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«Journey Of The Fate Destroying Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 1167 Muscle Stretching

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Chapter 1167 Muscle Stretching

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Hundreds of golden swords sharp enough to cut through dimensions hung above this deathly sky before rushing toward Li Jun. However, the fog around him turned into thousands of weapons to clash and stop these swords' onslaught. His tactic was successful despite the swords cutting off millions of swords in the process.

The Seal Divine General took this opportunity to seal the anomalies in her heart and soul before doing so for her partner. Then, she prepared to go on the offensive, but before she could react, her body suddenly turned hot to the extreme until she suddenly combusted.

Li Jun controlled the blood from her body and raised the Yang Energy inside of her to the extreme until she combusted. While she was distracted, he focused on the swordsman, who immediately acted: [Killing Intent Sword Slash]

The Sword Divine General's body released a terrifying killing intent or bloodlust that changed the color of the surroundings. He perfectly integrated that killing intent in his extremely sharp sword qi, boosting its power.

'Want to use Killing Intent before me?' He thought with a sneer as he rushed forward. He casually caught the slash with his left hand and crushed it. His spear turned into a halberd in a moment before instantly appearing before his opponent, slashing him with unparalleled force.

The Sword General's body turned golden as if he were a Buddha that reached enlightenment, except his aura was not peaceful or noble; it contained his usual sharp aura. He was lucky he chose this method, and his defense was potent. Li Jun took a page from his book as he turned the ax-like part of the halberd into an incomparably sharp object.

The Sword General was almost split in two; luckily, his golden body held on, and he crashed into the black soil. Li Jun's weapon immediately morphed into a bow, and he pointed at the Seal Divine General, who finally sealed the flame and Yang Qi in her body.

Her face turned ugly as she watched that arrow rush toward her with unparalleled speed. She reacted swiftly as hundreds of magic circles appeared before her, forcing the arrow to pass them before reaching their destination.

Each time they break through a rune or magic circle, they experience a type of seal, primarily focusing on sealing its speed, strength, and overall destructive capabilities. Unfortunately, despite her best attempt, the thing was still faster beyond words, and thus, blew half her body as she only managed to buy enough time to move slightly to the side.

"What? Why aren't I healing?' The Seal Divine General thought. She ensured using her Dao Will to prevent inhibition of her natural regeneration. 'A curse? And a nasty one, too.' She gritted her teeth as she tried to seal and remove this curse immediately. Typically, she would need some understanding of Curse Dao to succeed rapidly, but her Sealing Dao contained the Overlord Dao; thus, she only needed to act like an overlord or tyrant and forcefully suppress the pesty curse.

Sadly, time was not on her side.


A second terrifying arrow rushed toward her with unparalleled momentum. A slash came from the ground to intercept the arrow, but it suddenly turned into chains that penetrated the void. The Sword Divine General sensed something and turned into a white light to fly away from his position, but it was useless. The chains appeared around him with the obvious intention of binding him.

[Absolute Gold Thrust]

The Sword Divine General gathered an immense amount of Metal Qi and condensed it before stabbing his sword, releasing a golden beam with immense penetrating power. Unfortunately, Li Jun seems to have predicted a few moves ahead. The chains turned flaming red as they released an extremely potent flame, and given the fact that fire overcomes metal in the Five Element Theory, this attack stood no chance.

The chains bound the Sword Divine General. However, he was extremely calm - too calm. "I'll leave the rest to you." He passed out after saying what were probably his first words since coming to this place.


An intense golden light rushed out of the Seal Divine General's body, releasing the extreme sharpness of a sword.

'He gave her his Dao?' Li Jun thought, realizing this was one of their strategies for this battle. He calmly teleported the Sword -no, Dugu Jing - away from the battle. He'll save him later once he deals with the current situation.

The Seal Divine General felt more confident about winning this battle now that she temporarily had complete access to Sword's Dao and techniques. With her Seal Dao, she was not the perfect combination of ultimate support, attack, and versatility. She raised her jade palm to condense a sword composed of pure Metal and Sword Qi.

[White Tiger Metal Qi Slash]

She swung her sword, releasing a phantom of a white tiger that rushed with unstoppable momentum. The phantom was cutting everything in its path, including subatomic particles and even the space-time on this battlefield. Luckily, the space had potent healing capabilities and would instantly repair itself.

"As a Holy Beast, White Tigers are associated with slaughter, and their primary element is metal. Knowing this, you dare attack a master of Slaughter Art?"

The white tiger phantom paused before reaching Li Jun and gazed at him before bowing its head before returning to its creator. It abandoned the Seal Divine General and even attacked her.

"Damn thing," she cursed before absorbing the phantom back into her sword and caressing the sword to place a seal: to be precise, she sealed the limit of her attack. Then, with one swing, everything turned white as the slash cut everything on its path.

Li Jun was surprised by the potency of this attack and had to evade it. Otherwise, there would be nothing left of him if he were hit.

"So, finally losing the calm demeanor," she taunted before preparing to slash a second time. The Seal Divine General suddenly stopped and grunted, followed by clutching her stomach. She was suddenly in so much pain that for an attosecond, she doubted her Almighty God, thinking he had forsaken her.

'What is this?' she thought, trying intensely not to pass out. 'Am I…hungry?' She swiftly realized the sensation she was feeling: an anger so intense that it rendered her useless. 'Could this man be able to control anything related to killing or death? For example, hunger and famine?'

The Seal Divine General was a conceptual being, and even before that, she could rely on the energy in the surroundings or her own to survive without any food or water for millions of years. Yet, she was now feeling hungry.

She immediately tried to stop the technique with a seal, but the process was taken too long, so Seal destroyed all her internal organs. However, that barely reduced the pain. The worst part is Li Jun was slowly flying over.

'I need to end this fight with one technique or seal him long enough to get out of this misery,' The Divine Seal General thought, and once Li Jun was closed, she gritted her teeth to cast two potent seals: [Seal of Death] and [Seal of Killing].

She planned to seal these two concepts that made up her opponent's foundational power. Due to the difference in strength, she did not know whether the seal would work 100 percent, but it should buy her enough time.


The Seal Divine General spewed a large mouthful of blood, and even her orifices started bleeding.

"Backlash?" Her seals not only failed, but she suffered a terrible backlash.

"Your master chose the wise path by choosing Knowledge and Control as part of her Dao," Li Jun said calmly. "Although this path is slower since she needs to learn a lot, it's safer and more powerful. Meanwhile, you chose the path of an overlord or forcefully controlling things instead of understanding them. Your way is quick but extremely dangerous when you meet competent opponents - especially the ones with Outlaw Daos."


"Alright, enough with all that god nonsense," Li Jun interrupted, "I should thank you guys for allowing me to stretch my muscles. Although I would have loved this fight to be more challenging, it was better than nothing."

"The Almighty God…will avenge me…None of you…can escape."

"Stupid thing. Your god is gone."

"What do you mean?" she asked while resisting the hunger pain.

"Someone took over his body."

"Nonsense," she rebutted with gritted teeth. "If this was some ploy to weaken my faith, don't waste your saliva."

"I'm indeed wasting my saliva." Li Jun placed his hand on her temple, and she began screaming, displaying she was in even more pain than before. A few seconds later, Li Jun held a golden insect in his palm and crushed it.

"Lady Hong, are you back?"

Hong Meilin's eyes became clear after a few seconds before releasing a terrifying killing intent. "That bastard Golden God - how dare he enslave me." Her body suddenly shook, thinking how much of a terrible fate she could have suffered had this not been a war and that bastard was busy.

"I'm glad you're⌜€“"

The void suddenly trembled, alerting the two.

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