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«Lady Su’s Revenge (Web Novel) - Chapter 390 The Last Level

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Chapter 390 The Last Level

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“Hahaha, my dear nephew, you are wrong. Since Huajian Sect is under your protection, we will definitely not offend, so we will leave.”

Su Huabin winked at Yue Wutao who was reluctant, and turned to leave without saying a word.

Yue Wutao did not expect his decisiveness, let alone Hua Yan and Beixiao Liang who had identified himself.

Yue Wutao was filled with bitterness and hatred in his heart, but without Su Huabin’s help, he could not continue to stay. Seeing Su Huabin walk away, he could only snort and leave angrily.

“The butler of Su Family is really as shameless as before…”

As the crisis abated, Hua Yan seemed to think of some past events. He narrowed his eyes and sighed softly.

Beixiao Liang frowned and said nothing. Su Family and Zihan Sect were closely related, and their attitude towards Yuxu Sect was very strange. He didn’t think that he scared Su Huabin away.

“It’s not that simple…”

He murmured to himself, but didn’t mention Wang Yu to Hua Yan at that time. He still cared about the survival of Huajian Sect.

After Yue Wutao left, he quickly caught up with Su Huabin who deliberately slowed down, and asked him with an angry look, “Butler Su, what do you mean? We clearly had a deal…”

“Elder Yue, calm down!”

Su Huabin interrupted Yue Wutao with a smile, and said in a low voice, “Huajian Sect is not as simple as you think. Even if it is only under Hua Yan’s support, we may not be able to break through the big tactical matrix for protecting the Sect, let alone two of them…”

When Yue Wutao heard this, he was immediately stunned first, and shook his head with a distrustful look, “How powerful can the big tactical matrix for protecting such a small sect be? If we can cooperate with each other, I believe that it will be destroyed within a moment!”

Su Huabin secretly scolded Yue Wutao for being so stupid. He had explained it very clearly, but Yue Wutao didn’t even understand the meaning.

But on the surface, he still carefully explained the origin of the big tactical matrix of Huajian Sect to Yue Wutao, with a gentle smile.

After Yue Wutao listened, he immediately stopped talking.

He also went through the times of holy girl Su. How could he not know her awesome means? He just didn’t expect that a small sect had such an origin.

How could the vengeance of Yue Lin, his granddaughter, ended up for nothing?

Looking at Yue Wutao who was unwilling, Su Huabin knew that it was the time, and said with a smile, “Elder Yue, although we retreat today, it doesn’t mean the dust settles.”

Elder Yue’s eyes flashed immediately, “Butler Su means…”

“Su Zini is the Seventh Miss of my family anyway. We won’t let it go so easily! This time I came to find out the cause of her death. After I return to the family to report, there will be someone to avenge, and then Elder Yue can come to help. Don’t you think this can be called killing two birds with one stone?”

“Aye, aye! It’s really good!”

Elder Yue laughed loudly, “With the help of the masters of Su Family, Huajian Sect will not escape the fate of extinction, regardless of all the tricks! Then I will wait for your good news at Zihan Sect.”

After the discussion of these two people, they left separately.

Although Hua Yan and Beixiao Liang felt this was weird, they didn’t know that the danger of extinction was approaching. The Sect returned to peace.

For cultivators, one month was just a short time. In the blink of an eye, the appointed time for the fifth level at the hall of the cave of inheritance had arrived.


All the futons disappeared at the same time, and the practitioners who were still immersed in the understanding were immediately awakened. After checking the progress of their practice, almost 80 percent of people showed a gloomy look simultaneously, while the other 20 percent who were scheming, showed no expression, no joy or anger.

Jin Ying totally lost her spirits. She didn’t even sort out the entire mental method of the pseudo holy method in a month, let alone mastered it. When the time came, the memory of that holy method was erased. All the hard work of this month was wasted!

“Three people… passed!”

The voice in the palace sounded again. Hearing that only three people mastered the method, the unsuccessful young practitioners felt a little better. You know… there were more than a dozen of practitioners of Immortal Jindan and old foxes of Yuanying Realm presented!

“There are five old foxes of Yuanying Realm, but only three people passed. Powerful as they are, they failed to master the method. It’s normal that we can’t cultivate.”

The young cultivators with a low cultivation adjusted their attitudes and immediately recovered from their depression. Looking at the old foxes of Yuanying Realm with different looks, they felt like watching a drama.

“Three people. Besides me, there are two more mastering the method…”

Heaven Rover seemed to be calm, but actually he felt shocked and angry. He was bound to win in this cave. He thought it would be easy to use this group of practitioners of Yuanying Realm to get the inheritance, but he didn’t expect it would become an open invitation to the danger.

“I have only been able to master the method after hundreds of years of cultivation. Which two bastards… with prodigious talents, spent only a month and succeeded?!”

He glanced over the rest old foxes of Yuanying Realm, but he didn’t get any information. There was no way for these old foxes to show the change of mood on their faces.

At this moment, he even had the urge to kill everyone on the spot, but the sixth and second levels had not been passed… He could only deal with one of them at most, and the rest would be left to the third level. Therefore, these people couldn’t die yet.

“Fine, just wait. When the sixth level is passed, there is no need for me to do anything, and this group of people will almost die.”

After a covert sneer, Heaven Rover took a deep breath and held his mind again.

And just when he was hesitating, the practitioners who hadn’t mastered the method all received the first-level reward.

“30 percent of the skill is rewarded the high-grade mental method? It is actually the high-grade mental method. Haha, I didn’t even practice the middle-grade mental method before!”

Many people lighted up with pleasure. The rewards given by the palace obviously exceeded everyone’s expectations.

“60 percent of the skill is rewarded the top-grade practice method, which is not bad.”

There was a sense of joy in Dongfang Yi’s heart. The practice methods of Dongfang Family were only at the high grade. Even though he could not become an inheritor, it was a great harvest to obtain a top-grade practice method.

Old Lady Duhua knew that Dongfang Yi got a good mental method. However, if he reacted at this time, it would prove that he was not the one who mastered the method.

“This kid has not been scheming along the way, so he is by no means pretending. It seems that those who mastered the method can only be the 10 people selected by Heaven Rover, or even… Heaven Rover himself…”

Old Lady Duhua had an extremely flexible mind. However, no matter how accurately she guessed, she would never know that the third person who mastered the method would be the “sacrifice” brought by Wang Yu.

Su Li looked inside her body and looked helplessly at the vital energy of pseudo holy method that was pressed under her pubic region as soon as being cultivated. This was the result of her deliberate control, otherwise this wisp of vital energy would have been swallowed by Suiyu Tactics.

“Even though the vital energy is weak, it has the same source as the pneuma in the jade token of Divine Thunder of Earth. I wonder what change will happen if I infuse this vital energy into the jade token.

While Su Li was thinking, Heaven Rover led everyone to the last level, the sixth level.

“This level is a test of the power of the matrix curb!”

Two days later, Heaven Rover stood in front of the sixth stone tablet, said loudly,

“In ancient cultivation age, matrix curb is as important as cultivation! After the foundation of each practitioner is consolidated, matrix curb should be learned to dig out the relics of the older age! Therefore… in the sixth level, I must test your cultivation of matrix curb. Breaking the tactical matrix of one level is considered as a pass! If the curb of one level can be broken, all the treasures stored in the sixth level will be given to you as a gift!”

After Heaven Rover explained the content of the sixth level test, there was a burst of heated discussion in the crowd.

“Tactical matrix! It is actually a test of tactical matrix! I am a third-grade matrix master of Zhenlou Group. I will definitely give it a try!”

“How can a curb be comparable to a tactical matrix? Judging from the previous level, it is clear that the curb is more sophisticated, but now curbs in the cultivation circle are just little tricks looking impressive but of no use. Is the curb in the ancient times different?!”

“Whether they are different or not, it can be known through one try!”

After a while, some people couldn’t restrain their desires and rushed into the stone gate where the tactical matrix was tested.

“They are still a bit sensible because they didn’t go to the stone door of curb…”

As soon as this thought flashed in Su Li’s mind, she was shocked to see the young practitioners who had just claimed to be a third-grade matrix master rushing into the gate of curb recklessly.

“It is true that the ignorant is fearless. How can the current tactical matrix be comparable to the ancient matrix curb skill?”

Heaven Rover and Su Li almost laughed secretly at the same time. No one knew how Heaven Rover learnt about the matrix curb, but Su Li was once despised by Black Lotus for acting tactical matrix and was imparted the knowledge about the ancient matrix curb by the way.

In the ancient cultivation age described by Black Lotus, although “matrix” was the first word in matrix curb skill, it was only a general minor skill relatively at the low level.


It was an all-embracing and powerful skill of that era, with the effects ranging from small curbs for daily use to horrific curbs destroying the world!

Now that the curb was used by Cang Lei as a test, it would never be useless. It was very likely to be… the curb abolishment!

If Black Lotus were here and he heard Su Li’s analysis, he would definitely drool and yell he was rich!

Every curb abolishment method was rare. Now, there was an unowned curb abolishment method in the cave of inheritance. If he could feel it, he might be able to use it to offer the curb abolishment method and make a fortune!

It was a pity that her connection to Black Lotus Ring had long been cut off, not to mention the manifestation.

“Tactical matrix!”

Wang Yu looked at the temporarily occupied stone gate of tactical matrix, with a surging mind. Others needed to reach the qualified tactical matrix realm to break the matrix, but she was different!

“As a spell practitioner, if you have enough sacrifices when facing the tactical matrix… you can break it, regardless of its grade!”

She looked at the two little girls who had been unscathed all the way, and almost laughed.

With these two girls, she could completely try to break the curb. At that time, all the treasures in the sixth level would be hers!

“Hahaha!! Fan Zisang, my good disciple… I really don’t know how to thank you. If it weren’t for your contribution of the flower pond, how could I get two perfect sacrifices? In this way, the reversed phagocytosis would only be 10 percent of the usual. I should be at the master grade of breaking the matrix.”

Sensing Wang Yu’s scorching gaze, Su Li raised her eyebrows imperceptibly, and smiled.

The game was finally about to be over.

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