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«Master of the End Times (Web Novel) - Chapter 1063: The Blood River Project

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Chapter 1063: The Blood River Project

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Qin Feng turned his head and looked over. At this moment, no one was close to the Giant Star Turtle’s resource area.

“I was the first to discover the Giant Star Turtle. Since the Immortal has left, I am naturally the only one who can obtain it. If you are not satisfied, you can show me your true strength!”

At this moment, the others were naturally fuming but did not dare to say anything.

Qin Feng’s strength was too strong.

“Bai Li, pack up the things!”

Even as they spoke, the flesh and blood remnants left behind by the dead Giant Star Turtle had already been dyed with the symbols of the universe. They began to change rapidly. Some transformed into fiery magma, some into earth, and some into streams as they continued to fuse with each other.


Only by quickly packing up and sealing up these materials could they preserve the characteristics of the Immortal.

“Watch me!”

Bai Li raised the crystal ball in her hand. In an instant, a space whirlpool opened up rapidly like the mouth of a giant beast.

It had a diameter of ten thousand meters.

Then, Bai Li made this huge spatial tunnel with a diameter of ten thousand meters move quickly. Wherever it passed, even the dust in the universe would be swallowed, so the materials were no exception. However, without the floating runes in the universe, these materials would also remain in the state of death.

However, the Giant Star Turtle was too huge, and the expansion range was also terrifying. Even though Bai Li was fast enough, those ability users who did not give up were still searching for the things at the edge. Yet in just half a day, all the things here were swept clean.

At this time, the remaining people saw that Qin Feng was still on the same spot. They were also a little afraid and left one after another.

Qin Feng did not chase after these people. He was not a murderer. The only prerequisite was that they did not trigger him.

“I wonder if these things can help you improve a little more,” Bai Li said.

“Probably only by one tier!” Qin Feng said.

“That would be a little slow. Why don’t we go back to the Blood River Realm and take a look? Those Gorefiends are actually not bad. I just don’t know if there are any stronger existences,” Bai Li suddenly said.

If Bai Li did not say it, Qin Feng would have almost forgotten about this realm.

However, he was tempted, and he suddenly said, “The Blood River Realm doesn’t seem small, but its strength isn’t too strong. However, in such a special realm, the realm core might be a pure life form. If that’s the case…”

After swallowing this realm, Qin Feng would definitely advance to SSS9-tier.

Qin Feng was instantly enticed.

“Let’s go back first!”


Bai Li nodded, then she opened a spatial passage, and the two people disappeared on the spot.

The SSS-tier ability user who had not run far saw the two people disappear, and his heart finally felt at ease.

“Fortunately, I didn’t provoke these two malefactors.” Qian Lan let out a long sigh, then he waved his hand and said, “Let’s go back!”

He had wasted some time here, and the money he had earned was not as good as the money he had spent. It was definitely a huge loss.

However, he was also glad that he did not provoke Qin Feng. Otherwise, he would be like the group of people who had been turned into dust.


Blue Star Realm.

Qin Feng had returned after experiencing a great battle. He was also very tired. However, he did not rest immediately. Instead, he took out his communicator and sent a message to Xue Xingfu.

“Send a message to the Blood River Realm’s corporations and the people behind them. In my name, I will purchase the assets that the people of the Blood River Realm have occupied! “I don’t want any humans to remain in the Blood River Realm after three days. Oh right, tell them that the Blood River Realm will be closed down in the future.”

The Blood River Realm was not actually owned by anyone. Even the humans of the Blue Star Realm were considered intruders.

However, some corporations had sent people there and built protective devices. These were all investments.

However, to Qin Feng, these were just small amounts of money. Qin Feng was not willing to bully others with his power.

However, Qin Feng also knew that as long as Xue Xingfu had released the news that he needed it, the people of the Blood River Realm would immediately retreat and would not stay any longer.

This was because Qin Feng was definitely the number one person on the Blue Star Realm right now.

Xue Xingfu was not in the Human Alliance headquarters every day. He would come back every day to take out some resources and exchange for more resources.

Xue Xingfu happened to be on the Blue Star Realm right now. When he heard Qin Feng’s message, he immediately replied.

“Okay, President, I’ll do it right away!”

Soon after, Xue Xingfu’s message started to spread.

“What? That elite from the Huaxia Alliance wants to buy the Blood River Realm?”

“Then, aren’t we going to make a lot of money?”

“Money? Aren’t you afraid of death? You still want to make money from him? They told us to retreat within three days. Let’s not talk about negotiations. Let’s retreat first. Otherwise, you can’t afford to provoke the wrath of that elite.”

“Let’s go. The Fist God wants us to give up this realm.”

“Retreat. Boss has spoken.”

“The upper management wants us to leave quickly. Don’t anger that Killer God.”

The groups in the Blood River Realm retreated one after another. Without them, those scattered aptitude users would not be able to establish themselves. Moreover, these people had also heard the news.

Qin Feng had entered the Dragon-borne realm and killed an SSS-tier elite. His reputation had not been forgotten with time, and he had even become the strongest elite in the Blue Star Realm. Some people did not even mention the matter regarding acquisition and directly retreated, afraid that this elite would be angered.

In less than a day, in the Blood River Realm, the Blood River battlefield had already been emptied. The Gorefiends, who were on the brink of danger, suddenly discovered that the invading humans had disappeared.

Qin Feng did not know that Xue Xingfu was so adept in dealing with this matter. After resting for a day, he was ready to start evolving the Verdant Emperor Saber.

This time, the Verdant Emperor Saber had evolved to the SSS-tier. He even planned to try to evolve into an Immortal god weapon.

“I really don’t know if an Immortal god weapon would appear. However, since Qian Mu Prime gave me this, it should be possible!”

However, Qin Feng would never have thought that Qian Mu Prime had given him these things merely as a reward for the mission. He thought that Qin Feng would only be able to use these things after more than ten years. However, Qin Feng had already started using them now.

This time, Qin Feng had killed quite a number of deity level SSS-tier ultra beasts in the Endless Starry Sea. These things were already very easy for him with his current strength.

“I might as well add the Wraith Devil’s crystal core!”

The Wraith Devil beast deity was a rather powerful creature that Qin Feng had killed. It had a fatal damage to the soul. Adding the crystal core of such a creature into the Verdant Emperor Saber would definitely increase the power of the Spirit Chain Rend.

Following that, Qin Feng added some extremely rare SSS-tier ores that he had found from the spatial rune equipment of many SSS-tier ability users. Even if only one out of ten SSS-tier ability users had such rare ores, the number of people that Qin Feng had killed this time was no less than a hundred.

Qin Feng put all of these into the Magical Tesseract. The fusion was extremely slow.

From the looks of it, it actually required a year’s time!

Qin Feng put the Magical Tesseract into the dimension with the peculiar flow of time. This way, in just a day’s time in the outside world, Qin Feng would be able to obtain a new Verdant Emperor Saber.


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