his control.

A great pulling force was generated from Qin Feng’s palm and sucked the internal force inside the B-tier aptitude user’s dantian.

Immediately, the meridian flow of the B-tier turned haywire. He trembled uncontrollably.


Qin Feng’s Asteroid Assimilation was stronger than ever. He had gathered a total of 107 pools of internal force from the time he attained B-tier internal force till now.

After he had emptied the B-tier’s dantian, he added another 3 pools into his reservoir. Of course, he still needed to compress and refine the newly absorbed power into his own.

The assimilation was completed within three minutes. The B-tier felt lethargic and he was no better than an E-tier now.

A slight move of Qin Feng’s arm generated a powerful force that was transmitted to his hand. It repelled the fragile B-tier and sent him flying into ruins twenty meters back. His abdomen was crushed under enormous force.

“Ugh!” He vomited a mouthful of blood and took his last breath a moment later.

The repulsion force of Asteroid Assimilation was enough to kill the man with empty internal force.

Qin Feng then raised his hand and burned the body away. He did not forget to collect the spatial equipment left in the ashes. He had killed a B-tier without much exertion. Others could not react in time to help the hapless B-tier.

After that, the two other B-tiers in the base were surrounded too.

Though the Human Alliance was at a numerical advantage, the B-tiers from Devil’s Eye resisted hysterically out of desperation. In contrast, members from the Human Alliance fought rather cautiously and almost let the two B-tiers escape several times.

Qin Feng quickly joined the fight and assaulted one of the B-tiers without hesitation.

That person held nothing back when he saw Qin Feng loom near him. To overpower Qin Feng and in turn daunt the others from attacking, the B-tier unleashed his most powerful strike.

“Doom Punch!”

“Dragon Slam!”

Their internal forces took different forms but were equally remarkable.

The fist and the claw met in mid-air.


The two forces collided, which ended with the golden claw snapping the fist, and hinged on the B-tier’s internal force shield.


The internal force shield was torn apart.


Ultimately, the B-tier aptitude user was slammed by the attack with little protection. His battle suit was shredded and laid bare the inner armor. That also did not last long and was smashed by Qin Feng’s internal force.


Blood flew out from the B-tier user’s mouth.

“Asteroid Assimilation!”

Qin Feng rode the momentum and gave the opponent no breathing room. He applied Asteroid Assimilation swiftly and dried up another B-tier’s dantian.

Similarly, this aptitude user was killed and burned by Qin Feng just like the last one. The loot was naturally taken by him too.

The others should have made a move sooner. They were not going to be rewarded for being too careful.

Finally, Qin Feng lunged toward the last B-tier. This time, after witnessing how efficient Qin Feng was in killing the last two, the other Human Alliance members acted more decisively. They killed the B-tier fast and split the loot.

Qin Feng paced forward and secretly activated Asteroid Assimilation to consume the B-tier ancient warrior’s internal force.

‘Not bad. There are 12 pools this time.’ Qin Feng was more satisfied with this.

The current size of his dantian was unusually large. He had to prepare in advance for future promotion into a higher tier.

Qin Feng suddenly thought that the Amazon Alliance suited him well.

There were a whole bunch of Dark Coalition members here advocating violence. Other than a few special ability users, most of them were ancient warriors. This place would make an ideal internal force farm for Qin Feng.

“Qin Feng, there isn’t any threat left around here. It’s unbelievable how smooth this mission is,” Xu Qing said. He initially thought there would be some tough retaliation from the Devil’s Eye. Unexpectedly, they wiped out the base almost instantaneously.

Qin Feng nodded. “Regardless, at least it ended well.”

“Couldn’t ask for more. We will retreat immediately after this. Something is fishy within this Amazon Alliance. How could such a large-scale mission involve only a few of us? We even need to deal with the mess ourselves. I can’t even remember the last time I had to do this.”

The mess Xu Qing referred to was the extermination of the lower-tier followers of the Dark Organization.

There were still about ten C-tiers, seventy D-tiers, and more than five hundred E-tiers left. Some were even weaker, who probably worked as slaves here.

It would be a massacre if the B-tiers wanted to fight seriously.

Those that had reached a certain height would no longer fancy killing the weak. After all, they belonged to the Human Alliance and not those frenzied lunatics in the Dark Coalition who kill for pleasure.

At least, Xu Qing would not dirty his hands. As such, when the others were doing the cleaning up, Xu Qing only stood by and watched. The other B-tiers killed only some of the unlucky C and D-tiers while letting most of the rest escape.

“Let’s return to Huaxia after informing the hypocritical Niel Bol,” Xu Qing seemed to loathe this place.

To Xu Qing’s surprise, Qin Feng laughed and answered, “I have no urgent business back there. I will stay awhile more and gain some fortune here.”

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