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«Lady Su’s Revenge (Web Novel) - Chapter 389 Tensions Flared

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Chapter 389 Tensions Flared

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“I didn’t expect that two little girls of Lianqi Realm who even knew nothing would have futons…”

When Su Li sat down, she clearly heard the whisper of a young practitioner behind her. However, Jin Ying was unaware of it. She began to study the practice methods in the futon with excitement, and became immersed in it gradually.

Pressed by the limit of one month, no one would like to waste time, but get into a trance state, except for Su Li who was still awake.

Su Li evoked a trace of psychic awareness and sent it into the futon. It didn’t take a long time for the pseudo holy method with the length of thousands of ancient characters to appear in her mind. Although they were ancient characters, they had a special force that even someone who was illiterate could understand the meaning.

Obviously, Cang Lei also considered the change of characters caused by the changing times, so he used this method to convey information.

“Interesting! This pseudo holy method is indeed much better than the current cultivation practice method, but I already have Suiyu Tactics, a school of holy method. Therefore, when I got the pseudo holy method, I felt it was quite dull.”

After going through the entire mental method, Su Li was quite helpless. She thought she would get another mental method that could mutually corroborate Suiyu Tactics. However, it could be glimpsed from the pseudo holy method that the so-called nature’s punishment school of holy methods was probably much less comparable to Suiyu Tactics.

“However, it is a school of holy method after all. Even if I don’t practice, I can give it to Master and Jin Ying…”

Although this thought flashed in her mind, Su Li still reluctantly prepared to practice the pseudo holy method, “But… this pseudo holy method is so simple that three days is enough to master it. The first 27 days will be used to understand the Suiyu Tactics.”

After making up her mind, Su Li left the pseudo holy method aside, and immersed herself into the understanding of Suiyu Tactics. Since they were all understanding the mental method, she was no different from the others from the appearance. Therefore, there was no need to worry about being exposed.

While the group of people were practicing in the ancient cave with an easy mind, the period of one month agreed upon by Beixiao Liang and the protector elder of Yuxu Sect, far in the Huajian Sect, had come to an end.

“Elder, does Wang Yu still make no movement?!”

Beixiao Liang’s brows furrowed, and he had never been relieved in the past few days.

“Indeed, I would never make a mistake in recognizing the pneuma of Hongyu! She has stayed in her palace, with a faint pneuma. It is very likely that she has been practicing in isolation.”

The protector elder said in a deep voice, “Disturbing others who are practicing in isolation is a great taboo in the cultivation circle. Since you don’t want to fall out with Huajian Sect, I think it is better to further discuss this matter. To practice and improve your strength after your returning to the sect is the right way! When you become a practitioner of Yuanying Realm or even a higher level, you can catch Wang Yu easily instead of being constrained!”

After a moment of silence, Beixiao finally sighed.

He understood that what the protector elder said was right. However, if he didn’t revenge and remove his resentment, how could he cultivate with an easy mind?

Even with the highest cultivation, one could not search the entire Qingshui Circle. If Wang Yu left Jiuzhou Region, who could find her?

Seeing Beixiao Liang hesitating, the protector elder secretly shook his head. As he was about to speak again, the alarm bell in Huajian Sect suddenly rang loudly!

“Dang! Dang! Dang! …”

The fast bell immediately made Beixiao Liang stand up in shock and say to himself inconceivably, “Is someone attacking the big tactical matrix for protecting the Sect?”

The protector elder also slowly got up, with a serious expression.

Through the big tactical matrix, he could clearly feel that there was more than one practitioner of Yuanying Realm bombarding the tactical matrix. Why would a small Huajian Sect attract such powerful enemies?

“Could it be the enemies of Yuxu Sect? Was Beixiao Liang’s whereabouts exposed?”

The protector elder thought for a while, but Beixiao Liang flew out of the palace to Liguang Palace without saying a word.

Boom! !

Boom! ! !

The sound of bombarding was getting louder and louder, and the disciples of Huajian Sect had never been attacked in this way. Some young disciples hurriedly ran out, looking at the discolored big tactical matrix for protecting the Sect in the sky with pale faces.

“Who dares to make trouble in my Huajian Sect?!”

Before the third bombardment fell, a white beam shot out from the main peak and stopped steadily on the edge of the big tactical matrix, showing the image of a white-robed elder.

“It’s the First Elder!”

“The First Elder is here!”


Many low-level disciples were excited, but the elder called the First Elder didn’t look good when he saw a group of people with the menacing tactical matrix.

There were a total of nine people here, all of whom were above Jindan Realm. Among them, there were two whose pneumas could not be felt. Those whose pneumas could not be felt by the Peak of Jindan Realm… could only be people of Yuanying Realm!

“Headmaster has broken through, but only she alone can’t deal with two of Yuanying Realm…”

Thinking of this, the First Elder sneered coldly, “I don’t know which two seniors came here and bombarded my tactical matrix without saying a word. Could it be that you took a fancy to this barren land?”

The purple-robed elder leading the group had a malicious look in his eyes. Hearing that there was no respect in the First Elder’s tone, he made his eyes become even colder. He took a step and declared himself slowly and clearly, “I am… Yue Wutao, the Elder of Zihan Sect!”

The second sect of Jiuzhou Region, the Elder of Zihan Sect?!

The pupils of the First Elder were dilated, and he never expected that the origin of the person was so terrifying.

But the people outside the tactical matrix seemed to think that such a deterrent effect was not enough. Another white-robed elder in Yuanying Realm also stood up, squinted his eyes and said, “I am Su Huabin, the butler of Su Family.”

Su Family!

Another powerful family comparable to the 25 sects!

The First Elder’s face was stiff, and his heart trembled. Why did the two powerful figures launch an attack on the same day?

“Huajian Sect is really good!”

Yue Wutao stared at the First Elder, without concealing the murderous intent in his eyes, “You have a dishonest Immortal Hongyu, as well as a headmaster who has such a great prestige. It is so arrogant of you to only have an elder to receive us!”

“You deserve the death!!”

After saying this, he turned his hands over, with double swords held in his hands, and continued bombarding the tactical matrix without hesitation!

He could easily break the big tactical matrix for protecting such a small sect!

The First Elder’s heart sank, but he didn’t feel panic when seeing Yue Wutao continue to attack. The tactical matrix of Huajian Sect was set up by that person himself, and it was not easy to break even for someone of Yuanying Realm.


The First Elder’s expression slightly changed and he returned to be calm.

Su Huabin frowned when he saw this, and felt things may be bad. Could Huajian Sect hold back something?

While he was in doubt, a cold but not pleasant voice suddenly sounded from the main hall of Huajian Sect, spreading throughout Huajian Sect in the blink of an eye.

Many elderly people who had been in Huajian Sect for hundreds of years immediately became uncontrollably excited when they heard this sound.

Even though the disciples who had entered this sect for less than 100 years had never heard the sound, they quickly realized when they saw the reaction of the surrounding senior fellow apprentices and uncles, staring at the sky above the sect with a look of expectation.

When Yue Wutao and Su Huabin heard this voice, their expressions changed slightly. Then, they saw a purple figure float from the top of the main peak and appear beside the First Elder after a few flashes, standing out of thin air.


The First Elder looked reverent and quickly saluted.

Su Huabin was stunned, with a look of surprise in his eyes. He had never paid attention to Huajian Sect before, and he did not know that the headmaster of Huajian Sect was actually a female practitioner.

Yue Wutao was much calmer. Taking a deep look at the face as beautiful as a thousand years ago, he felt his heart sink slightly, and couldn’t help but sneer,

“The Tianjiao Hua Yan of those years has come to this situation now, which really surprises me.”

Hua Yan smiled at these two old men who had been immersed in Yuanying Realm for many years, and said without changing her expression, “I was once on the Tianjiao List of Jiuzhou Region anyway. If I didn’t break through Yuanying Realm, then I would probably be defeated by such an ordinary practitioner like you.”

The irony in Hua Yan’s words made Yue Wutao’s complexion changed slightly. Leaving no time for him to fight back, Hua Yan turned her eyes to the butler of Su Family,

“The butler of Su Family came just in time. A few days ago, Su Zini, the seventh holy girl of your family, tried to break into the sect and assassinated me, but was killed by me! She dared to come to my Huajian Sect to make trouble only with a half-stage Yuanying. Was she so arrogant that she even looked down upon our Huajian Sect?

When Su Huabin heard these words, the anxiety in her mind immediately calmed down. He smiled and nodded, “It turns out that the Seventh Miss of my family really died in your sect. Thank you for telling the truth. You really do me a great favor.”

Hearing the softening attitude in Su Huabin’s words, Yue Wutao stared slightly and was about to question him by transmitting the sound in silence. But he saw that Su Huabin waved his hand without any anger, and continued with a smile,

“I will kill 3000 disciples of Neimen Branch of your Sect, and 1000 inherited disciples in return. What do you think?”

As soon as the words came out, the smile on Hua Yan’s face immediately cooled down, and a green jade flower appeared in her palm, “If you want to kill my disciples, you should defeat me first!”

The Star-stacked Tactical Matrix was invincible, but they did not have so many spiritual stones to consume. If Yue Wutao and others wantonly attacked, it won’t take a long time for the entire tactical matrix to lose energy and then collapse.

At that time, many weak and young disciples of the sect would die, and the entire sect would be in danger of being destroyed!

This situation must never happen!

Hua Yan took her mind and was about to rush out of the tactical matrix, closely followed by the First Elder and others with solemn expressions.

But at this moment, a long laugh came from Fujian Mount, and Yue Wutao and others immediately saw Beixiao Liang coming on the sword, followed by a cold-faced elder, whose pneuma… could not be detected!

“Another practitioner of Yuanying Realm?!”

Yue Wutao was so shocked. Wasn’t Huajian Sect a low-grade sect? Why did they have two practitioners of Yuanying Realm? What kind of low-grade sect was this?!

“You… you are Beixiao Liang, the holy boy of Yuxu Sect?!”

Su Huabin suddenly looked terrified, and asked surprisingly. As the butler of Su Family, he was far above Yue Wutao in terms of status. He almost knew all the Tianjiao of great sects. Beixiao Liang, the newly promoted holy boy of Yuxu Sect, was recognized by him at once.

As soon as Su Huabin said this, everyone was shocked and they all focused on Beixiao Liang. For a while, the atmosphere of tensions flared eased.

Beixiao Liang snorted coldly, and said to Yue Wutao who was originally arrogant, “I was originally from Huajian Sect, with the old name Bei Xing, but now I am named Beixiao Liang. Huajian Sect is the sect that sets foot on the road of cultivation. According to the rules of Jiuzhou Region, I can totally include it in my protection list. Elder Yue, do you still want to act in your own way?”

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