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«Journey Of The Fate Destroying Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 1166 Earth Emperor's Might

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Chapter 1166 Earth Emperor's Might

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"Our strength has drastically decreased," commented the Divine Elephant Beast Emperor.

"It should be a mechanism of this Samsara Court. It decreases our connection to the Almighty God," stated the Seal Divine General while looking around. The place was how anyone would imagine the afterlife: dark, cold, and eerie.

"Anything we can do?" The Sword Divine General did not answer the question, but Seal did: "I doubt it. However, isn't this why the Almighty God sent all three of us? He expected this possibility and wanted us to work together to capture the target."

"I'm glad he thought so highly of me." Li Jun appeared before the three, and with his appearance came the changes to the environment. They were now in a dark and infinite space full of mist. The battlefield was set.

"Earth Emperor Li Jun."

"Divine Seal Empress."

"It's the Seal Divine General now. As a servant of the Almighty God, I have abandoned my past identity."

Li Jun looked at her with pity. The Heaven-Devouring Emperor sneaked and attacked her by destroying her formation, which was linked to countless world communities, resulting in a backlash that severely injured her soul. Then, he captured and used her weakened state to easily enslave her.

"Don't worry. You'll be set free once I'm done with you," Li Jun declared.

"Quite the blasphemous words," sneered the Divine Elephant Beast Emperor. However, Li Jun did not even look at him but gazed at the young man with a golden sword: the Sword Divine General, whose real identity is Dugu Jing.

Dugu Jing became famous throughout the Endless Void after his battle with Ji Lanfang. He challenged the latter to a sword duel with the caveat that they fought using the same strength/cultivation level.

Dugu Jing lost the battle, but only by a small margin. He displayed such exceptional sword skills that Ji Lanfang acknowledged him as a swordsman, not a sword user. That battle created a discussion or debate about people with great sword skills who did not devote themselves to the sword or had other primary modes of attack-the sword users.

Swordsmen have always disdained these people, while sword users considered the others as elitists who placed the sword on a pedestal. Sadly, despite their thoughts, sword users always wanted recognition for their skills and never received it - until after Dugu Jing's fight.

Ji Lanfang was currently the most powerful swordsman in the lower dimension, and his pure sword skills ranked second overall. As such, his recognition had a great impact on the swordsmanship community.

Sadly for Dugu Jing, after his defeat, he traveled to the territory of the Golden God while the latter was on his rise. His bad luck ensured he encountered the latter and was enslaved even before the Heaven-Devouring Emperor took over.

"Any chance you can come with us peacefully?" asked the Seal Divine General.

"What do you think?"

"That's a shame," she replied, summoning her proving Dao Artifact, the Overlord Seal, while activating her [Awakening]. A crown appeared on her head, followed by red dragons designed composed of runes materializing on her black hanfu.

Dugu Jing's hair turned white, followed by his eyes becoming tigers and acquiring whiskers. And if anyone could see his back through his clothes, they would see the tiger stripes. The Divine Elephant Beast Emperor, a muscular man with the obvious physique of a body refiner, had his clothes ripped apart, and a lifelike tattoo of an elephant appeared on his upper torso.

Li Jun followed them by also activating his [Awakening], which had recently changed. Previously, it was only red armor. But now, the armor was more black than red, and he was accompanied by a vision of him sitting on a throne of bones with black flowers everywhere at his feet.

"I want to thank you guys," Li Jun said calmly as he summoned a red spear while activating all his boosts, including the Slaughter Spirit he recently created by studying the Battle Spirit World. He released all his aura, displaying his early 8-fold strength.

"Thank you for giving me this opportunity to finally stretch my leg."

'The enemy is more powerful than expected. We need a plan if we want a chance at succeeding in this mission,' said the Divine Elephant Beast Emperor through divine sense.

'We're aware," replied the Seal General. She was currently the strongest. Before being captured, her strength was only peak 5-fold, but she could battle higher folds because of her formation. Now, after the blessing from the Almighty God failed, her strength was only late stage of 7-fold, not even the peak.

The Sword General, who was only 4-fold when captured, was even weaker now, barely early 7-fold, and the Divine Elephant Beast Emperor had the strength of 6-fold after the weakening of the Samsara Court.

'Sword, you're on the offensive since you have the greatest attack potency amongst us. I'll boost your strength with a few seals. Elephant, you're in charge of providing defense to both of us.'

'Alright, I'm ready.'

Dugu Jing nodded.

[Seal of Strength], [Seal of Speed], [Seal of Protection], [Divine Elephant Rune], [Seal of Gold], and [White Tiger Rune].

The Seal General forcefully stole power from Heaven and Earth, then sealed them for her to use. In this case, to bless her companion. Dugin Jing's aura exploded after receiving the [Seal of Gold] and the [White Tiger Rune]. His body released sword Qis so sharp that the death power in this place was dispersed or cut off.

"Now, this is getting interesting," Li Jun chuckled. "Let's start with a small introduction." Li Jun used his signature spear throw. The weapon flew from his hand, turning blue due to its sheer speed. However, the most threatening aspect of it was not the sheer force behind it but the fact it brought death, destruction, and violence with it.

The Divine Elephant Beast Emperor rushed before the team and put his hands forward to release a phantom of a towering beast-a Divine Elephant. The creature was golden with red marks on its back, tusks that could come alive, and a powerful trunk that swung at the spear, stopping its unparalleled momentum.

The clash between those two released a potent shockwave that could have had a devastating effect in the afterlife had Li Jun not chosen an isolated area for this battle.

"Hahaha, is this the best you can do?" The Divine Elephant Beast Emperor laughed boisterously as he used much of his strength to stop this attack. Sadly, his laughter did not last long when he suddenly spewed a large mouthful of blood. He glanced down to see a hole in his chest, but there were no weapons or anyone around him.

"How can…this…be." He was not afraid since it only meant returning to the Almighty God's embrace. However, he feared disappointing his lord and savior by dying on this mission before accomplishing anything significant. So, the Divine Elephant Beast Emperor looked at Li Jun with hatred and unwillingness.

"This is not over."

"But it is," Li Jun replied with an odd smile. "Do you feel at peace because your soul will return to your God? Sadly for you, you're in my domain, so your soul belongs to me."

"You wouldn't dare."

Li Jun said nothing, but the Divine Elephant Beast Emperor's body disappeared. 'His body should make an excellent tonic to increase my fleshly body cultivation.' He moved his body to evade a golden slash.

The Seal and Sword Generals were on high alert. Runes appeared over Seal's face as she tried to detect what killed Elephant. Meanwhile, Sword pushed his extreme senses to the limit while surrounding himself with an invisible torrent of sharp Qi that would cut anything that approached him - even if it was invisible.

Sadly, all their attempts were useless, so Seal tried a more direct and overbearing approach.

[Seal of the Unseen]

A magic circle appeared to cover the area, sealing anything that could not be detected by the naked eye, intuition, sixth sense, or special detection abilities.

'She sealed my Limbo Clone? Not a bad reaction,' Li Jun analyzed. His Limbo Clone existed in a realm between life and death, thus rejected by both of them. As such, most things cannot see it. Since taking over the Samsara Court, Li Jun's Slaughter Dao has changed. Fôll0w current novÊls on n/o/(v)/3l/b((in).(co/m)

He previously included only a small portion of Death Dao in it, but now, that portion has drastically increased since he is now the actual ruler of death.

[Requiem of Death]

Li Jun took a few steps forward, each step releasing this somber yet captivating song. The song was beautiful, magnificent even, but only to his ears. To everyone else, it is what the technique is called - a song of death.

The Seal and Sword General's hearts were getting out of control, beating so hard that they were about to burst. They tried to control their bodies, but their souls quickly responded to the rhythm and also went haywire.

Sword immediately went on the offensive to buy his partner time to deal with this situation.

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